Android library to create buttons with Twitter's heart like animation.

SparkButton Highly customizable and lightweight library that allows you to create a button with animation effect similar to Twitter's heart animation. Library supports OS on API 14 and above. Grab the above demo app fr

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dmytrodanylyk 🔺 Before using this library, read information below 🔺 This library is not more supported. If you want to add new feature or fix a bug, grab source code and do it. If you think your fix or feature would be useful to other d

SilenceDut DayNightToggleButton A Funny ToggleButton for day and night change ####sample.apk (It runs smoothly, but gif is not appear well) Adding to your project This library is available through JitPack. Step 1. Add the

Kaopiz android-segmented-control Android-Segmented is a custom view for Android which is based on RadioGroup and RadioButton widget. This implementation is inspired by Segmented Controls for iOS. Including in your project:

vinc3m1 Segmented Radio Buttons for Android This is my implementation of iOS's segmented controls for Android by extending RadioGroup and RadioButton. Example project included. Screenshots Usage For text-only

markushi DEPRECATED This library is deprecated and no new development is taking place. Consider using a FAB(Floating action button) instead. E.g. the Android Design Support Library offers a FAB implementation. android-circlebu

Scalified Floating Action Button Library for Android Description This Library contains implementation of the Floating Action Button for Android. Floating action buttons are used for a special type of promoted action. They a

MuhammadArsalanChishti Cuboid-Circle-Button Gradle dependency build.gradle dependencies { compile 'com.cuboid:cuboidcirclebutton:1.0.5' } Android Circle Buttons with Attributes cub_color, cub_hover_color, cub_border_

andremion Floating Navigation View A simple Floating Action Button that shows an anchored Navigation View and was inspired by Menu Material Fixed created by Tommaso Poletti Installation Include the library in your