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mokeshawy ResponsiveDesign-Android Learn how to create a layout that works with all screen sizes of the device. Working with ConstraintLayout & Guideline sdp li

PureWriter Make the DrawerLayout can be dragged/pulled out in real-time within the range of fullscreen

HamedTaherpour Floating Layout for android platform

cmzf A productive UI layout inspector app for Android and Appium, with embed HTTP server, is an alternative to uiautomatorviewer (monitor.bat).

bookzhan Let VideoView fill the screen/parent layout and ensure no distortion

wangshouquan A simple layout to display different screen of state, like loading, error, empty etc.

skydoves Flourish 🎩 A polished and dynamic way to show up layouts. Including in your project Add below codes to your root build.gradle file (not your module build.gradle file). allproject

skydoves DoubleLift πŸ¦‹ Expands and collapses a layout's horizontal and vertical sequentially. Inspired by "Viewing Labels" from the Trello. Including in your project Gradle Add belo

g4s8 Usage Override LayoutInflater to enabled HTML tags in your layout (see ./example project): import wtf.g4s8.htmllayout.HtmlInflater; public class MainActivity extends AppCompatActivity { @Override protected

skydoves 🦚 An expandable layout that shows a two-level layout with an indicator.

MohamedWessam No Internet Layout Library Library to check internet connection and change layout to no internet layout if there is no internet. Gradle: allprojects { repositories { ... maven { url "http

lj-3d GearLoadingLayout widget for android that can be used as a progress bar, snack bar or yourself to create your own arrangements for their needs.

pranavpandey Dynamic Motion A library to provide additional functionality for MotionLayout on Android 4.3 (API 18) and above devices. It has DynamicMotionLayout which has a built-in ViewPager to create parallax effects whic

rezaiyan ArcLayout Arc Layout is a view group with which you can add a arc-shaped container in your layout. Two main variables are the direction and the curvature of the arc. Check the example below. Usage B

mtcn MotionLayoutExamples This is a sample app demonstrating UX/UI animations using MotionLayout. Demos Name Demo Basic Collapsing Toolbar Collapsing Toolbar

florent37 MotionShapeOfView Explain how to use MotionLayout with ShapeOfView This project is the sample of a medium article : dependencies { implem

JustinAngel Hijckr Misappropriating Your Android XML Tags since 2018 What does it do? Hijckr interfers with Android's layout inflation and redirects named elements to other classes. For example for layout

nirukk52 SnapTabLayout Show some ❀️ and star the repo to support the project This library is the implementation of TabLayout as seen on popular messaging app Snapchat It can be used to a

iammert AnimatedTabLayout Yet another tab layout. GIF Motivation Thanks to Igor for sharing this awesome animation. I motivated myself to create android library. Check out the concept Setup

skydoves CameleonLayout A library that let you implement double-layer-layout changing with slide animation. Including in your project build.gradle dependencies { implementation "com.github.skydov

rongi Rotate Layout A custom layout that can rotate it's view Usage In your layout file add <com.github.rongi.rotate_layout.layout.RotateLayout xmlns:app="" android

qiujie-hn Sticky-LayoutManager An android recyclerView sticky item view layout manager library Image Image Image Download Demo Apk apk

dmytrodanylyk πŸ”Ί Before using this library, read information below πŸ”Ί This library is not more supported. If you want to add new feature or fix a bug, grab source code and do it. If you think your fix or feature would be useful

armcha PlayTabLayout PlayTabLayout is a tab layout very similar to Google Play tab layout. The main feature is that ripple shows in a particular place where user taps. The current minSDK version is API level 16.

iammert ScalingLayout Scale your layout on user interaction. Live Demo Motivated by layout in Blinkist app and search bar in Spotify app. Demo Fab Demo Spotify Search Demo Us

lisawray groupie Groupie is a simple, flexible library for complex RecyclerView layouts. Groupie lets you treat your content as logical groups and handles change notifications for you -- think sections with headers and footers,

iammert ExpandableLayout Expandable LinearLayout Setup Dependency allprojects { repositories { ... maven { url '' } } } dependencies { compile 'com.github

cdflynn Turn Layout Manager A simple carousel for RecyclerView. Usage Just create a new TurnLayoutManager using the constructor: TurnLayoutManager(context, // provide a context Gr

psdcompany Duo Navigation Drawer This Android library provides an easy way to create an alternative navigation drawer for android. Instead of a drawer that slides over the main content of the Activity, this lets the content s

AAkira Expandable Layout An android library that brings the expandable layout with various animation. You can include optional contents and use everywhere. Preview Normal Example

FabianTerhorst FastLayout Generates a Java Object for your xml layout to reduce inflate time to zero This projects methodcount is very low, because everything happens on compile time. Add the dependen

HendraAnggrian SubtitleCollapsingToolbarLayout Standard CollapsingToolbarLayout with subtitle support. Just like the title, subtitle text will have to be 1 line. When collapsed, a subtitle would still appear as Toolbar's.