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meshery Meshery Adapter for Cilium Service Mesh Cilium Service Mesh Cilium is open source software for providing, securing, and observing network connectivity

svenpetersen1965 PET_CBM_1541_Adapter This is an adapter for connecting the 1541 (or other IEC floppy disk drives) to the Userport of a CBM8032 etc. It is the reconstr

KCORES KCORES-FlexibleLOM-Adapter KCORES FlexibleLOM to PCIe x8 adapter and baffle model. The FLR series network cards can be used on normal motherboards PCI

valentjn LTeX Language Server: LSP language server for LanguageTool :mag::heavy_check_mark: with support for LaTeX :mortar_board:, Markdown :pencil:, and others

donkingliang GroupedRecyclerViewAdapter可以很方便的实现RecyclerView的分组显示,并且每个组都可以包含组头、组尾和子项;可以方便实现多种Type类型的列表,可以实现如QQ联系人的列表一样的列表展开收起功能,还可以实现头部悬浮吸顶功能等。

ibrahimyilmaz Kiel is a RecyclerView.Adapter with a minimalist and convenient Kotlin DSL which provides utility on top of Android's normal RecyclerView.Adapter.

thepacific Adapter A quick adapter library for RecyclerView, GridView, ListView, ViewPager, Spinner. It abstracts the boilerplate of item view types, item layouts, viewholders, span sizes , and more, in order to simplify building

PsHegger What is RecyclerAdapter Generator (RAG)? Many Android Developers have to write the same boilerplate code for displaying a simple RecyclerView. This library tries to be a solution to minimize the written code which is

trieulh-ict SimpleGenericAdapter SimpleGenericAdapter is an Android library that helps developers to easily create a Recyclerview Adapter without repeatedly building any adapter boilerplate. Features v0.3.

ironSource OneAdapter OneAdapter is made to simplify and enhance the use of the RecyclerView's Adapter while preventing common mistakes. With multiple modules and hooks, you don't have to think about writing an adapt

longbkiter07 SnappyRecyclerAdapter This library helps you to manage RecyclerViewAdapter easier. This library is very useful for rendering a sorted data in real time (For example: chat application) Features Cal

smhdk KM Quick Adapter with Databinding You can easily crate RecyclerviewAdapter and PagedlistAdapter using databinding with this library. You can take a look here for Android PagingLibrary. Pagedlist and PagedlistAdapter

passsy ArrayAdapter for RecyclerView RecyclerView doesn't ship a ready to go RecyclerView.Adapter implementation as ListView did with the ArrayAdapter. This library is this missing ArrayAdapter. Easy to use Familiar A

wangjiegulu SeizeRecyclerView Use multiple adapters for a single RecyclerView. How to use feedRv = (RecyclerView) findViewById(; // The whole origin adapter of RecyclerView adapter

jaredsburrows Retrofit 2 Synchronous Adapter A synchronous CallAdapter.Factory implementation for Retrofit 2. This project brings Retrofit 1's synchronous usage to Retrofit 2. Usage // Setup retrofit Retrofit retro

vivchar Renderer RecyclerView Adapter Now you do not need to implement adapters for RecyclerView; You can easily use several types of cells in a single list; You can reuse cells in different RecyclerView; You can ea

nicech6 CommonAdapter v2.0.1 A generic RecyclerView adapter package 1) In your root build.gradle: allprojects { repositories { jcenter() maven { url '' } } } 2) In your librar

BennyWang AutoAdapter A library for for simplifying adapter creation, support List, RecyclerView, ViewPager. Content ViewHolder public class DataGetter<T> { final public T previous; final pu

luizgrp SectionedRecyclerViewAdapter An Adapter that allows a RecyclerView to be split into Sections with headers and/or footers. In addition, each Section can have its state(Loading/Loaded/Failed/Empty) controlled ind

prashantsolanki3 Snap RecyclerView Utils Simple Library to create RecyclerView Adapters and Viewholder in a snap. Features Simple RecyclerView Adapter Multiple Layouts RecyclerView Adapter Endless Loader Alternat

DavidPacioianu TheGreatAdapter Multiple items adapter made easy, including headers and footers. Preview in WallSnap Gradle Dependency dependencies { compile 'com.pacioianu.david:the-great-ada

7449 JetBrains XAdapter Support for the pull-down refresh loading and the addition of multiple header and footer RecyclerViewAdapter ViewHolder: refresh: adapter: databinding: multi: recyclerview: material:

miguelbcr OkAdapters Wrappers for Android adapters to simply its api at a minimum. Setup Add OkAdapter dependency to project level build.gradle. dependencies { compile 'com.github.miguelbcr:OkAdapters:0.2.1' }

vimeo Stag Stag improves Gson performance by automatically generating reflection-less TypeAdapters for your model objects. Why Build Stag? Gson is the essential JSON parsing library. It greatly simplifies what

mikepenz FastAdapter The FastAdapter is here to simplify creating adapters for RecyclerViews. Don't worry about the adapter anymore. Just write the logic for how your view/item should look like, and you are done. It's blazingl