A new canvas drawing library for Android. Aims to be the Fabric.js for Android. Supports text, images, and hand/stylus drawing input. The library has a website and API docs, check it out

FabricView - A new canvas drawing library for Android. The library was born as part of a project in SD Hacks (www.sdhacks.io) on October 3rd. It is currently under construction and will be refactored and polished in the coming

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sparrow007 BlurImage This Android Project help you to make your image blur in fastest way USAGE To make your imageview blurry in a single line of code, library using android framework (rendersript) which is most efficient f

eventtus PhotoEditorSDK It is an android image editing SDK with simple, easy support for image manipulation. Features Adding Images. Adding Stickers. Adding Text with option to change its Color. Drawing on image w

alexstyl RadiusTransition A showcase of how to transition between a circlular image to a square one across activities. The image in this example is fetched via Glide. Preview The Transition In reality, all you nee

Muddz QuickShot An Android library that saves any View, SurfaceView or Bitmap as an image in either JPG,PNG or .nomedia. The library works on a asynchronous thread and handles errors of I/O operations and wise memory handling for yo

CameraKit JpegKit bridges the libjpeg-turbo C++ library into android and wraps it with an easy to use class. You can currently: Retrieve metadata such as width and height Rotate the JPEG 90, 180, or 270 degrees Flip the JPE

infinum GoldenEye Quick guide Add dependency implementation 'co.infinum:goldeneye:1.1.2' Initialize val goldenEye = GoldenEye.Builder(activity).build() Open camera if (ContextCompa

fossasia Phimp.me Android Phimp.me is a Photo App for Android that aims to replace proprietary photo applications. It offers features such as taking photos, adding filters, editing images and uploading them to social networks.

mahimrocky TextRecognizer This library extend google vision . And initilay it read text from image. for reading text from image you have to give image Uri or Bitmap. Sample Setup Setup part is simple Root Gradle