Barcode Scanner Libraries for Android

Introduction Android library projects that provides easy to use and extensible Barcode Scanner views based on ZXing and ZBar. Screenshots Minor BREAKING CHANGE in 1.8.4 Version 1.8.4 introduces a coup

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journeyapps ZXing Android Embedded Barcode scanning library for Android, using ZXing for decoding. The project is loosely based on the ZXing Android Barcode Scanner application, but is not affiliated with the official ZXing project. Featur

brightec KBarcode A library to help implement barcode scanning. Why? Another barcode library. Yawn. We can understand why you may think that, but there are some key reasons we decided to write a new barcode l

kroegerama Barcode-Kaiteki An easy to use library for barcode detection. Based on the new AndroidX Camera2 api. Uses the zxing barcode detection library. Comes with a BarcodeView, which combines a camera preview and an automatic overl

markusfisch Binary Eye Yet another barcode scanner for Android. As if there weren't enough. This one is free, without any ads and open source. Works in portrait and landscape orientation, can read inverted codes, comes in Material Design a

giswangsj 非常简单易用的android二维码扫描库,不需要你申请权限,简单到一行代码搞定。当别人还在焦头烂额地写着代码,你已经在喝咖啡了。