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ibrajix This application features - Modern Minimalistic Design, MVVM, Pagination, Hilt, Retrofit, Room, Data Store, Flow, Live Data, Navigation Component (Clean Architecture)

Mina-Mikhail 💎 Base Project Android with Kotlin and MVVM applying clean architecture

utsmannn Tool for generate android project use template mvvm

yoxjs A lightweight mvvm framework

MindorksOpenSource This repository contains a sample app that implements Dagger-Hilt in MVVM architecture using Kotlin.

umangburman This is an example to demonstrate MVVM Architecture in Kotlin with Retrofit in Android.

prudhvir3ddy 🕷️ DailyBugle local setup instructions Go to and generate your API key there and append to your like this sdk.dir=YOUR_LOCAL_PATH_TO_ANDROID_SDK

futuredapp MVVM Android MVVM Android is the framework based on Android Architecture components, which gives you set of base classes to implement concise, testable and solid application. It combines built-in support for Dagger 2 de

skydoves TheMovies A simple project for The Movie DB based on Kotlin MVVM clean architecture and material design & animations. How to build on your environment Add your API key in local.properti

RobertApikyan MinSDK 14+ AbstractMvp AbstractMvp is a library that provides abstract components for MVP architecture realization, with problems solutions that are exist in classic MVP. CLASSIC

general-mobile Android Kotlin MVVM Starter Android Kotlin Starter is a starter project which implements MVVM Pattern. Libraries It includes libraries RxJava2 and RxAndroid and RxKotlin Retrofit / OkHttp Gson Da

joaquim-verges Helium Lightweight & intuitive framework for Android. 100% Kotlin. What if building an App was as simple as assembling Lego blocks? Download implementation 'com.joaquimverges.helium:helium-core:x

MRezaNasirloo Slick A Reactive Android MVP Framework which is Slick to use. Slick how? see it yourself :) No need to extend anything public class YourActivity extends AppCompatActivity implements ViewActivity { @Presen

skydoves GithubFollows A simple demo project based on MVVM clean architecture and material design & animations. Specs & Open-source libraries Minimum SDK 16 Kotlin based, anko MVVM Architecture

isfaaghyth Clean Arch Android clean architecture with data binding. Based on MVP pattern. Clean Arch adalah turunan dari pola arsitektur model-view-presenter (MVP). Paradigma ini di buat dalam memaksimalkan maintenable code. Sehi

MindorksOpenSource Android MVVM Architecture: Sample App This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVVM architecture using Dagger2, Room, RxJava, FastAndroidNetworking, PlaceHolderView and AndroidDebugDatabase

abhinav272 Android Architecture Sample Android Architecture Components were announced in Google I/O 2017 This is just a sample app explaining the new Architecture Guidelines written in Kotlin. This sample app is powered by NewsAPI

jshvarts ConductorMVP The source code in this repo accompanies my article Creating Clean Architecture Multi-Project MVP App. Here you will find a multi-project single Activity TODO app using Conductor implementing MVP pattern

jshvarts Offline Sample App Medium post covering this app: Building Offline-First App using MVVM, RxJava, Room and Priority Job Queue What is an Offline App? Offline App (or Offline-First App) enables user to seam

ImangazalievM Bubbble Bubbble is Dribbble client for Android. This app showcases the MVP pattern and Uncle Bob Martin's Clean Architecture approach. Libraries and tools used: Google Support Libraries RxJava 2 - for reactive p

quangctkm9207 MVP with Android architecture components An Android project with MVP pattern which adapts with new Android architecture components introduced in Google IO 2017. It provides lifecycle-aware Presenter with support of Li

WesleyElliott Kubwa An Annotation based validation library for use with Android's DataBinding library in an MVVM architecture. Quick and easily add validation rules to ViewModels by annotating the class Annotation Processing to

bytewired ⚠️ Deprecated ⚠️ Deprecated! Use Architecture Components RainbowMVP Lightweight MVP library(for personal using) with easy lifecycle. For good understanding approach read this article. Real

BlackBoxVision > Helper classes to build Android Apps through MVP pattern in a faster way This library exposes a minimal API, that should help you to build well architected Android Apps. ¡Check the following steps to get up and running

ahmedeltaher Model-View-ViewModel (ie MVVM) Model-View-ViewModel (ie MVVM) is a template of a client application architecture, proposed by John Gossman as an alternative to MVC and MVP patterns when using Data Binding

Prokky Auster Simple lightweight MVP library for Android ##Usage To include this library to your project add dependency in build.gradle file: dependencies { compile 'com.prokkypew:auster:0.9.2' } Mvp

BullyBoo Froggy Simple Mvp Implementation Download Gragle: compile 'ru.bullyboo.mvp:froggy:1.0.2' Maven: <dependency> <groupId>ru.bullyboo.mvp</groupId> <artifactId>froggy</ar

iagocanalejas AndIag MVP Library Library to help developers build full MVP apps. CHANGELOG Usage Create your presenters extending AIPresenter or implementing AIInterfacePresenter C -> Your vie

kejunxia AndroidMvc Framework Features Easy to implement MVC/MVP/MVVM pattern for Android development Enhanced Android life cycles - e.g. a view needs to refresh when being brought back to foreground but not

JoaquimLey Avenging - MVP project Read more on the blog post: Avening - MVP without RxJava or Dagger Android app built with an MVP approach without RxJava or Dagger. Uses Marvel Comics API as a service which

athkalia Please note that this this project is no longer maintained Android Sample app with MVP architecture Sample project that displays some images from the dribble API. Demonstrates some cool stuff that you can do

MindorksOpenSource Android MVP Architecture: Sample App This repository contains a detailed sample app that implements MVP architecture using Dagger2, GreenDao, RxJava, FastAndroidNetworking, PlaceHolderView and AndroidDebugDatabase