An android library to display a progressbar that goes around an image.

android-square-progressbar First things first This library is setup to work with the Android Studio and Gradle. If you're using the Eclipse environment then check out the legacy repository here: android-square-prog

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lzyzsd inspired from and CleanMaster ###Demo ###Demo download link ###3 kinds of progress view are provided, DonutProgress, CircleProgress, ArcProgress ##Usage please use jitpack allpr

droidchef TinglingSquares View A delightful progressbar animation. Demo Download Add this to your app module's build.gradle file dependencies { compile 'com.github.ishan1604:tsview:1.0.0' } U

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leandroBorgesFerreira Hey, if you think this (or other of my projects) help you some how, please consider giving me some sponsorship: (Open source software can be quite a work haha) Progress Button

kofigyan StateProgressBar StateProgressBar is an Android library to realize the various states and transitions in a ProgressBar. Quick Start Get a feel of how it works: Check the wiki for detailed documentation.

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