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cosullivan What is SmtpServer? SmtpServer is a simple, but highly functional SMTP server implementation. Written entirely in C# it takes full advantage of the .NET TPL to achieve maximum performance. SmtpServer is available

hathach TinyUSB is an open-source cross-platform USB Host/Device stack for embedded system, designed to be memory-safe with no dynamic allocation and thread-safe with all interrupt events are deferred then handled in the non-ISR task func

Lucifier129 coproduct A small library improve better tagged-union supporting for TypeScript Benefits Small bundled size(just 1kb) Easy to use with just a few apis

hammerstonedev Deferred Pagination Macro This repo holds the Laravel macro that is referenced from https://aaronfrancis.com/2022/efficient-pagination-using-deferred-

cerbero90 🕵️ Eloquent Inspector Inspect Laravel Eloquent models to collect properties, relationships and more. Install Via Composer composer require cerbero/el

feliperenan HeexFormatter A code formatter for Heex tamplates. ⚠️ This project is still in alpha stage. There are serveral cases yet to be handled. Installation a

btholt next-course-starter A NextJS starter to get you started creating educational materials using Markdown Get Started Set up Node.js v14+ Clone this repo

evmn Know Thyself 中文版 Chinese Title Authors Mind Hacks 刘未鹏 编程随想: 2009 ~ 2021 Blog Archives Program Think 晚点 LatePost 宋玮…… English Blogs Title Authors Essay

clayjohn Volumetric Clouds This is a demo implementing one way of drawing volumetric cloudscapes in Godot sky shaders. This demo uses animated clouds generated

gennaro-tedesco the ultimate compact fzf gh extension Installation • Usage • Customisation • Feedback gh-f is the ultimate, compact and snappy fzf extension for gh cl

Backporter ps4_remote_pkg_installer-OOSDK This is a OOSDK port of flat's ps4_remote_pkg_installer, all credit goes to them and their amazing work! NOTES Some fun

New-dev0 Telegraph App made in CSharp in .NET [WPF] using Telegraph Api. Download Todo Good UI and screen gestures. Dark Mode? UWP ?? Good (Un)Installer ? Fix

nestjskr NestJS 한국어 메뉴얼 NestJS 프레임워크 NestJS는 Typescript 에서 사용할 수 있는 가장 모던하고 세련된 프레임워크이며, 유연하고 세련된 기능을 제공합니다. NestJS는 Typescript개발이 즐겁고 좀더 창의적일 수 있도록 하기 위해서 만들어

playoasis Libraries for Cairo development. Library lib ├─ array — array functions such as concatenation and equality. ├─ bitwise — bitwise left and right shift

verumlotus Primitive Theta Vaults Theta vaults leveraging Primtive's RMM-01 modeling the payoff function of a covered call. Primitive Finance is a new DeFi primi

timwhitez Doge-AddSSP Load ssp dll golang implementation Administrator/System Privilege Usage: .\Doge-AddSSP.exe D:\ssp.dll //must use full path

bvaughn print-color Helper utility for printing colored text in Node or the Browser. This library was inspired by chalk. I wrote it because I often want to bo

chengwei-wang-ucsc GPlearn_finiance_stock_futures_extension This implementation contains the application of GPlearn's symbolic transformer on a commodity futures sector

PierreKieffer _ _ _ _ _ | |_| |_| |_ _ __ ___| |_ __ _ _ _ | |_____ _ _ | ' \ _| _| '_ \___| _/ _` | ' \| / / -_) '_| |_||

willianjusten Discord Tailwind Just a Discord clone made with TailwindCSS. Initial idea from egghead course with some tweaks to have tests and better component sepa

SinanYilmaz9 Android Developer Roadmap 2022 This repo was created with the goal of being an up-to-date roadmap for Android developers. Languages 🌍 Programming lan

nilsding WORDle 97 This is an implementation of Wordle for Word 97 using Visual Basic for Applications. Usage Open Wordle.doc with macros enabled Type a five-l

doleron yolov5-opencv-cpp-python Example of performing inference with ultralytics YOLO V5, OpenCV 4.5.4 DNN, C++ and Python Looking for YOLO V4 OpenCV C++/Pyt

RecoLabs Redash Go SDK An SDK for the programmatic management of Redash. The main component of the SDK is a client, which is a go wrapper of Redash's REST API.

luca-regne Hacking para brasileiros Coletânea de links e fontes de conteúdo brasileiro sobre hacking, segurança da informação e tópicos relacionados. Aviso Legal

xoofx grpc-curl grpc-curl is a command line tool for interacting with gRPC servers. This tool is the .NET equivalent of the popular gRPCurl written in Golan

cch123 GOGCTuner [beta] idea is from this article How We Saved 70K Cores Across 30 Mission-Critical Services (Large-Scale, Semi-Automated Go GC Tuning @Uber)

teamcode-inc Like KubeOrbit idea? ⭐ Give us a GitHub Star! ⭐ KubeOrbit is an open-source abstraction layer library that turns easy apps testing&debuging on Kuberne

testdouble maybe_later - get slow code out of your users' way Maybe you've been in this situation: you want to call some Ruby while responding to an HTTP request

KyleJamesWalker PR Changes Matrix Builder This Action will generate a output variable that can be used to generate a dynamic matrix job. This is often need for repos

Caisesiume Dentistimo-gateway Manager for communication with all sub-systems Development team Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Drakeaxelrod Asiya-Ismail Kl

Caisesiume Distributed Systems - Dos Testing DoS (Denail of Service) System for Testing and Practical demonstration of systems capability to handle a basic DDoS

Caisesiume Sub-system - Appointment Manager Handles bookings made from the frontend Development team Drakeaxelrod Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Asiya-Is

ivanvorobei SFSymbols Wrapper of SFSymbols. You choose the icon and what style to draw it in. You can specify the font with which to draw the icon. If the symbol

fuzzware-fuzzer Fuzzware Experiments This directory contains the data required to reproduce the experiments from our USENIX 2022 publication Fuzzware: Using Precise M

Caisesiume Distributed Systems - MQTT Broker All communication in the systems are enabled by this broker. Development team DrakeAxelrod Caisesiume JohanAxell Jid

Caisesiume Distributed Systems Development Development team Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Drakeaxelrod Asiya-Ismail Klara Svensson Documentation You can

Caisesiume User Manager sub-system Development team Caisesiume JohanAxell Jidarv RobbanGit Drakeaxelrod Asiya-Ismail Klara Svensson Documentation You can find al

Caisesiume Team 16 Project Documentation Subdocuments Arcitecture, styles and tactics Lessons learned & Conclusion Management brief Strategy & design decision Te

bytedance ParaGen ParaGen is a PyTorch deep learning framework for parallel sequence generation. Apart from sequence generation, ParaGen also enhances various N

facebookresearch SWAG: Supervised Weakly from hashtAGs This repository contains SWAG models from the paper Revisiting Weakly Supervised Pre-Training of Visual Percepti

grischaerbe A three.js component library for svelte. Index What is threlte? Getting started Concepts Interactivity Viewport Awareness Reactivity Conventions Refer

tayfunerbilen Wordle Svelte Clone Son zamanlarda popüler olan WORDLE uygulamasını svelte ile yapmaya çalıştım. Bu tarz acaba yapsam nasıl yapardım uygulamarı bana ç

iskaa02 Qalam ✏️ Qalam is a Go library for easy terminal styling. Installation go get github.com/iskaa02/qalam Usage func main(){ // this will output "a red

n00py Adding DCSync Permissions Mostly copypasta from https://github.com/tothi/rbcd-attack usage: dcsync.py [-h] -dc FQDN -t USERNAME [-hashes LMHASH:NTHASH

youzanai T'rex Park(霸王龙公园) Trexpark项目由有赞数据智能团队开源,是国内首个基于电商大数据训练的开源NLP和图像项目。我们预期将逐步开放基于商品标题,评论,客服对话等NLP语聊,以及商品主图,品牌logo等进行预训练的NLP和图像模型。 为什么是霸王龙? 霸王龙是有赞的吉祥物。呃,准确

facebookresearch Omnivore: A Single Model for Many Visual Modalities [paper][website] OMNIVORE is a single vision model for many different visual modalities. It learns

dabeaz pylox Python implementation of the Lox language from Robert Nystrom's Crafting Interpreters. https://craftinginterpreters.com. This only implements th

quoll remorse Clojure to morse code conversion Usage Dependencies This can be included in deps.edn with the following entry in the :deps map: com.github.quo

libffcv ffcv ImageNet Training A minimal, single-file PyTorch ImageNet training script designed for hackability. Run train_imagenet.py to get... ...high accur

kongruksiamza 📖 เอกสารประกอบการสอน (PDF) 🔏 Blockchain & Smart Contract Blockchain เบื้องต้น Smart Contract & Solidity เบื้องต้น 💻 Programming เขียนโปรแกรมภาษา Ja

NatanaelAntonioli O que esse programa faz? Eu simplesmente não consigo aproveitar aulas online (e nem a maioria das presenciais), portanto estudo com slides e livros. P

P4nda0s IDAFrida A simple IDA plugin to generate FRIDA script. Edit template for functions or you can use the default template. Select functions you want to t

abigger87 TWAM • Time Weighted Asset Mints A minting harness enabling time-weighted assets to determine minting prices. How it works Requirements: maxMintingAmo

alvinliu0 Semantic-Aware Implicit Neural Audio-Driven Video Portrait Generation Code for "Semantic-Aware Implicit Neural Audio-Driven Video Portrait Generation"

p0dalirius CVE-2022-21907 - Double Free in http.sys driver Summary An unauthenticated attacker can send an HTTP request with an "Accept-Encoding" HTTP request he

fireship-io Web3 - Full Tutorial The demo contains a basic web3 app and smart contract for minting NFTs. See it in action in the Web3 NFT Tutorial on YouTube. Fol

patak-dev vite-plugin-terminal Log in the node terminal from the browser Open a playground online in StackBlitz Install npm i -D vite-plugin-terminal Add plugin

CRED-CLUB DIAL Workloads on cloud provide equal opportunities for hackers as much as they do for internal teams. Cloud-native companies are open to attacks from

ZeframLou Foundry template This is a template for a Foundry project. Installation To install with DappTools: dapp install [user]/[repo] To install with Foundry

mrousavy react-native-blob-jsi-helper A React Native library for directly accessing an ArrayBuffer of a Blob instance. Note: This is a workaround. A long-term

fuzzware-fuzzer Fuzzware Fuzzware is a project for automated, self-configuring fuzzing of firmware images. The idea of this project is to configure the memory ranges

championswimmer awesome-devs Everytime I come across good Github profiles I index them here NOTE: If you are on the github repo currently, go to the website 👇 to see

hi-manshu Kalendar - An Elementary Compose Calendar. This is a calendar to integrate Calendar with Custom design in your jetpack compose project.You can also ad

bonukai MediaTracker · Self hosted platform for tracking movies, tv shows, video games, books and audiobooks, highly inspired by flox Demo https://mediatracke

glhd Laravel Dumper Improve the default output of dump() and dd() in Laravel projects. Improves the default dump behavior for many core Laravel objects, in

let-def Hotcaml: an OCaml interpreter with watching and reloading Hotcaml is an OCaml interpreter that starts from a source file and loads its dependencies. W

ZeframLou Playpen Playpen is a set of modern, gas optimized staking pool contracts. Features Support for both ERC20 staking and ERC721 staking Can start new rew

zyn3rgy LDAP Relay Scan A tool to check Domain Controllers for LDAP server protections regarding the relay of NTLM authentication. If you're interested in the

Wra7h SharpGhosting Process Ghosting (x64 only) in C# https://www.elastic.co/blog/process-ghosting-a-new-executable-image-tampering-attack Compile options:

skyzh Type Exercise in Rust (In Chinese) Rust 语言中的类型体操 - 以数据库系统为例 This is a short lecture on how to use the Rust type system to build necessary components i

vercel Platforms Starter Kit The all-in-one starter kit for building platforms on Vercel. Introduction · Guide · Demo · Contributing Deploy Your Own Read the

antx-code CVE-2022-21907 Description POC for CVE-2022-21907: HTTP Protocol Stack Remote Code Execution Vulnerability. create by antx at 2022-01-17. Detail HTTP

ospfranco sol A Raycast/Alfred/Spotlight alternative Don't bother trying to run this, it's WIP, right now only the basic UI is there, no logic, there many bugs/

Tomato6966 Multipurpose-discord-bot A multipurpose bot, a clan bot, a all in one bot. The one bot u need for ur server originally made as Milrato discord Bot and

bertsky ocrd_detectron2 OCR-D wrapper for detectron2 based segmentation models Introduction Installation Usage OCR-D processor interface ocrd-detectron2-segm

l3eol3eo CVE-2021-32099 SQLi Bypass login Useful when trying to read User Flag on Pandora.htb CVE-2021-32099 SQLi allow attacker bypass login. Target Exploit o

mehditeymorian webrtc-video-call This project is a video calling application using WebRTC technology. It contains minimum requirements to provide a group video call.

HiotyNi Minimal-Browser Um Navegador Simples e leve para assistir vídeos ou escutar musicas! Criado em C# Feito com a ideia de ser usado para ver videos e esc

PersianDevs FeatherMC FeatherMC Yek Forke NachoSpigot e, Ke Ba Optimize Khoob Baraye Server Haye Mini Game Va PvP Sakhte Shode, Ke Ba Remove Kardan Bug Ha Va Feat

ashishpatel26 LeetCode_Solution LeetCode: https://leetcode.com/problemset/all/ # Title Difficulty Colab Code 1 Two Sum Easy 2 Add Two Numbers Medium 3 Longest Subst

nathanhleung Hexooor Generate hexagonal profile pictures client-side using HTML5 canvas. This is a Next.js project bootstrapped with create-next-app. Getting Start

AzharRizky triangle_app A new Flutter project. Getting Started This project is a starting point for a Flutter application. A few resources to get you started if

MetaplasiaTeam Contract Viewer English | 中文 Contract Viewer 是一个 VS Code 扩展,他可以帮你从区块链浏览器下载合约代码,只需要一个合约地址即可下载。 目前仅支持以太坊使用 Solidity 的智能合约,后续会支持更多类型。 快速开始 配置一个 API 在 Erh

virginteen replace-nft-avatars a chrome extension that replaces the nft avatars on twitter with subway jared to install Download this repo (Code > Download ZIP).

ninegua IC Logger This motoko library provides a module to help create an append-only logger actor. Usage You can use this library with the vessel package man

araghava Cairo Black-Scholes Library Black-Scholes library implemented as a Cairo smart contract. All inputs, outputs, and internal calculations use 27-digit f

AvantTeam Project Unity A work-in-progress mega-collaboration Mindustry mod, created by the Avant Team. As the repository description says, this is not a fully

4ndv HexaGone HexaGone allows you to revert or customize twitter's new hexagonal avatars. It's a collection of a several userscripts, with different clip m

intel-analytics Distributed TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and BigDL on Apache Spark & Ray Analytics Zoo is an open source Big Data AI platform, and includes the followin

knative Knative Serving Knative Serving builds on Kubernetes to support deploying and serving of applications and functions as serverless containers. Serving

Hydrospheredata Hydrosphere Mist Hydrosphere Mist is a serverless proxy for Spark cluster. Mist provides a new functional programming framework and deployment model f

fission Fission: Serverless Functions for Kubernetes Fission is a fast serverless framework for Kubernetes with a focus on developer productivity and high per

zarr-developers Zarr Latest Release Package Status License Build Status Coverage Downloads Gitter Citation What is it? Zarr is a Python package providing an implement

apache OpenWhisk OpenWhisk is a serverless functions platform for building cloud applications. OpenWhisk offers a rich programming model for creating serverl

hopshadoop Hops Hadoop Distribution Hops (Hadoop Open Platform-as-a-Service) is a next generation distribution of Apache Hadoop with scalable, highly available,

google ML Metadata ML Metadata (MLMD) is a library for recording and retrieving metadata associated with ML developer and data scientist workflows. NOTE: ML

apache Apache Ignite What is Apache Ignite? Apache Ignite is a distributed database for high-performance computing with in-memory speed. Technical Documentat

apache What is Apache Pinot? Features When should I use Pinot? Building Pinot Deploying Pinot to Kubernetes Join the Community Documentation License What is

ottomated Chrome extension to block NFT profiles on Twitter

QueraTeam A collection of django password validators

zzzgydi Auto launch any application or executable at startup.

yetanalytics dl4clj Port of deeplearning4j to clojure Contact info If you have any questions, my email is [email protected] I'm will_hoyt in the clojurians sla

jsa-aerial Data exploration and interactive documents; with editor support (emacs, vim, sublime, and paredit), graphics and visualization

jsa-aerial Hanami Interactive arts and charts visualizations with Clojure(Script), Vega-lite, and Vega. Flower viewing 花見 (hanami) Hanami is a Clojure(Script) li

hamdaankhalid Live Streaming!! Welcome to my implementation of live streaming along with real time chat. I'm going to make a live streaming platform that will supoo

dranikpg Dto mapper dto-mapper is an easy-to-use library for complex struct mapping. It's intended for the creation of data transfer objects, hence the name. W

woodrush Numsectorlisp Numsectorlisp is a library for SectorLISP, for scalar, vector, and matrix multiplication of fixed-point numbers. The number of bits for

stevepryde Tauri + Yew Demo This is a small demo to accompany the Tauri + Yew tutorial https://dev.to/stevepryde/create-a-desktop-app-in-rust-using-tauri-and-yew

mrd0x pe2shc-to-cdb This tool will convert shellcode generated using pe_to_shellcode to cdb format. Cdb.exe is a LOLBIN which can help evade detection & app

GeeeekExplorer CuPyTorch CuPyTorch是一个小型PyTorch,名字来源于: 不同于已有的几个使用NumPy实现PyTorch的开源项目,本项目通过CuPy支持cuda计算 发音与Cool PyTorch接近,因为使用不超过1000行纯Python代码实现PyTorch确实很cool CuPyTor

Enes-Kayiklik WallUp 🏞️ Wallpaper finder and downloader app Demonstrate the Jetpack Compose UI using Unsplash API Made with ❤️ by Enes UI Design 🎨 Thanks to Rian

metagn grab Adds a grab statement for installing and importing Nimble packages directly through Nim code, similar to Groovy's Grape and @Grab. Works with Nim

jonathandata1 Mobile & IOT Malware, Spyware, & Forensic Analysis Author: Jonathan Scott Twitter: @jonathandata1 Version 1.0 This repository contains methods, and to

kadetXx Insect 🛠 Highly customisable, minimalistic input x select field for React. ⚡️ Features Tiny size (~4kb Gzip) 100% responsive. Highly customisable. Su

carstenlebek Shopify Node App Starter This is a starter template for embedded shopify apps based on the shopify cli node app. Contributions to create the perfect s

msqrt single source gl single source gl (ssgl) lets you write GLSL shaders as C++ lambdas that automatically capture shader inputs and outputs. This unifies

sjwhitworth GoLearn GoLearn is a 'batteries included' machine learning library for Go. Simplicity, paired with customisability, is the goal. We are in active deve

alonsovidales package ml - Machine Learning Libraries ###import "github.com/alonsovidales/go_ml" Package ml provides some implementations of usefull machine learnin

wgpsec CreateHiddenAccount 创建隐藏账号 中文 | EN Tool Introduction There are two common ways to create a hidden account. One is to add the $ sign directly after the