Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java, and the JVM version of its standard library depends on the Java Class Library, but type inference allows its syntax to be more concise.

Newest releases

Kodein-Framework Micro-Mock A micro Kotlin/Multiplatform Kotlin Symbol Processor that generates Mocks & Fakes. Limitations: Mocking only applies to interfaces Faking o

Lob-dev TTS-App Text to Speech Project for Spring Boot and Kotlin, Auth Server, Python with Fast API (gTTS) Python의 gTTS lib를 활용하여 텍스트를 음성으로 변환하는 서비스를 구현해봅니다.

Mishkun Unsafe Wilhelm Scream for Intellij IDE AAAAAAAAAUUOOUH! – every Hollywood action movie Like coding with potential NPEs? Now you can do it Hollywood st

eslamfaisal spring-freelance-apis-kotlin In this Repo i create public apis to serve apps, like muslim apps using Spring, kotlin, and microservices This repo for l

reugn aerospike-client-kotlin Aerospike Client for Kotlin wraps the Java client callback-based asynchronous methods and provides an idiomatic Kotlin API usi

monun Heartbeat Coroutines 두근두근 ❤️ 코루틴 Coroutine for Paper Features Bukkit의 mainHeartBeat(GameLoop)에서 dispatch되는 Coroutine JavaPlugin 생명주기의 CoroutineScope 유

cbyrneee kpm kpm (Kotlin Project Manager) is a lightweight tool for managing and building Kotlin projects. Why should I use kpm? Gradle is absolutely massive,

tiulpin kotlin-cv.js Personal terminal-like simple webpage template built with Kotlin/JS. The template features CLI commands help, cat, ls, their completion a

isfaaghyth android-gql android lightweight graphql library query_sample.json mutation employee($name: String, $age: Int, $verified: Boolean) { employee(name:

ironSource DSLint A lightweight Android linter for Kotlin DSL aimed to solve the problem of verifying mandatory DSL attributes at compile time. Usage @DSLint int

cbeust Chipsk-8 A Chip-8 emulator written in Kotlin What is Chip-8? Chip-8 is a processor developed in the 70s. Because of its simplicity, it's a great start

bluegroundltd KFactory Create best-in-class factories for your synthetic data in Kotlin. ⭐   Test fixtures ⭐   DB seeding ⭐   Feature demos ⭐   Pre-production envir

mpetuska Kotlin Object Notation Lightweight kotlin MPP DSL for building JSON trees Setup Just drop the dependency in your commonMain sourceSet kotlin { sourc

AdamMc331 Android App Template This is a GitHub template repository intended to kickstart development on an Android application. This project comes set with a h

iris2iris Iris VK API Ещё одна библиотека по работе с VK API на Kotlin 💖 Гибкая система получения данных от VK. После обновления VK API вам не придётся ждать о

mikepenz Kotlin Multiplatform Markdown Renderer ... a Kotlin Multiplatform Markdown Renderer. (Android, Desktop, ...) powered by Compose Multiplatform What's i

terrakok Kotlin Multiplatform Wizard This is JB hackathon project. Try it out here It is a fun project with bleeding-edge technologies: Kotlin JS + Compose for

bluefireoly HGLaborLobby Dieses Projekt beinhaltet das Lobby Plugin des Minecraft Servers hglabor.de. Vorschläge Vorschläge, aber auch Bugs können als Issues geme

Link184 Kotlin lifecycle delegates An light library to write android lifecycle aware fields. An comfortable way to avoid lateinit fields and lifecycle methods

daugeldauge Kinzhal Kinzhal is a Kotlin Multiplatform library for compile-time dependency injection. The goal is to emulate basic features of Dagger to achieve si

y9san9 kds Kotlin Data Storage is a multiplatform coroutine-based kotlin library for saving Serializables in file with kotlinx.serlaization and delegates Exa

kasem-sm Delight-Playground 🎉 Native Android application built with Kotlin and Jetpack Compose. This app also illustrates the usage of advance libraries such

sarnavakonar Gamebaaz 🎮 A full-stack application showing the power 💪 of KOTLIN. Entire android app + backend Apis written in Kotlin 🔥 Android Backend Jetpack Co

lambda-client Lambda This is a continuation of KAMI Blue, and we hope as many people as possible will join the idea of having an up to date free open source client

mitchtabian This is a playground for learning KMP (KMM Plugin for android studio).

alllex Parsus A framework for writing composable parsers based on Kotlin Coroutines. val booleanGrammar = object : Grammar<BooleanExpression>() { val ws

TobseF 💉 🤖 Impf-Bot Searches the official "ImpfterminService - Der Patientenservice 116117" for free Corona vaccination slots. It can search multiple locat

Techdaan OpenNXT - RS3 918 A RS3 RSPS framework targeted at NXT, the goal is to stay up-to-date with RS3 Discord We have a Discord server you can join! https:/

mitchtabian Food2Fork Recipe App This is the codebase for an upcoming course featuring Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. Architecture Shared Components Ktor (Network C

InsertKoinIO Koin Compiler - Sandbox The goal of Koin compiler & Annotations project is to help declare Koin definition in a very fast and intuitive way, and gener

seljabali Java Time Kotlin extension functions. Background Java Time became integrated to the JDK as of Java 8. It was a huge improvement over its Date predeces

GerardPaligot Kighlighter Simple and extendable code highlighter in Kotlin Multiplatform with a composable output to display the code highlighted on Android and Des