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ZaidaTek Oscilloscope PC-Software for Arduino Uno/Nano/AT328P

kninnug A small library for constraining triangulations from Delaunator

lithdew Go bindings to QuickJS: a fast, small, and embeddable ES2020 JavaScript interpreter.

t-mullen WiFiFox is a menubar app for bypassing captive portals in wireless networks. It also includes a tiny network scanner. Works in OSX, Windows and Linux.

ChristopherHauschild Aplicação desenvolvida utilizando React e Tailwind CSS, e tem como objetivo simular as principais funcionalidades do Flexbox. Por estar na Versão 1.0, o Flexbox Simulator entrega a base desse poderoso modelo de layout da Web CSS3.

hytseng0509 Pytorch implementation for our artwork generation and editing method. The proposed design can 1) model creation workflows for different types of artwork and 2) enable both the image generation and editing at different workflow sta

Farfetch Garment is a toolkit for building applications using modern tools and scalable development practices. It encourages the monorepo way of building applications and provides a consistent developer experience across projects.

noperator Determine the Palo Alto PAN-OS software version of a remote GlobalProtect portal or management interface.

mamba2410 This project is about reverse engineering the pokewalker, a device designed for use with the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver games.

nthypes super-ts is a Typescript functional programming library inspired by Haskell and PureScript providing both runtime type checking and functional algebraic data types.

MaurizioFD The complete code and notebooks used for the ACM Recommender Systems Challenge 2020 by our team BanaNeverAlone at Politecnico di Milano

bordaigorl The goal of reMy is to allow simple interaction with the reMarkable tablet over ssh, without needing the cloud service, nor the USB Web UI.

IBM This repository contains implementions of Verifiably Safe Reinforcement Learning (VSRL) algorthms. To learn more about the motivation for this framework, check out our web experience.

butforme A Twitch client for Nintendo Switch homebrew using the switch's own web browser

wgrathwohl Official Release of "Learning the Stein Discrepancy for Training and Evaluating Energy-Based Models without Sampling"

ardalis Some design approaches to enforcing a business rule requiring no duplicates.

rsasaki0109 This package is a combination of lidarslam_ros2 and the LIO-SAM IMU composite method.

julianrubisch Lazy-load Rails partials via CableReady

codrops A set of hover effects on menu items with images.

Spijkervet PyTorch implementation of "Bootstrap Your Own Latent: A New Approach to Self-Supervised Learning" by J.B. Grill et al.

sauhaardac pdfplot is a Python library for easily managing your matplotlib figures as PDF files.

Mohammad-Farmaan A simple calculator built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript which also has support for dark mode. Feel free to check out the code and don't forget to star the repo.

asgrim Using a Rust lib in a PHP FFI test

tvqqq A WordPress plugin boilerplate built with Vue and WP Rest API

wintrmvte Netenum passively monitors the ARP traffic on the network. It extracts basic data about each active host, such as IP address, MAC address and manufacturer. The main objective of this tool is to find active machines without generat

LingDong- Collection of polygon data in various formats for testing computational geometry algorithms.

beyondcode GitHub now allows you to dynamically update your GitHub profile. Do you want to show the Spotify song you're currently playing? Do you want to show a list of dynamic calendar entries of your next conference speaking gigs

open-mmlab MMPose is an open-source toolbox for pose estimation based on PyTorch.

monkeylord A frida script implement XposedBridge & load xposed modules, without installing xposed framwork.

chowderman XP Paint is a web-based version of MS Paint for Windows XP.

binaryai BinaryAI is a Neural Search Engine for binaries developed by Tencent Security KEEN Lab, aiming to help security researchers match the binary functions with the most possible source codes.

scrt C/C++ source obfuscator for antivirus bypass

google This project aims to provide a central repository for many useful Tsunami Security Scanner plugins.

JetBrains Notable events of PHP history

beancount A double-entry bookkeeping computer language that lets you define financial transaction records in a text file, read them in memory, generate a variety of reports from them, and provides a web interface.

nasa-jpl PULSE - a pendant to warn you when you touch your face

cockroachdb Mocking your SQL database in Go tests has never been easier. The copyist library automatically records low-level SQL calls made during your tests. It then generates test code that can play back those calls without connecting to th

xyele The wordlists that have been compiled using disclosed reports at HackerOne bug bounty platform

nestdotland nest.land is a package registry that uses Arweave to upload your modules to the blockchain, keeping them secure and immutable.

kautukkundan A collection of awesome readme templates to display on your profiles

Dimillian A SwiftUI Reddit client for macOS

open-mmlab MMDetection3D is an open source object detection toolbox based on PyTorch, towards the next-generation platform for general 3D detection.

anuraghazra Dynamically generated stats for your github readmes

skbolton At this time only terminals supporting truecolors will work. Make sure you have set termguicolors in your vimrc

remorses Storybook alternative with incremental building and zero config

terjanq A collection of tiny XSS Payloads that can be used in different contexts.

Ubpa Feature the best C++ static reflection libliray in the whole world tiny, handy, elegant basic (non-static / static) member variable (non-static / static) member function

open-mmlab MMClassification is an open source image classification toolbox based on PyTorch

monniert Code for "Deep Transformation-Invariant Clustering" paper

SigCGANs This repository is the official implementation of [Conditional Sig-Wasserstein GANs for Time Series Generation]

AI-secure Official Repo for "Efficient task-specific data valuation for nearest neighbor algorithms"

monniert Code for "docExtractor: An off-the-shelf historical document element extraction" paper

qiulinzhang [ IJCAI-20 ] Split to Be Slim: An Overlooked Redundancy in Vanilla Convolution

SenWu An uncertainty-based random sampling algorithm for data augmentation

lemmonation Code for ACL2020 "Jointly Masked Sequence-to-Sequence Model for Non-Autoregressive Neural Machine Translation"

luogen1996 [CVPR2020] Multi-task Collaborative Network for Joint Referring Expression Comprehension and Segmentation, CVPR2020 (oral)

tanyuqian Progressive Generation of Long Text

Yale-LILY DART is a large and open-domain structured DAta Record to Text generation corpus with high-quality sentence annotations with each input being a set of entity-relation triples following a tree-structured ontology.

yusukeurakami This repo implements the Plan-to-explore algorithm from Planning to Explore via Self-Supervised World Models based on the PlaNet-Pytorch. It has been confirmed working on the DeepMind Control Suite/MuJoCo environment. Hyperparamet

HLTCHKUST XPersona: Evaluating Multilingual Personalized Chatbot

utiasSTARS A Smooth Representation of SO(3) for Deep Rotation Learning with Uncertainty.

michaildoukas PyTorch implementation for Head2Head and Head2Head++. It can be used to fully transfer the head pose, facial expression and eye movements from a source video to a target identity.

amirgholami AdaHessian is a second order based optimizer for the neural network training based on PyTorch. The library supports the training of convolutional neural networks for now and will support transformer-based models soon.

liuquande [MICCAI'20] Shape-aware Meta-learning for Generalizing Prostate MRI Segmentation to Unseen Domains & A Well-organized Multi-site Dataset

huangwl18 [ICML 2020] PyTorch Code for "One Policy to Control Them All: Shared Modular Policies for Agent-Agnostic Control"

hankook Self-supervised Label Augmentation via Input Transformations (ICML 2020)

google-research-datasets Faithfulness and factuality annotations of XSum summaries from our paper "On Faithfulness and Factuality in Abstractive Summarization" (https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/2020.acl-main.173.pdf).

nanguoshun Pytorch Implementation of our ACL 2020 Paper "Reasoning with Latent Structure Refinement for Document-Level Relation Extraction"

crux82 Code for the paper GAN-BERT: Generative Adversarial Learning for Robust Text Classification with a Bunch of Labeled Examples accepted for publication at ACL 2020 - short papers by Danilo Croce (Tor Vergata, University of Rome), Gi

keivanalizadeh [1] Keivan Alizadeh vahid, Anish Prabhu, Ali Farhadi, Mohammad Rastegari. Butterfly Transform: An Efficient FFT Based Neural Architecture Design. to be appeared in CVPR 2020.

Dn-a flutter_tags Create beautiful tags quickly and easily. Installing Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file: dependencies: flutter_tags: "^0.4.8+

zycliao [CVPR 2020] Dataset of "TailorNet: Predicting Clothing in 3D as a Function of Human Pose, Shape and Garment Style"

VainF DeepLabV3 and DeepLabV3+ with MobileNetv2 and ResNet backbones for Pytorch.

lettier 😎 The open-source, Haskell-built video editor for GIF makers.

dsharlet C++ multidimensional arrays in the spirit of the STL

ancasag In this repository, we provide the code for ensembling the output of object detection models, and applying test-time augmentation for object detection. This library has been designed to be applicable to any object detection model

shankarpandala Lazy Predict help build a lot of basic models without much code and helps understand which models works better without any parameter tuning

caicloud ormb is an open-source model registry to manage machine learning model.

OpenFOAM OpenFOAM is a free, open source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software package released by the OpenFOAM Foundation. It has a large user base across most areas of engineering and science, from both commercial and academic orga

SimFin SimFin makes it easy to obtain and use financial and stock-market data in Python. It automatically downloads share-prices and fundamental data from the SimFin server, saves the data to disk for future use, and loads the data into

anilsathyan7 Portrait segmentation refers to the process of segmenting a person in an image from its background. Here we use the concept of semantic segmentation to predict the label of every pixel (dense prediction) in an image. This techniqu

googlesamples A collection of sample apps to demonstrate how to use Google's ML Kit APIs on Android and iOS

authpass AuthPass - Password Manager based on Flutter for all platforms. Keepass 2.x (kdbx 3.x) compatible.

carefree0910 A minimal Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML) solution for tabular datasets based on PyTorch

jr-robotics An open source toolkit for Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning on real and simulated robots.

IIT-Lab Paper-with-Code-of-Wireless-communication-Based-on-DL

FedericoCeratto Dashing is a library to quickly create terminal-based dashboards in Python.

open-mmlab MMSegmentation is an open source semantic segmentation toolbox based on PyTorch.

FredrikNoren ungit - The easiest way to use git. On any platform. Anywhere

open-mmlab MMEditing is an open source image and video editing toolbox based on PyTorch

coleifer walrus - Lightweight Python utilities for working with Redis

RediSearch RediSearch implements a search engine on top of Redis, but unlike other Redis search libraries, it does not use internal data structures like Sorted Sets.

uber Benchmark framework to easily compare Bayesian optimization methods on real machine learning tasks

Kaleidophon A lightweight but powerful library to build token indices for NLP tasks, compatible with major Deep Learning frameworks like PyTorch and Tensorflow.

allenai Converter from UD-trees to BART representation

ffmpegwasm Use FFmpeg directly in your browser without any backend services!!

mitsuhiko This utility lets one control an IKEA IDÅSEN desk via command line utility. It spawns a small server to keep the connection to the desk alive on first use and reuses that later. This could be improved but is good enough for my pur

ninoseki Learning Shodan through katas

HermanMartinus Free, no-nonsense, super-fast blogging No javascript, no stylesheets, no trackers. Just your words.

jakekgrog GhostDB is a distributed, in-memory, general purpose key-value data store that delivers microsecond performance at any scale.

withoutboats The Berlin Ringbahn is a double-tracked commuter rail line which forms a complete ring around the center of the city of Berlin. Similarly, io-uring is a new interface for asynchronous IO with the Linux kernel built on a double rin

yizhen20133868 NLP-Conferences-Code (ACL、EMNL、NAACL、COLING、AAAI、IJCAI)

cbwang505 CVE-2020-0787-EXP-ALL-WINDOWS-VERSION,Support ALL Windows Version

SteveSandersonMS This is a sample application for Blazor which was presented at Build 2020. You can view the on-demand walk-through for this on Channel 9: Modern Web UI with Blazor WebAssembly.

FULLSHADE Some resources, links, books, and papers related to mostly Windows Internals and anything Windows kernel related. Mostly talks and videos that I enjoyed watching.

MaggieAppleton Resources, links, projects, and ideas for gardeners tending their digital notes on the public interwebs

lukeraymonddowning A gorgeous, simple, tiny JavaScript package to add keyboard bindings into your application.

deepanshu1422 A curated list of all the open source internships/Programs

lesovsky Harmful workload generator for PostgreSQL.

arc80 Plywood is a cross-platform framework for building all kinds of C++ software.

Machine-Learning-Tokyo Research papers with annotations, illustrations and explanations

TheEconomist Source code and data for The Economist's covid-19 excess deaths tracker

mithi Blazing fast hexapod robot simulator with React and Plotly.

Say-Their-Name Welcome to the Say Their Names project. Our aim is to build an open-source platform that raises awareness of the injustice and often forgotten names of racial inequality at the hands of law enforcement.

e200 Here I share all My Flutter Challenges and source codes 😍

tvler A new, experimental frontend for React inspired by SwiftUI

idiap Transformers are very succsessfull models that achieve state of the art performance in many natural language tasks. However, it is very difficult to scale them to long sequences due to the quadratic scaling of self-attention.

Blogger-Peer-Review Grab quotes from any page using cmd+shift+s (on Windows: ctrl+shift+S). Then grab the embed link to produce a live HTML citation like this:

TimUntersberger Windows window manager is a tiling window manager for Windows 10 (like i3 for linux)

gskinnerTeam A fresh and modern Google Contacts manager that integrates with GitHub and Twitter.