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tingyik90 SnackProgressBar Enhanced Snackbar with ProgressBar for Android. Important Please do not use v6.0 and v6.1 due to issue #20 and #23. Versions v6.4.0 added 'Rounded Corner Background' as per

TonnyL Light The usual Snackbar, but elegant. Inspired by Toasty. Screenshots success Info warning Error Normal Custom

matecode Snacky Snacky is a small library to help you adding a Snackbar to your layout with ease. It was created because of my own needs and is inspired by Toasty. Snacky uses an easy builder pattern to build a Snackbar an

rubensousa PreviewSeekBar A SeekBar suited for showing a preview of something. As seen in Google Play Movies. Google Play Movies PreviewSeekBar's sample Build Add the following to your app's b

ligi Engage Users with a Snackbar to e.g. rate or translate the app