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iambaljeet TikTok-RecyclerView Demo About This is a demo app built using 'Koin' a new dependency injection framework for Android along with RecyclerView and ExoP

yeon-kyu HoldableSwipeHandler Open Source Library for Holdable ViewHolder in RecyclerView Gradle Setup repositories { maven { url '' } }

KlassenKonstantin This is a dirty POC of a LazyColumn that supports swipe-to-dismiss and reordering. This solution is dirty because items are only really removed from t

frontierdotxyz InfiniteScrollRecyclerView Pros: Simple plug and play custom RecyclerView. Easy to use Built on top of RecyclerView, hence it is performant as it work

io12 good-scroll.el Attempt at good pixel-based smooth scrolling in Emacs About This package implements smooth scrolling by pixel lines. It attempts to imp

sparrow007 Carousel Recyclerview Create carousel effect in recyclerview with the CarouselRecyclerview in a simple way. Including in your project Gradle Add below

DarkionAvey StackLayoutManager is a lightweight and highly-customizable layout manager for RecyclerView which lays out views by using a TimeInterpolator object.

jiarWang A LayoutManager for RecyclerView

seagazer A special item decoration for recyclerView, it can display any bitmaps by looper as background of recyclerView. The bitmaps of background can opt to be scrolled within this recyclerView in a parallax fashion.

rubensousa Decorator is an Android library that helps creating composable margins and dividers in RecyclerViews

iammert What? 🤔 It is not a custom TabLayout or RecyclerView. It is just a helper library to attach to your RecyclerView with your TabLayout. If you don't want to go with sticky header RecyclerView or something like

zhanghai AndroidFastScroll Fast scroll for Android RecyclerView and more. This is not an officially supported Google product. Why AndroidFastScroll? Fully customizable: Override track, thumb, popup, animation a

DevAhamed Recyclerview is one of the powerful widgets inside android framework. But creating adapters with multiple view types is always exhausting. Not anymore. MultiViewAdapter makes it easy for you to create adapter with multiple

sharish ShimmerRecyclerView Intro A custom recycler view with shimmer views to indicate that views are loading. The recycler view has a built-in adapter to control the shimmer appearance and provide two m

afollestad Recyclical recyclical, an easy-to-use Kotlin DSL API for setting up and manipulating RecyclerViews. Table of Contents Gradle Dependency The Basics More Options Multiple Item Types DataS

arthur3486 ARVI - Autoplayable RecyclerView Items ExoPlayer-based Android library that makes the implementation of the autoplayable RecyclerView video items an easy task ARVI will enable you to make your feeds more interacti

mike14u ShimmerRecyclerViewX A custom recycler view with shimmer views to indicate that views are loading for AndroidX. This will only work if you are using AndroidX RecyclerView as a dependency. Getting Sta

EastWoodYang AutoQuickAdapter Make load-more easy for ListView and RecycleView. Features Supports ListView, RecycleView. Easy to custom your load-more style. Combine with QuickAdapter, the best convenient way to w

bufferapp MultiActionSwipeHelper An Android RecyclerView Swipe Helper for handling multiple actions per direction. The helper allows you to have 4 items in total: Short left swipe Long left swipe Short right swipe Long

ernestoyaquello Drag & Drop n' Swipe Recyclerview Highly customizable Android library written in Kotlin that uses AndroidX and extends RecyclerView to include extra features, such as support for drag & drop and swipe gestures,

TradeMe Covert Covert is an Android Library for easily implementing Material Swipe Actions in a RecyclerView. The design of the animations was based heavily around the Swipe Action Gestures demonstrated in the Material In

m7mdra HtmlRecycler Converts a simple html page into A RecyclerView of native android widgets powered by Jsoup library and inspired by Medium Textview. This is under development Note This library

MLSDev AnimatedRecyclerView A RecyclerView with layout animations Demo Setup To use this library your minSdkVersion must be >= 16. In your build.gradle : dependencies { implementation "c

quiph RecyclerViewFastScroller A simple, easy to use and configurable fast scroller for RecyclerView Adding the dependency implementation 'com.quiph.ui:recyclerviewfastscroller:0.1.3' Java

bgogetap StickyHeaders Easily add Sticky Headers to your RecyclerView Setup Implement StickyHeaderHandler in your Presenter/Adapter/Activity or whatever class has access to your RecyclerView adapter dataset Ma

brkckr TableView A RecyclerView that looks like a TableView with a fixed header that can scroll horizontally and vertically at the same time. Features Both horizontal and vertical scrollable Searchable

Omega-R OmegaRecyclerView Custom RecyclerView with additional functionality. Allow you add divider, itemSpace, emptyView, sticky header and some other features Installation To get a Git project into your buil

youzan TitanRecyclerView A handy RecyclerView can deal with all headers, footers, and loading shit. Demo header view & footer view load more Dependencies compile 'com.yo

thibseisel RecyclerFragment is a small Android library that allow you to display RecyclerView data in a Fragment. Easy to use, it is similar to the framework's ListFragment with additional features. Download The library is

thesurix Gesture Recycler This library provides swipe & drag and drop support for RecyclerView. Based on great example from Android-ItemTouchHelper-Demo. Demo Features item click/long press

henryblue TvRecyclerView A custom RecyclerView for Android TV end, It can implement grid and irregular grid two display types. ScreenShot Usage 1.First you can add gradle dependency with command :

MaksTuev ** THIS REPO IS SAMPLE AND IS NO ACTIVELY MAINTAINED ** This project evolved into module easyadapter Surf Android Standard repository (Documentation in Russian). It contains modules, which is used for developing Android