Good networking libraries for android.

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korpusovmax SANN WIP (in future I will add rnn, cnn, lstm, gru and examples) Simple Artificial Neural Network java library Creating neural network Variant 1 //cre

slackhq EitherNet A pluggable sealed API result type for modeling Retrofit responses. Usage By default, Retrofit uses exceptions to propagate any errors. This

skydoves Bundler 🎁 Android Intent & Bundle extensions that insert and retrieve values elegantly. Including in your project Gradle Add below codes to your root

Sam1431 Sam's NixOS Setup Dash Tiled ​ ​ Greetings Nix Users ​ ​ This is my AwesomeWM config ( Forked from Material Awesome You are probably here for my Aweso

square Square Tart Tracing Action Response Times! This library is not stable for usage beyond Square, the APIs and internals might change anytime. Tart... ?

Jintin Wrapper of FusedLocationProviderClient for Android to support modern usage like LiveData and Flow

VKCOM KNet Android network client based on Cronet. This library let you easily use QUIC protocol in your Android projects. You can see more about QUIC here

nekohasekai The universal proxy toolchain for Android.

mocklets Pluto is a on-device debugger for Android applications, which helps in inspection of HTTP requests/responses, capture Crashes and ANRs and manipulating application data on-the-go.

DeveshRx Simple Demo App for Android WebRTC video call using Firebase Realtime Database as Signalling server.

smartbackme Simpleinceptor is the interception interface tool of Android okhttp client, which is convenient for testing or development and quick problem finding.

3arthqu4ke PingBypass is a proxy server/client aimed at 1.12.2 Anarchy PvP. It can be used as a (slow) VPN and more importantly runs its own AutoCrystal and AutoTotem.

MoIbrahim15 The simple and modern way to implement a network layer using coroutines flows, retrofit and koin on android 🥳

muddassir235 Android library for checking the internet connectivity of a device.

TechDev009 A simple and powerful HTTP networking lib for Kotlin/Android

ThierrySquirrel Websocket Route Spring Book Edition

haroldadmin A Kotlin Coroutines based Retrofit call adapter that handles errors as a part of state

PatilShreyas A sample android app which extracts the location of a device using the SIM card details by extracting network details.

huxq17 A smart tool for android download,support BreakPoint、MultiTask and MultiThread.

httptoolkit Automatic interception of Android HTTP with HTTP Toolkit, for inspection, debugging & mocking.

tomwyr Ping command utility app made with Flutter.

corona-warn-app Backend implementation for the Apple/Google exposure notification API.

mnhlt A plugin for connecting facebook from native SDK

skydoves 🥪 A lightweight Android network response API for handling data and error response with transformation extensions.

lyrebirdstudio What is FileBox FileBox is an async file downloader library for Android. Before we develop filebox, we though that URL content changes very rarely. So basically this library downloads a given URL, and if it is alre

gotev Android Cookie Store Android InMemory and persistent Cookie Store for HttpURLConnection and OkHttp, with extensions to easily sync cookies in Android WebViews. Why? Neither HttpURLConnect

VREMSoftwareDevelopment WiFi Analyzer News: We are happy to announce that Android Authority recently selected WiFi Analyzer to be one of the 15 most useful apps for Android, click here to learn more about it! Optimize your WiFi net

speekha HttpMocker HttpMocker is a very lightweight Kotlin library that allows to mock HTTP calls relying on the OkHttp library. It can be used for unit or integration tests, so your tests can rely on predefined r

DivestTrump ParrotSnoop Android app for IP packet capture. Currently supports IP TCP/UDP packet capture for IPv4 & IPv6 on Android devices. Allows you to export as CSV file. Limitations: Cannot use with an Android VPN service.

lizhangqu cronet is a framework that using chromium net to send network request for android Changelog Current version 73.0.3653.5 released on 20th Jun 2019. See details in CHANGELOG. Examples I have pr

anton46 IceNet FAST, SIMPLE, EASY This library is an Android networking wrapper consisting of a combination of Volley, OkHttp and Gson. For more information see the website. Usage Gradle compile 'c

agoda-com Ninjato Flexible and type-safe inline HTTP client for Android and Kotlin What is Ninjato? Ninjato is a library that lets you write simple yet powerful remote HTTP calls, whether it's RESTful services or