Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java, and the JVM version of its standard library depends on the Java Class Library, but type inference allows its syntax to be more concise.

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andyb129 31 Days Of Kotlin A summary of all the kotlin tips from Google's Android Developer Twitter account with the hastag #31DaysofKotlin A Twitter Moment summary of all the tweets are here -> https://tw

Ramotion NAVIGATION TOOLBAR Navigation toolbar is a Kotlin slide-modeled UI navigation controller. We specialize in the designing and coding of custom UI for Mobile Apps and Websites.

ajalt Kotlin logging extensions for Timber Jake Wharton's Timber library is great. It's a Java library with an API that works well for Java, but that isn't as idiomatic when used in Kotlin. This library builds on Timber with

mcxiaoke Koi - A lightweight Kotlin library for Android Koi include many useful extensions and functions, they can help reducing the boilerplate code in Android applications. Specifically, Koi include a powerful extension functi

patrickyin Android Clean Architecture - Kotlin This is an Android Clean Architecture base project using 100% Kotlin including Unit tests! You could use it as the base project when you create a new Android project. This archite

intelligo-mn Memorize Japanese-English-Mongolian dictionary. It lets you find words, kanji and more quickly and easily. Features Screenshots Architecture Authors Donate Contributors License

sembozdemir PermissionsKt Handle Android Runtime Permissions in Kotlin way How to add PermissionsKt is published with JitPack.io. To add this library to your project, add these lines to your build.gradle repositories

mrsegev MovieNight Summary: MovieNight is a sample Android application that uses the clean architecture approach and is written in Kotlin. P.S: I've written a blog post about this project. The Motivatio

Ramotion A slider widget with a popup bubble displaying the precise value selected. Made by @Ramotion

sellmair A powerful Kotlin Multiplatform Router for Android and iOS Support I am happy to help you with any problem on gitter Feel free to open any new issue! What Kompass can do for you Perf

android Android KTX A set of Kotlin extensions for Android app development. The goal of Android KTX is to make Android development with Kotlin more concise, pleasant, and idiomatic. It is an explicit goal of this project to

99Taxis A reactive approach for the Google Maps Webservice API

Fondesa KPermissions An Android library totally written in Kotlin that helps to request runtime permissions. This library is compatible also below Android M (API 23) where runtime permissions doesn't exist, so you haven't to

dcampogiani Android Functional Validation Simple form validation using Arrow Option - PR - Doc Using this data type we can't know which field is wrong. Either - PR - Doc Using this data type we know which

trent-dev Kamera Sample Android app for showcasing custom implementation of OpenGL camera preview display, written in Kotlin. Main Implementation KameraPreviewObserver.kt KameraActivity.kt CameraExtensions.kt

bufferapp Reactive Play Billing This project acts us a simple wrapper for the Play Billing Library from Google for Android. This allows you to interact with the library in a reactive manner and use it within your reactive streams

JakeWharton Kotlin Serialization Converter A Retrofit 2 Converter.Factory for Kotlin serialization. Usage Add a converter factory when building your Retrofit instance using either the stringBased or bytesBased factory m

2dxgujun Android Spannable in kotlin Kotlin wrappers around SpannableStringBuilder. Inspired by binaryfork's Spanny. SpannableStringBuilder API is attractive, it's a nice way to styling text without split your text into mu

Bilibili Xpref A SharedPreferences' wrapper that truly supported sharing data across multi-process Principle ContentProvider is designed to provide content between multiple applications that means it supported sharin

matteocrippa karamba A collection of useful Kotlin extension for Android Install Add to gradle in allprojects maven { url 'https://jitpack.io' } then add this compile 'com.github.matteocrippa:karamba:1.2.0'

daothanhduy305 KRichEditor A rich text editor (based on QuillJs and MRichTextEditor) ported to Kotlin Install Add to root Gradle: allprojects { repositories { google() jcenter() ... maven

concretesolutions kappuccino A framework to simplify the way you do instrumentation tests in your app, using Espresso and Kotlin. Here is how you do instrumentation tests today, using simply Espresso: @Test fun loginFieldsAreVi

romainguy kotlin-math Set of Kotlin APIs to make graphics math easier to write. These APIs are mostly modeled after GLSL (OpenGL Shading Language) to make porting code to and from shaders easier. The various types offered by thi

RubyLichtenstein Kotlin DSL for testing RxJava.

datalink747 NiceNavigation By Soussidev Nice navigation with animation Preview : Nice Navigation : Add dependencie to your project : repositories { jcenter() maven { url "https://j

takahirom DebugAlter Alter Android app behavior without rebuild when debugging. You can change method without build when debugging in your app. And this changes does not affected to production code. So you can implement debug m

tachiyomiorg Build Stable Weekly Preview Contribute Support Server Tachiyomi Tachiyomi is a free and open source manga reader for Android 5.0 and above.

Kotlin Kotlin cross-platform / multi-format reflectionless serialization Kotlin serialization consists of a compiler plugin, which automatically produces visitor code for classes, and runtime library, which uses generate

hhariri Multiplatform Project Sample for Kotlin Important MPP and this project requires Kotlin 1.2-rc39 or higher, and IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 EAP or higher. This project is a sample multi-platform project for Kotlin, that is, a

JetBrains Welcome to Exposed, an ORM framework for Kotlin. Exposed offers two levels of database access: typesafe SQL wrapping DSL and lightweight data access objects. Our official mascot is Cuttlefish, which is best known for its

InsertKoinIO What is KOIN? A pragmatic lightweight dependency injection framework for Kotlin developers. Written in pure Kotlin, using functional resolution only: no proxy, no code generation, no reflection. Koin is a DSL, a lig

Commit451 BroadcastReceiverObservable Turn a BroadcastReceiver into an RxJava Observable Usage To start listening for connectivity change events: val text = findViewById<TextView>(R.id.text) val context =