Android StepView

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composingcap grainflow basic granulator app A basic application for granulation using my grainflow library for max msp please report any bugs or oddities in the is

TayfunCesur Stepper Fancy Step Wizard 😎 Summary Stepper, helps you to show beautiful step animation especially registration steps or some process which contains lots of steps. In order to notify to use

params-ing StepViewAndroid An Android library written in kotlin to display steps (without any max-min limits) along with the status/description. It also supports some really cool features. Custom Views Tutorial For any

chilijung Android-stepsView A more complete version of android stepsView library. Demo Install add your build.grade: allprojects { repositories { jcenter() maven { url "https://ji

ernestoyaquello Vertical Stepper Form Library This Android library implements a vertical stepper form following Google Material Design guidelines. Disclaimer There may be slight differences between the official Material

badoualy Stepper indicator Designed by the awesome :) iOS (swift) version available at Sample You can