Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java, and the JVM version of its standard library depends on the Java Class Library, but type inference allows its syntax to be more concise.

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ravidsrk Pragmatic Kotlin ❤️ Practical Tips to migrate your Android App to Kotlin By Ravindra Kumar @ravidsrk About Me Ravindra Kumar @ravidsrk Android Developer @Fueled Prou

JetBrains KotlinConf App This is the official KotlinConf App! We hope you enjoy(ed) the conference and sessions. This repository contains the source code of the application. All pieces of the application are implemented in Kot

uziassantosferreira Supported language: Summary Introduction Overview Requirements Showcase QR Code Samples Architecture Clean Architecture Design Patterns Quality Assurance Frameworks

kizitonwose Time This library is made for you if you have ever written something like this: val duration = 10 * 1000 to represent a duration of 10 seconds(in milliseconds) because most methods in Kotlin/Java take duratio

SimpleMobileTools Simple Notes A simple textfield for adding quick notes. Need to take a quick note of something to buy, an address, or a startup idea? Then this is the app you've been looking for! No complicated setup steps needed, j

SimpleMobileTools Simple File Manager Can also be used for browsing root files and SD card content. You can easily rename, copy, move, delete and share anything you wish. The fingerprint permission is needed for locking either hidden

antoniolg Kotlin for Android Developers (the book) This is the code you can use to follow the book. https://antonioleiva.com/kotlin-android-developers-book/ Are you tired of using an ancient, inexpressive and unsafe language to

volodymyrprokopyuk Software design patterns in Kotlin Creational patterns Creational patterns encapsulate knowledge about concrete classes the system use, hide how instances of these classes are created and separate the system

ajalt Mordant Dead simple text styling for command-line applications /mɔː(ɹ)dənt/ A substance used to set (i.e. bind) colored dyes on fabrics 1 Mordant has: An easy, configuration-free, API Support for

artem-zinnatullin RxJava & Kotlin Puzzlers! What is this This is a small set of RxJava and Kotlin puzzlers (code that looks simple but works not as you expect it to) What to do Clone the repo (to play with

bufferapp Android Clean Architecture Components Boilerplate Note: This is a fork of our original Clean Architecture Boilerplate, except in this repo we have switched out the MVP approach found in the presentation layer to now

denofevil Import Cost for WebStorm This plugin displays the size of the imported JavaScript package right in the editor. It can be installed in WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate, PhpStorm, PyCharm Pro, and RubyMine v2017.2 and abo

ravidsrk Kotlin Extensions Curated list of Most commonly used Kotlin Extensions. View Context Fragment Activity ViewGroup TextView String Other View /** * Extension method to provide simpl

jiang111 Kotlin-Extract Kotlin-Extract is a "toolbox" for Kotlin Android developer. like anko , The library contains a lot of helpers for Android SDK, including, but not limited to: depend Step 1. Add the JitPack r

bufferapp Android Clean Architecture Boilerplate Welcome 👋 We hope this boilerplate is not only helpful to other developers, but also that it helps to educate in the area of architecture. We created this boilerplate f

MrBIMC RunInBackgroundPermissionSetter Overview Android 7.0 added new permission called RUN_IN_BACKGROUND, which can restrict background behavior of apps(blocking broadcast receivers, services, etc.). However thi

imablanco Parallax Easy parallax View for Android simulating Apple TV App Icons Installation Parallax is available in the JCenter compile 'com.ablanco.parallax:parallax:{latest version}' where {latest version}

nickbutcher AdaptiveIconPlayground An Android application for experimenting with adaptive icons. This app finds all installed apps sporting an adaptive icon and displays them in a grid. It then allows you to toggle different mas

bennyhuo NewDataClassAction This is an IntelliJ plugin for Kotlin. You may use this to create a data class from a Json string. This is mainly inspired by GsonFormat, a great Java Bean code generator from Json. Downlo

mirrajabi Kotlet Kotlet or Cutlet... Whatever... Its delicious! ("کتلت" : Persian word for cutlet) It's not a cutlet, its a hamburger. I know.. I couldn't find any good icon of it online.. so yeah! It is what it i

ziggy42 kolor A library to print colored strings, with Kotlin. Example Foreground: println("We all live in a yellow submarine".yellow()) // Or println(Kolor.foreground("We all live in a yellow submarine", Co

gurleensethi kotlin-weather Simple android weather app developed in kotlin, demonstrating the use of RxJava, Retrofit and implementing MVP. Screenshots Overview Weather app created using the Weather Api

androidstarters generator-kotlin-android An Kotlin MVP Boilerplate to save me having to create the same project over from scratch every time! :) How it works? It provides a generator to create and maintain a

erikjhordan-rey Android-Architecture-Components-Kotlin Android Sample Kotlin Devises (currency converter) used to practice Kotlin and Android Architecture Components. Support of Kotlin & Architecture Components I wrot

msesma Karchitec Kotlin RSS reader using Google android architecture components libraries Pet project for testing several technologies: Kotlin MVVM architecture slightly modified (It has a presenter :D) Goog

jmartinesp SpannedGridLayoutManager SpannedGridLayouManager is a layout manager that will resize and reorder views based on a provided SpanSize. IMPORTANT: as the goal of this LayoutManager is to fill all gaps if possible,

tipsy Javalin - A simple web framework for Java and Kotlin Javalin is a very lightweight web framework for Kotlin and Java which supports WebSockets, HTTP2 and async requests. Javalin’s main goals are simplicity, a great

szaboa AchievementView for Android A custom view for achievements pop-ups written in Kotlin. The basic properties can be changed through XML like its size, color, drawable, duration. If this isn't enough then feel free to cus

KucherenkoIhor Android Architecture Components Read article here Android Architecture Components (AAC) is a new collection of libraries that contains the lifecycle-aware components. It can solve problems with configuratio

SeunAdelekan Kanary A minimalist Kotlin web framework for building expressive REST APIs fun main(args: Array<String>) { val app = KanaryApp() val server = Server() val userRouter = KanaryRouter() va

gojuno Koptional — Minimalistic Optional type for Kotlin Disclaimer: We don't think that Kotlin itself needs Optional because it has strong null-safe type system that effectively eliminates need in such a wrapper. However

Vuksa RuntimePermissionsExtended This project provides Kotlin extension functions that make permission handling easier and more concise. These extensions provide same implementation for permission handling in both Activitie