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ibrahimsn98 TaskProgressView - A lightweight task progress calendar view library for Android

jenly1314 ArcSeekBar 是基于 CircleProgressView 修改而来的库。 但青出于蓝而胜于蓝,所以 CircleProgressView 的大部分用法,ArcSeekBar基本都支持,而且可配置的参数更细致。

ibrahimsn98 A lightweight circular indicator view library for Android

iammert Simple Progress View with Tile Animation

dinuscxj A circular android ProgressBar library which extends View, and the usage same as ProgressBar, It has solid,line and solid_line three styles. Besides, progress value can be freely customized.

MackHartley A customizable, animated progress bar that features rounded corners. This Android library is designed to look great and be simple to use 🎉

acefalobi A library for creating a wizard-like step-through user interface that uses navigation components and menus for displaying steps with advanced customization.

Vipul12Thawre CircularArcProgressView ❤ The custom circular view to show progress in the form of pie-circle 🟢

edgar-zigis Unique progress view with rich customisation options! You can set any number of segments, each individual segment can be customised with gradients and there is even an animation option!

owl-93 DeterminateProgressView This view is meant to be a customizable determinate progress view like the standard android indeterminate progress bar, but highly customizable It is built with Kotlin and supports heavy custo

Rogero0o Android CatLoadingView This project idea is from Link. Thanks for the idea. I like the animation in this picture: you see it right now, I hope you like it! Step Import this project into Android Stu

skydoves ProgressView 🌊 A polished and flexible ProgressView, fully customizable with and animations. Including in your project Gradle Add below codes to your root build.gradle fi

PRNDcompany What is StepProgressBar? StepProgressBar is progressBar for easy display steps You can display your step progressbar For example, You can show customer's current trade step. Demo Se

knight-rider1609 MultiProgressBar A progress bar library for Android that provides customized progress bars. Built with ❤︎ by Aseem Khare

nipun-birla BoxLoaderView Overview A clean and easy to use Animated Progress View in a Square . Usage Add dependency in your build.gradle(app) dependencies { compile 'com.github.nipun-birl

igortrncic Dotted Progress Bar Dotted progress bar. Use custom drawable or color to configure dots. Gradle dependencies { ... compile 'com.github.igortrncic.dotted-progress-bar:library:1.0.0' }

params-ing StepProgressView An Android library written in kotlin to display steps in a progress bar Setup implementation 'com.params.progressview:step-progress:1.0.2' Usage <

Adilhusen circle-progress-ad-android A small Android library allowing you to have a smooth and customizable circular ProgressBar like whatsapp and Tez app, it can be use while uploding or downloading file. I decided to do this

gungoren ProgressableImageView Motivated by layout in Words Of Wonders app. Demo Usage <com.gungoren.view.ProgressableImageView android:id="@+id/top" android:background="@drawab

varunest TheGlowingLoader Android Library which is the implementation of The Glowing Loader created by Shashank Sahay. I have made it so that it can be easily customized. You can change line stroke width, line colors, part

brkckr CircularProgressBar Another circular ProgressBar attempt How To Install To get a Git project into your build: Step 1. Add the JitPack repository to your build file Add it in your root

antonKozyriatskyi CircularProgressIndicator Simple but customizable view for displaying progress With custom colors With or without dot With custom progress text (more examples here)

smrtyvz Arched Image Progress Bar ArchedImageProgressBar is a customizable progress bar library for AndroidOS that allows to add image,icon,text,arches,circles and more style features. Getting Started Arched Image

BaselHorany ProgressStatusBar Another way to show progress. A progress View over the system StatusBar. in addition to showing a toast message. The first form is suitable for showing that the activity is being loaded like fetchi

lopspower CircularProgressBar This is an Android project allowing to realize a circular ProgressBar in the simplest way possible. USAGE To make a circular ProgressBar add CircularProgressBar in your lay

sparrow007 CircularProgressbar in Android CircularProgressbar project let you create circular progressbar in android in simplest way. USAGE To make a circular Progressbar add CircularProgressbar in your layout XML

shts StoriesProgressView Library that shows a horizontal progress like Instagram stories. ^She is Yui Kobayashi How to Use To see how a StoriesProgressView can be added to your xml layouts, check the sampl

jpardogo GoogleProgressBar This library is not maintained anymore and there will be no further releases Android library to display different kind of google related animations for the progressBar. These animations have been fin

timqi SectorProgressView Demo .apk file Download How to use: The ColorfulRingProgressView Define views in xml <com.timqi.sectorprogressview.ColorfulRingProgressView

uDevel Typing indicator or wait progress animation. Gif of Sample app: Video of Sample app: How to use: Just put it in your xml layout. It can't get any easier than that. <com.ud

zjywill OverwatchProgress Have you ever played Overwatch and amazed by the beautiful loading view, now you can use in your android application. Example <com.comix.overwatch.HiveProgressView xmlns:app="

kofigyan StateProgressBar StateProgressBar is an Android library to realize the various states and transitions in a ProgressBar. Quick Start Get a feel of how it works: Check the wiki for detailed documentat