Android RatingView

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wsj1024 A RatingBar library for android, you can customize size, spacing, color and image easily, and support right to left.

sujithkanna Smiley Rating SmileyRating is a simple rating bar for android. It displays animated smileys as rating icon. Drawn completely using android canvas Inspired by Bill Labus Demo Integration

codemybrainsout Smart App Rate Smart app rate dialog for Android which takes user rating into consideration. If the user rates the app below the defined threshold rating, the dialog will change into a feedback form. Otherwise, It will

FlyingPumba SimpleRatingBar Open source project which features a simple yet powerful RatingBar alternative to Android's default. Features Fully working android:layout_width: it can be set to wrap_content,

Ornolfr RatingView Simple android widget that can replace standard inconvenient RatingBar in your app. ##Description The default Android RatingBar widget hardly can satisfy developers' needs. It's a pain to customize it at