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jinfagang A curated list of transformer learning materials, shared blogs, technical reviews

Archeb Cross-platform blog theme written in Vue

azu Lazy loading for express router

gobitfly Beaconchain Dashboard is an open source ethereum 2.0 validator performance tracker app for Android and iOS. It utilizes the beaconcha.in API. Beaconchain Dashboard is an Angular app written in Typescript, HTML & CSS. It utilizes t

gordicaleksa This repo contains a PyTorch implementation of the original GAT paper ( 🔗 Veličković et al.). It's aimed at making it easy to start playing and learning about GAT and GNNs in general.

biancagualter A debit card UI design using glassmorphism

GrygrFlzr Unofficial documentation for SvelteKit

YyzHarry This repository contains the implementation code for paper: Delving into Deep Imbalanced Regression.

NickCH-K Slides for the Seattle University Causal Inference Class

ruanjx High-performance and flexible video editing and effects framework, based on AVFoundation and Metal.

Ja-sonYun Draw sequence diagram in text from terminal.

kaixindelele DRLib:A concise deep reinforcement learning library, integrating HER and PER for almost off policy RL algos.

rayanht Paprika is a python library that reduces boilerplate. Heavily inspired by Project Lombok.

ridarf RayThis is obviously powered by RayCast's ray.so, so obviously all credit goes out to them! They develop some great software, so definitely go check out what they've made!

kbeckmann This encodes audio as either PDM (using a first order sigma-delta stage), 32-bits PWM or 64-bits PWM and sends it as binary data to a UART including standard start and stopbits.

bradtraversy Task Tracker project from youtube crash course

2-young-2-simple VirtualApp With Compatibility Of Android 10/11/12

KINGSABRI A simplified version of DotNetToJScript to create a JScript file which loads a .NET v2 assembly from memory.

jocamar This is an addon for the Godot Engine that includes two shaders and one custom camera node that allows easy use of post-processing based outlines in both 2D and 3D games (though they are usually used more in 3D games).

tonyzhaozh This is a codebase to perform few-shot "in-context" learning using language models similar to the GPT-3 paper. In particular, a few training examples are placed into a natural language "prompt" and predictions are made by generati

safernandez666 Run Kong Server + Konga + Prometheus + Grafana + API & DDBB + Splunk

JoshuaLim007 In game console for Unity

patrick-kidger A micro-library as a convenience for turning SymPy expressions into PyTorch Modules.

hibiken Mini is a small text editor, inspred by antirez's kilo editor.

LingDong- Processing Demos made when reading the book *The Pocket Handbook for Image Processing Algorithms in C*

himanchau React Native Book List App

seepre Lamphttp是使用c语言实现的http服务,目前市面上有非常多的http服务,比如大名鼎鼎的Nginx 那么对于Lamphttp存在的意义是什么呢?对于Lamphttp主要是为了理解了tcp/ip到http的中间 这一层的实现,说白了就是当作学习用的.

nickjj A production ready example Django app that's using Docker and Docker Compose.

maykbrito Como exportar um PDF com NodeJS

mattdesl gifenc - A fast and lightweight pure-JavaScript GIF encoder

akitasoftware The Akita CLI for watching network traffic, automatically generating API specs, and diffing API specs.

tenderlove This is a pure Ruby assembler (I guess). I'm not 100% sure if it counts as pure Ruby because it just reads a JSON file and metaprograms most of it. Anyway, you can use it to write assembly in Ruby, then have it assembled.

johnno1962 Yes, HotReloading for Swift & Objective-C

gestalte-design zine machine is a compact 3d-printed block printing press.

decoder-it JuicyPotato for Win10 > 1803 & Win Server 2019

huoqingzhu vue3+vite+ts+Vant+vuex+router

NialaH Web Extension which add a counter for your hub's experiences on https://intra.epitech.eu/user/*

cuvent 📸 The Camera library that sees the vision.

bard Simulate Emacs user sessions. For end-to-end testing, hands-free screencast recording, probably more

Tahul This module is a Nuxt implementation of the Vue Composables @vueuse/motion.

obheda12 MoneyScope is a simple tool that pulls program scope data from a variety of sources, filters for all bug bounty scopes with an actual payout, and then filters again to remove any fluff/formatting issues in order to provide you wit

Fewes A minimal (single cginc file) atmospheric scattering implementation for Unity to use as a base for further work and as a reference for anyone wanting to learn. Includes a simple skybox and object shader. No optimizations are used

nuxt ⚡ Vite Experience with Nuxt 2 🧪

CW-Huang "Convex Potential Flows: Universal Probability Distributions with Optimal Transport and Convex Optimization"

GetStream FlatList by react-native only allows infinite scroll in one direction (using onEndReached). This package adds capability on top of FlatList to allow infinite scroll from both directions, and also maintains smooth scroll UX.

cheapETH The ETH chain and the cheapETH chain. We can assume the ETH chain has ~1000x more value than the cheapETH chain.

iamthefrogy Using the combination of different subdomain tools it tries to identify more subdomains using combination of bruteforce and other techniques.

ChaitanyaHaritash POCs for Shellcode Injection via Callbacks

Androz2091 🌀 What's really in your Discord Data package?

christianselig An easy way to add popover menus visually similar to the Context Menus and Pull Down Menus iOS uses but with some advantages.

pixiv Mux provides data binding infrastructure to Unity.

neilsardesai Mouse Finder is a fun replacement for the system Finder icon in the Dock. It mostly works exactly like the system icon, with one important difference — the eyes follow your mouse pointer.

waylybaye Worried about M1’s SSD swap usage? Try Swapman: a fresh open-source macOS app that monitors swap in/out ! Find out which process is using swapfile.

brandonbloom Unirepo is an extremely opinionated TypeScript build tool. Typical monorepo management tools in the Node.js ecosystem provide automation around package maintenance, but still permit and require users to muck around with poly-pack

olavoparno Creates a download handler function with its progress information and cancel ability.

AlexMog Longship aims to provide a simply-to-configure, optimizations, bugfixes and a high-level API for Valheim servers !

exebook Convenient generic print() for C inspired by Python/JavaScript and other high-level languages.

itsubaki A Runtime Struct Builder for Go

spatie Prefixing an id will help users to recognize what kind of id it is. Stripe does this by default: customer ids are prefixed with cus, secret keys in production are prefixed with sk_live_, secret keys of a testing environment with s

flutter-thrio flutter_thrio makes it easy and fast to add flutter to existing mobile applications, and provide a simple and consistent navigator APIs.

beyondcode A database dumping package that allows you to replace and mask columns while dumping your database.

mauricioaniche CodeSheriff is a simple library that helps you in writing JUnit tests that check the quality of your code. For example, CodeSheriff may fail because you have methods in your code that have more than X lines of code, or that have c

rbrahul A super simple Lodash like utility library with essential functions that empowers the development in Go

nautobot Nautobot was initially developed as a fork of NetBox (v2.10.4). NetBox was originally developed by Jeremy Stretch at Digital Ocean and the NetBox Community.

mrousavy ⚡️ An extremely fast key/value storage library for React Native. ~30x faster than AsyncStorage!

gigajew SharpCore is a C#.NET Remote Administration Tool (RAT) Framework

rozhuk-im msd - Multi stream daemon. Program for organizing IP TV streaming on the network via HTTP.

dagger8224 dagger.js is a lightweight html-based runtime web frontend framework.

NOBLES5E cproxy can redirect TCP and UDP traffic made by a program to a proxy, without requiring the program supporting a proxy.

darvincisec Anti-Debug and Anti-Memory Dump for Android

Simple2006 libmaths was created not only as a learning experience for me, but as a way to make mathematical models in seconds for Python users using math in their code. With pre-programmed mathematical functions ranging from linear to sextic

TeamUltroid A stable pluggable Telegram userbot, based on Telethon.

notiondog The easiest way to build simple, powerful websites with nothing but Notion.

wsw70 note was designed with a very specific target in mind: me, and my 2354 scraps of paper. It runs from the command line for simple note taking. See "Technical information" on how the notes are handled

akamai-contrib Byztime is a Byzantine-fault-tolerant protocol for synchronizing time among a group of peers, without reliance on any external time authority

scikit-rf scikit-rf (aka skrf) is an Open Source, BSD-licensed package for RF/Microwave engineering implemented in the Python programming language. It provides a modern, object-oriented library which is both flexible and scalable.

AZ-X An Advanced DNS Stub with Freedom, Privacy and Security

shipa-corp Ketch is an application delivery framework that facilitates the deployment and management of applications on Kubernetes using a simple command line interface

bootlin pdf-link-checker is a simple tool that parses a PDF document and checks for broken hyperlinks. This done by sending a simple HTTP request to each link found in a given document.