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Xenans Schedule-4-me Have you ever had too much control in your life? Ever find yourself stuck at home repeating the same motions over and over again? Well f

Mikotwa FuckLocation An simple xposed module that helps you fully control your location. 一个可以帮助你完全控制位置授权的模块 Currently, you may return custom location to speci

tatocaster Georgian Queue GeorgianQueue is a queue data structure on steroids. The queue you've always wanted to be in. Implemented using singly linked list and

dlew Wordle Solver Wordle solver harness that evaluates the efficacy of any given algorithm. This code tests every answer against any given algorithm to se

jisungbin KeyboardBeautify Awesome keyboard animator that supports Android SDK 23 ✨ This library was created based on the android/user-interface-samples. Previe

halilozel1903 Build Variant App 🗾 📦 📱 Build variant is a feature of Android Studio to create a project which can be build in different versions. By using Build V

BryanGIG PAD (Process Android Dumper) This dumper is made for il2cpp game but you can use it in any app you want How To Use Run the process Open PADumper Put p

Shubhanshu156 WhatsAppClone WhatsAppCLone is a Clone of WhatsApp Messaging App.It allows users to send text messages and Make Call and Share Your Status(Storied) wi

Shivamdhuria Puck Make Composables Draggable. Including in your project Gradle Add below codes to your root build.gradle file (not your module build.gradle file).

paul-griffith Kindling A standalone collection of utilities to help Ignition users. Features various tools to help work with Ignition's custom data export formats.

mal7othify Ehya | إحياء Available on Google Play Libraries Jetpack Compose for the UI. Compose Navigation. Compose Animation. Room for the data persistence. Work

zeam-vm NxEvision A bridge between Nx and evision. Installation In order to use NxEvision, you will need Elixir installed. Then create an Elixir project (in t

Kashif-E Download-Manager-Example- This example helps you download and save files in external storage tested upto android 12 with using legacy permission you c

ArpitShukIa Advent Of Code 2021 Welcome to my Advent of Code1 Kotlin project. Here I will be sharing my solutions for this year's puzzles using Kotlin language. P

victoralfonso920 MatrixRainCompose Example from effect Rain Matrix with JetpackCompose For more information, please read the documentation 💻 Requirements To try out t

kibettheophilus Android-Project-Template Skip the process of setting up an android app by using this template. Prerequisites Have an idea about: Clean Architecture De

plasmoapp GitHub | Download | Discord Matter Matter is a Paper fork that currently only adds what we call a secure feature seed. Based on Secure Seed mod by Ear

bytedance btrace README 中文版 btrace(AKA RheaTrace) is a high performance Android trace tool which is based on Systrace, it support to define custom events automa

TemporarilyOffline #X6100 TOADs Research Here we desposit all the knowledge that we gather on the Xiegu X6100. Feel free to look around and contribute! TO's Videos: http

KareemMansy123 Ktor_Example Ktor is an asynchronous open source framework for creating microservices and web applications. It was developed with Kotlin by Jetbrains.

CWKSC ScanReplace.kt A tool for scan and replace file content Instead of global search and replace, it can specify replace scope Usage java -jar ScanReplace

SebastianAigner reelchest 📦 🎞️ 📽️ A basic web-based media manager. Download or upload clips, videos, or movies, and consume them from a basic web interface. Find d

ridvanozcan NoteApp Note app that allows user to save/edit/delete/search any type of notes and view them in a list. Image About The Project Techs MVVM Clean Arc

V9vek Sorting Visualizer 📜 Description Visualizing sorting algorithms 📊 for learning and fun 💡 Motivation and Context I was watching some random video of

AndresGamboaA GDpick GDpick is a color picker tool built on the Godot Engine, which allows you to easily pick colors from your screen. Features Zoom to precisely pi

pink-room WalletConnectKit WalletConnectKit is the Swiss Army toolkit for WalletConnect! It will allow you to connect your DApp with an Ethereum Wallet in a few

linuxct PhoneAccount Abuse Detector Simple application to enumerate and detect any application that (ab)uses adding an indefinite amount of PhoneAccount(s) to

lite-xl Color themes for the lite-xl text editor, originally forked from the lite colors repository. Note: if you make a pull request, the relevant table shou

Astroa7m ktor_chatting_application Server/Client Chatting application that uses Ktor websockets. The application allows you to choose whether to chat in a grou

smartSenseSolutions SegmentedVerticalSeekBar It is an Android Vertical Seekbar with segments developed in Kotlin. It offers multiple customization attributes to create a

komputing FaucETH Faucet for EVM chains Why I had a lot of problems with existing simple faucets (the ones that do not force you to use some centralized service

GetStream AvatarView AvatarView supports loading profile images with segmented style, borders, indicators, and initials for Android. Download Gradle Add the bel