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Enozom ZATAC Scanner ZATAC Scanner is kotlin-based QR code scanner and parser which de-crypt TLV qr codes and parse them into their values, provided by https

mikepenz storyblok-mp-SDK-blog ... a showcase of using the Storyblok Kotlin Multiplatform Client to build a blog application (Android, JVM) What's included 🚀

PerrySolutions Theia A Kotlin program used to analyse and discover backdoors in Minecraft Java 1.12.2 forge mods. This is experimental and may have bypasses. Changel

joreilly WordMasterKMP Kotlin Multiplatform sample heavily inspired by Wordle game and also Word Master and wordle-solver samples. The main game logic/state is

hlnstepanova KMPizza This repository accompanies a series of blog posts on the process of building an app with Kotlin Multiplatform. What is Kotlin Multiplatform?

d1snin yaspeller-kt Asynchronous Yandex.Speller API wrapper for Kotlin/JVM. Installation repositories { maven { url '' }

FINZ0 Usage Clone this repository or download zip Download the latest Samsara release Rename it to samsara.jar Put the file in your project folder You need

Cubxity StressCraft (W.I.P) State-of-art Minecraft stressing software written in Kotlin. Disclaimer StressCraft should ONLY be used in your own server environ

smartSenseSolutions It is a Profile Image View with percentage progress developed in Kotlin. It is a highly customizable view that offers multiple attributes for creating either dash or continuous progress view around profile image based on your requirements.

luiz-otavio Slime Korld Easily create many slime worlds with the Slime Korld. What is Slime Korld? Slime Korld is a bukkit library written in Kotlin to make minec

line Kotlin JDSL Kotlin JDSL is DSL for JPA Criteria API without generated metamodel and reflection. It helps you write a JPA query like writing an SQL sta

mouredev Code Weekly Challenge Kotlin/Android 2022 Proyecto de retos semanales de la comunidad MoureDev para practicar Kotlin y Android. Existen repositorios d

Foso Folders2kt 📁 An Interpreter/Transpiler of the Folders esoteric programming language, a language with no code and just folders, written in Kotlin Show

kotlin-hands-on Advent of Code Kotlin Template Advent of Code – an annual event in December since 2015. Every year since then, with the first day of December, a progr

martmists-gh Kotlin Python Ext This is a proof of concept for a Python extension in Kotlin. It is recommended to read the Official Python C API Documentation befor