Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java, and the JVM version of its standard library depends on the Java Class Library, but type inference allows its syntax to be more concise.

Newest releases

shtanriverdi Kotlin Leaning Notes from Udacity Course | Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers by Google

TangStudio PathView (Simulate the running route of each player on the playground, and can be timed with a stopwatch)

mitchtabian Multi-module, Kotlin, MVI, Compose, Hilt, Navigation Component, Use-cases, Room, Retrofit

AAkira Kotlin Multiplatform Libraries. Welcome PR if you find or create new Kotlin Multiplatform Library.

SugarcaneMC Highly optimized Airplane fork focusing on stability and performance.

theapache64 🧩A basic compose chrome extension template on top of compose web

abueide Harry Plotter is an easy to use magical Chia plot manager for muggles! It works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It should work on ARM devices as well, but you'll have to compile from source (see below) which is also very easy.

KakaoCup Nice and simple DSL for Espresso in Kotlin

optiv An Intentionally designed Vulnerable Android Application built in Kotlin.

Zfinix A plugin to handle screen capture events on android and ios

theapache64 A tool that gives you a massive head start when building Compose Desktop apps. It saves you from time-consuming setup and configuration

seratch A simple and easy to use client for the Notion API

sockeqwe Tired of manually setup test data of Kotlin data classes or POJOs? Instantiator creates Instances of any class for you so that you can focus on writing tests instead of spending time and effort to setup test data

RainFool Transform java callback to kotlin suspend method.

parsix High level parsing to ensure your input is in the right shape and satisfies all constraints that business logic requires.

mobven Most used extension methods for Kotlin

jittya KMMT is a KMM based project template designed to simplify the KMM development. It uses a simplified approach that can be shared both in android and iOS easily.

cortinico A simple Github template that lets you create an Android/Kotlin project and be up and running in a few seconds.

joreilly MortyComposeKMM Rick & Morty app to demonstrate use of GraphQL + Jetpack Compose (heavily based on https://github.com/Dimillian/MortyUI). This is also

JakeWharton Plex Orphaned Files Find files in your Plex libraries which are not indexed by Plex. Available as a standalone binary and Docker container. Usage You

russhwolf To-Do A Kotlin Multiplatform to-do list app with SwiftUI and Compose UI frontends 🎶 Making a list Checking it twice Gonna try out declarative UIs 🎵

square The missing Android Window APIs!

FutureMind Automatically generates wrappers for suspend functions and Flow for easy access from Swift code in Kotlin Multiplatform projects.

Oleur Sample cooking API made with Kotlin Ktor to showcase the library capabilities. This sample project offers a simple REST API where you can get or create recipes with a list of ingredients and cooking steps.

theapache64 Generate memes using GitHub issues

Foso Method call logging for Kotlin Multiplatform

Mr-Skully This is a quick start guide to Kotlin for people with prior coding experience

cl3m A Kotlin library to use Jetpack Compose in Android and iOS. Allow to write UI for both in Kotin. Still experimental as many compose features are not yet available.

machiav3lli OAndBackupX is a fork of the infamous OAndBackup with the aim to bring OAndBackup to 2020. For now most of the functionality and UI of the app are rewritten, next steps would be making it stable and adding some features which coul

msasikanth Pinnit is written entirely in Kotlin & uses latest Android libraries

marcellogalhardo A lightweight library built on top of Android Architecture Component ViewModel to simplify how UI Controllers (e.g., Activity, Fragment & Composable) retain instances on Android.

Laimiux Kotlin types to work with loading, content and error states.