An extension of RelativeLayout that helps show loading, empty and error layout.

ImagePicker A library that supports selecting images from the device library or directly from the camera. Screenshots Installation Add the following maven repositories in root build.gradle allproje
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PureWriter Make the DrawerLayout can be dragged/pulled out in real-time within the range of fullscreen

HamedTaherpour Floating Layout for android platform

cmzf A productive UI layout inspector app for Android and Appium, with embed HTTP server, is an alternative to uiautomatorviewer (monitor.bat).

bookzhan Let VideoView fill the screen/parent layout and ensure no distortion

wangshouquan A simple layout to display different screen of state, like loading, error, empty etc.

MohamedWessam No Internet Layout Library Library to check internet connection and change layout to no internet layout if there is no internet. Gradle: allprojects { repositories { ... maven { url "" }

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skydoves 🦚 An expandable layout that shows a two-level layout with an indicator.

g4s8 Usage Override LayoutInflater to enabled HTML tags in your layout (see ./example project): import wtf.g4s8.htmllayout.HtmlInflater; public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { @Override protected void onCre

pranavpandey Dynamic Motion A library to provide additional functionality for MotionLayout on Android 4.3 (API 18) and above devices. It has DynamicMotionLayout which has a built-in ViewPager to create parallax effects which will ope

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