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TinusHeystek New World Minimap This repository is not affiliated with Amazon Games, we do not guarantee that the software we provide will work for you nor that it

malikdawar DrawRoute =========== DrawRoute wraps Google Directions API (https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/directions/) using RxJava for Android so

ZacSweers auto-service-ksp A KSP implementation of AutoService. Usage Simply add the auto-service-ksp Gradle Plugin. plugins { id("symbol-processing") version

Zambumon Silicone Keyboard Universalised Feet Preface The Silicone Keyboard Universalised Feet project is an attempt to standardize the rubber feet used for cu

gustavofreze Financial Overview Domínio Arquitetura Organização da aplicação Casos de uso Instalação Repositório Configuração Roadmap Verificando o ambiente Execut

david-fletcher Font Custom Create new fonts with Aseprite and load them in to be used in your projects! All you'll need is a font atlas (i.e. a grid-based arrangemen

willemml Binscure Java bytecode obfuscator created by x4e. Usage First, create a config file, (example config here). When you have a config file, run binscure

timer-machine TimeR Machine A highly customizable interval timer app for Android Structure The app uses the Navigation component. Modules whose names start with app

RikkaW YASNAC YASNAC (short for Yet Another SafetyNet Attestation Checker) is an Android app that demonstrates SafetyNet Attestation API. YASNAC is written w

nikit19 Screenshot Detector A demo app to show how to detect screenshots taken by the user while using the app. Blog link Detect Screenshots in Android Screen

wacko1805 An app full of Stock Google Pixel wallpapers! Download: Found a Wallpaper not on the app? Submit and issue to the Google Pixel Wallpaper repository Sc

sidsharma2002 PracticeApp Helping The Newbies This app is made with a purpose to help newbies understand core concepts of Android Development. There are very limite

minhealthnz NZ COVID Tracer This repository contains documentation that describes the NZ COVID Tracer solution. NZ COVID Tracer is a Ministry of Health app that a

Adepts-Of-0xCC VBA macro experiments Collection of VBA macros published in our twitter / blog. If you are interested about this topic, please read our articles "Hack

edgar-zigis LabeledSeekSlider Custom & highly configurable seek slider with sliding intervals, disabled state and every possible setting to tackle! Minimum target

square Square Logcat logcat { "I CAN HAZ LOGZ?" } A tiny Kotlin API for cheap logging on top of Android's normal Log class. Table of contents Setup Usage Mot

ElectronicBlueberry Texture-Fonts Texture Fonts is a Plugin for Godot 3.3.3+ that allows for easy creation of custom Fonts directly inside of Godot. Simply load a texture

waydroid Waydroid is a container-based approach to boot a full Android system on a regular GNU/Linux system like Ubuntu.

basti564 vrLauncher Allows you to launch various /hidden/ options of the Oculus Quest (2) Using it Sideload the apk onto your Oculus Quest (2) Choose the optio

SagerNet SagerNet for Android The universal proxy toolchain for Android, written in Kotlin. PROTOCOLS The application is designed to be used whenever possible.

ch4rl3x RevealSwipe Compose RevealSwipe Swipable in both directions Add to your project Add actual RevealSwipe library: dependencies { implementation 'de.

halilozercan Made with Compose I've started learning and experimenting with Compose during dev13 build. Since then, Compose first transitioned to alpha, then beta

CarlyAdam Google Maps Api test using marker rotation and routes. Features ✔️ Kotlin ✔️ DI: Hilt ✔️ Retrofit ✔️ Gson ✔️ View binding ✔️ Coroutines ✔️ AndroidX ✔️

willie4624 Dinkie Bitmap Stickers 本系列表情包为丁卯点阵体的衍生项目,在 11×11 的像素网格中绘制常用 emoji(或微信/微博表情)的 1-bit 版本,并伪装成微信聊天气泡。 非标准尺寸的微信表情无法上架表情商店,伪装微信 UI 行为也被表情商店所禁止,因此本系列表情仅通过公开或

daniel-seiler ImageTheming Change the color palette of an image to match your theme. Getting Started Use java -jar path/to/ImageTheming.jar -h to get all available

fankes TSBattery TSBattery a new way to save your battery avoid cancer apps hacker it. TSBattery 是一个旨在使 QQ、TIM 变得更省电的开源 Xposed 模块 Get startted 此模块支持原生 Xposed

OpenLauncherTeam This is an open source launcher project for Android devices that has been built completely from scratch

limboemu Limbo is a QEMU-based emulator for Android. It currently supports x86, ARM, PowerPC, and Sparc emulation for Intel x86 and ARM android devices.

termuxhackers-id SARA - Simple Android Ransomware Attack

agamkoradiya Live Templates are code snippets that you can insert into your code by typing their abbreviation and pressing tab. By using them, you can quickly and intelligently add frequently used code patterns and constructs to your code, le

dsa28s This is a unofficial canary version of Android Studio Arctic Fox on the Apple Silicon. (e.g M1 Chip)

kaaass An unofficial Zerotier Android client patched from official client

PatilSiddhesh Holi is a lightweight Jetpack Compose library of colors, gradients and cool utility functions for all your palette needs!