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lambda-client Lambda This is a continuation of KAMI Blue, and we hope as many people as possible will join the idea of having an up to date free open source client

hollobit AIML-in-Medicine-club 의료 인공지능 클럽(AI/ML in Medicine) 이벤트를 위한 저장소입니다. 2021년 3월25일 첫 공식 모임을 시작으로 의료 인공지능 분야에 대해 다양한 이야기들을 부담없이 나누고자 하고 있습니다. 애초의 의도는 "클생과

basti564 vrLauncher Allows you to launch various /hidden/ options of the Oculus Quest (2) Using it Sideload the apk onto your Oculus Quest (2) Choose the optio

VKCOM KNet Android network client based on Cronet. This library let you easily use QUIC protocol in your Android projects. You can see more about QUIC here

takahirom Kotree A simple tool to display a text tree with Jetpack Compose. root ├── a │ ├── c │ │ └── j │ │ ├── k │ │ └── l │ └── f └──

JensBorrisholt Captcha Verification Captcha Verification (or Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a common web technique us

mitchtabian This is a playground for learning KMP (KMM Plugin for android studio).

KieronQuinn Ambient Music Mod A hybrid Xposed & Magisk module that ports Pixel Ambient Music to other, compatible devices. If you don't know what Pixel Ambient Mu

SagerNet SagerNet for Android The universal proxy toolchain for Android, written in Kotlin. PROTOCOLS The application is designed to be used whenever possible.

alllex Parsus A framework for writing composable parsers based on Kotlin Coroutines. val booleanGrammar = object : Grammar<BooleanExpression>() { val ws

ch4rl3x RevealSwipe Compose RevealSwipe Swipable in both directions Add to your project Add actual RevealSwipe library: dependencies { implementation 'de.

okanaydin Storytel Android Assignment 📜 Description This assignment created for Storytel that gives you basically a post list and its detail with comments. 📱

TobseF 💉 🤖 Impf-Bot Searches the official "ImpfterminService - Der Patientenservice 116117" for free Corona vaccination slots. It can search multiple locat

Techdaan OpenNXT - RS3 918 A RS3 RSPS framework targeted at NXT, the goal is to stay up-to-date with RS3 Discord We have a Discord server you can join! https:/

mitchtabian Food2Fork Recipe App This is the codebase for an upcoming course featuring Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. Architecture Shared Components Ktor (Network C

halilozercan Made with Compose I've started learning and experimenting with Compose during dev13 build. Since then, Compose first transitioned to alpha, then beta

d4rken fpv-dvca An unofficial companion app for DJI's Digital FPV System for Android devices. Plug your Android device into your Googles and watch a live fee

d-edge fasm A F# to Jitted ASM / IL disassembler as a dotnet tool Getting Started Install fasm as a global dotnet tool dotnet tool install fasm -g or as a do

Trendyol boru boru is a pipeline implementation in kotlin with native coroutine support and custom dsl. Supports chaining pipeline steps with conditions and br

Androz2091 Instaddict (beta) How addicted are you to Instagram? Let's drop your data package into Instaddict, it will give you the answer. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ Example DEMO

InsertKoinIO Koin Compiler - Sandbox The goal of Koin compiler & Annotations project is to help declare Koin definition in a very fast and intuitive way, and gener

CarlyAdam Google Maps Api test using marker rotation and routes. Features ✔️ Kotlin ✔️ DI: Hilt ✔️ Retrofit ✔️ Gson ✔️ View binding ✔️ Coroutines ✔️ AndroidX ✔️

jonathandata1 PEGASUS SPYWARE JAVA RECOMPILED - I have recompiled all JAVA from the Pegasus Spyware and the results are Shockingly Horrible! PEGASUS SPYWARE DECOMPI

llxiaoyuan llux ollvm de-obfuscator 移除ollvm中的控制流平坦化、不透明谓词 ll取自ollvm,ux取自lux,寓意混淆之中的光亮和线索 Description * 实现了在x86_64架构下,开启代码优化后,控制流平坦化以及不透明谓词的移除 * 实现原理不同于符号执行,无需条件约

willie4624 Dinkie Bitmap Stickers 本系列表情包为丁卯点阵体的衍生项目,在 11×11 的像素网格中绘制常用 emoji(或微信/微博表情)的 1-bit 版本,并伪装成微信聊天气泡。 非标准尺寸的微信表情无法上架表情商店,伪装微信 UI 行为也被表情商店所禁止,因此本系列表情仅通过公开或

ms-jpq coq.nvim (first & third) party sources PR welcome First party lua sources & third party integration for coq.nvim See :COQhelp custom_sources How to us

daniel-seiler ImageTheming Change the color palette of an image to match your theme. Getting Started Use java -jar path/to/ImageTheming.jar -h to get all available

meshramaravind JetComposeLoginUI New style for app design Online Flora Go Go App UI made in Jetpack Compose. 😉 😎 (Navigation Components, Dagger-Hilt, Material Comp

sushiswap Miso Random NFT Miso random NFT is a contract that allows users to redeem a seed ERC20 (the token type sold on Miso) for a randomly selected ERC721 (N

fankes TSBattery TSBattery a new way to save your battery avoid cancer apps hacker it. TSBattery 是一个旨在使 QQ、TIM 变得更省电的开源 Xposed 模块 Get startted 此模块支持原生 Xposed

seljabali Java Time Kotlin extension functions. Background Java Time became integrated to the JDK as of Java 8. It was a huge improvement over its Date predeces

cn-uofbasel Tremola README Tremola is a Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) client for Android that only supports private chat. Tremola aims at having the same functionality

GerardPaligot Kighlighter Simple and extendable code highlighter in Kotlin Multiplatform with a composable output to display the code highlighted on Android and Des