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jjohannes Gradle Plugins: Why? How? There is some misunderstanding and confusion about the concept of Plugins in Gradle. This is unfortunate, as it is one of th

gesellix Gradle-Docker-Plugin Yet another Gradle plugin making it easy for your build scripts to talk to a Docker daemon. Each task delegates to the Docker-Cli

ZacSweers kgp-160-patcher A simple monkeypatch for issues in Kotlin Gradle Plugin 1.6.0. KT-49822 by using this patch. Note that other patches may be added to t

autonomousapps Glossary of Gradle terms Build script A build.gradle script. The existence of a build script, along with an entry in the settings script (other than f

littlerobots Version catalog update plugin This plugin helps to keep the versions in a Gradle version catalog toml file up to date. The version updates are determi

stepango forma (WIP) Opinionated, scalable, thoughtfully structured, type-safe, guided Gradle project framework for Android. You don't need to be a gradle expe

dropbox Affected Module Detector A Gradle Plugin to determine which modules were affected by a set of files in a commit. One use case for this plugin is for d

ge-org Gradle plugin that generates a Swift.package file and XCFramework to distribute a Kotlin Multiplatform iOS library.

JordanMarr SqlHydra SqlHydra is a Myriad plugin that generates F# records from a SQL Server SSDT .dacpac file. Setup Install SqlHydra and Myriad.Sdk from NuGet.

icerockdev KSwift it's gradle plugin for generation Swift-friendly API for Kotlin/Native framework.

grab Grazel is a Gradle plugin to automate generation of valid Bazel files for a given Android/Kotlin/Java project.

cashapp Gradle plugin which validates the licenses of your dependency graph match what you expect

LouisCAD Gradle Plugin to enable auto-completion and symbol resolution for all Kotlin/Native platforms.

ZacSweers A simple plugin to patch the memory leak in Kotlin Gradle Plugin 1.5.0

dipien Gradle Plugin to automatically upgrade your gradle project dependencies and send a GitHub pull request with the changes

JakeWharton An intelligent diff tool for the output of Gradle's dependencies task which always shows the path to the root dependency.

sangcomz _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ __ _ __| || | ___ ___ | | __ _ ___ | | __ / _` || '__|/ _` | / _` || | / _ \ _____ / __|| | / _` | / __|| |/

skyinu a gradle plugin to remove useless file in apk to reduce apk size

radarsh Gradle Test Logger Plugin A Gradle plugin for printing beautiful logs on the console while running tests. Screenshots Standard theme Mocha theme Scroll dow

r-cohen unused-dep Detects unused dependencies in Android gradle projects How does it work? This tool removes dependencies one by one in an Android gradle project and attempts to run a specified gradle task in order

Yelp Swagger Gradle Codegen A Gradle plugin to generate networking code from a Swagger spec file. This plugin wraps swagger-codegen, and exposes a configurable generateSwagger gradle task that you can plug inside your

AlecStrong kotlin-native-cocoapods A Gradle plugin which handles creating a podspec for a local Kotlin/Native project. The generated podspec properly integrates your project with cocoapods, and release/debug fat binaries will be c

criteo Findjars: a gradle plugin to debug classpath issues Findjars is a gradle plugin that helped Criteo debugging classpath issues when migrating from maven to gradle. It permits to find: which jars contain a file ide

jmfayard buildSrcVersions Figure 1. IDE integration when you put your dependencies information in the buildSrc Gradle has a special module called buildSrc wh

Triple-T Gradle Play Publisher Gradle Play Publisher is a Gradle plugin that allows you to upload your APK and other app details to the Google Play Store from a continuous integration server or anywhere you have a

BobbleKeyboard Dexter Control your .dex demons. A utility to manage MultiDex reached apps (>64k method counts). Managing multidex manually is a troublesome task in itself, this issue is commonly known as the "Worst nightmare of A

konifar Unused Resources Remover for Android Gradle Plugin that removes unused resources in Android projects. Features Easy to remove unused resources by simple gradle command Customize extra/exclude files

vanniktech gradle-dependency-graph-generator-plugin Gradle plugin that lets you visualize your dependencies in a graph. Set up buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath

akaita Easylauncher gradle plugin for Android Modify the launcher icon of each of your app-variants using simple gradle rules. Add ribbons of any color, overlay your own images, change the colors of the icon, ...

TWiStErRob Gradle Quality plugins Plugins that configure the built-in plugins with saner defaults. buildscript { dependencies { classpath 'net.twisterrob.gradle:twister-quality' } } apply plugin: 'net.twisterrob.quality' //

arturdm jacoco-android-gradle-plugin A Gradle plugin that adds fully configured JacocoReport tasks for unit tests of each Android application and library project variant. Why In order to generate JaCoCo unit tes

xiaobo0113 MethodTimeCost A gradle plugin to show time costs of methods on main-thread. How to use Just several lines. add dependency in the build.gradle of the root project. dependencies { classpath 'c