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kaaass An unofficial Zerotier Android client patched from official client

PatilSiddhesh Holi is a lightweight Jetpack Compose library of colors, gradients and cool utility functions for all your palette needs!

kmadsen adb-desktop Using the new jetpack compose What Creating a simple desktop application to control devices with adb. Looking to use this to measure Andro

SimformSolutionsPvtLtd Flutter Video Call Integration with Vonage  This application provides demo of one to one video call using Vonage Video API. Since there is no office

Trosydman Bitlue GIF Source: Bitlue_DemoVideo Bitlue is an app where you can check the Bitcoin's current market price value (Bitcoin + value = Bitlue) and its r

smartbackme AutoPage If you think it's good, gives me a star Android activity easy jump 中文说明 Every time activity or fragment jumps to pass value, are you tired of

nihui This is a sample ncnn android project, it depends on ncnn library and opencv

TaylorKunZhang English | 简体中文 FragmentVisibility Unified fragment visibility library for Android. Support Fragment usage scenarios: Declare the Fragment in the xml f

uberto KondorJson A library to serialize/deserialize Json fast and safely without reflection or generators. Loosely inspired by the concept of functional adj

tuancc-hub hiddon a undetectiable way to hide rootfs only a poc, test success on iphonex(ios 13.5.1), odyssey jailbreak wechat pay work fine 总结一下这段时间对于越狱隐藏的研究: 这

KaustubhPatange SwipeDismissImage A custom view for Android to display image with features like swipe to dismiss, zooming, pinning, etc. Q. Why I made this? TL;DR...

Zhuinden FragmentViewBindingDelegate-KT FragmentViewBindingDelegate-KT contains a helper delegate for auto-clearing the binding variable when the Fragment view

fabiosassu StackExpandableView A custom view that resembles the iOS notification group behavior Requirements A project configured with the AndroidX SDK 16 and an

ejiaogl Best present for 316 and 423.

android Template repository for the Jetpack Compose #AndroidDevChallenge

2-young-2-simple VirtualApp With Compatibility Of Android 10/11/12

PojavLauncherTeam Minecraft: Java Edition launcher for iOS, based on PojavLauncher Android.

AlicanAkkus This project is a sample implementation for Hexagonal Architecture (aka Ports And Adapters Pattern) written in Java.

dslul 100% FOSS keyboard, based on AOSP.

Antabot Introduction: 白卷是一款使用 Vue+Spring Boot 开发的前后端分离项目,附带全套开发教程。(A simple CMS developed by Spring Boot and Vue.js with development tutorials)

InkApplications A modern CLI and SDK for the Philips Hue API written in Kotlin.

TUSSON a tool to record/replay input event for android platform, automated testing will be easier.

OyaCanli Common problems with specific types of Android OEMs

741g A place to store preview versions of Android Emulator on Apple Silicon and provide instructions/support.

Mr-Steal-Your-Script "hello!" in every programming language.

ditn A small demo of providing a Theme for a design system dynamically using a Ktor backend.

joaquim-verges Guide to setup JetBrains Projector and access Android Studio from any device.

alorma DebugDrawer for and made by Jetpack Compose

Gappein A plug and play modular toolkit for integrating the Chat feature on top of Firebase!

thenewboston-developers This is the SDK written in Kotlin for thenewboston with primary focus for Android and Desktop clients. The repository contains an android project which will demonstrate how to use the SDK.

Anuken A prototype Java Mindustry mod that works on Android and PC.

google Compiler plugins are powerful metaprogramming tools that can greatly enhance how you write code. Compiler plugins call compilers directly as libraries to analyze and edit input programs.