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gitbrent This library creates Open Office XML (OOXML) Presentations which are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, and other applications.

google Bash is great, but when it comes to writing scripts, people usually choose a more convenient programming language. JavaScript is a perfect choice, but standard Node.js library requires additional hassle before using. zx package pr

vipstone 一款入门级的人脸、视频、文字检测以及识别的项目.

codermother A small web app that imitate the desktop web version of google site, you can search whatever you want.

NasalDaemon Small, single header, feature-rich, functional C++20 iterator library that aims to be simple, composable, and easily extensible. Much of the simplicity in the design is owed to the extend library.

xcfcode COVID-19 outbreak has become a global pandemic. NLP researchers are fighting the epidemic in their own way.

drorlab Geometric Vector Perceptrons --- a rotation-equivariant GNN for learning from biomolecular structure

isaaccorley PyTorch implementation of "MLP-Mixer: An all-MLP Architecture for Vision" Tolstikhin et al. (2021)

cecarlsen A set of tools to make camera and video projector calibration slightly easier in Unity. This is useful for AR/XR and projection mapping setups. It contains two packages: TrackingTools and TrackingTools.KinectAzure.

hjbdev Removing the hassle of changing PHP versions in the CLI on Windows.

serengil RetinaFace is the face detection module of insightface project. The original implementation is mainly based on mxnet. Then, its tensorflow based re-implementation is published by Stanislas Bertrand.

nystudio107 Allows the use of the Vite.js next generation frontend tooling with Craft CMS

aviddot A Pancakeswap trading client (and bot) with limit orders, stop-loss, custom gas strategies, a GUI and much more.

cvzone This is a Computer vision package that makes its easy to run Image processing and AI functions. At the core it uses OpenCV and Mediapipe libraries.

mjcella Facet is a flexible live coding system for controlling and applying synchronized algorithmic transformations to a Max patcher from a web browser.

PawelBr A curated list of awesome repositories full of free resources.

TimDaub A simple Photoshop template or .png file to demo your web application as an image within a nicely looking browser window in Mac OS Catalina 1920x1080

georstat React-Native image caching in file system with progressive loading for iOS and Android

wojciechkepka A dark GitHub theme for Vim and NeoVim

vaseline555 An unofficial implementation of FederatedAveraging (or FedAvg) algorithm proposed in the paper Communication-Efficient Learning of Deep Networks from Decentralized Data in PyTorch

DenverCoder1 ⚡ Dynamically generated, customizable SVG that gives the appearance of typing and deleting text. Typing SVGs can be used as a bio on your Github profile readme or repository.

ShuaiBai623 🏆 The 1st Place Submission to AICity Challenge 2021 Natural Language-Based Vehicle Retrieval Track (Alibaba-UTS submission)

jellysquid3 Highly experimental and unstable alternative world format for Minecraft

rktjmp fwatch.nvim lets you watch files or directories for changes and then run vim commands or lua functions.

jittya KMMT is a KMM based project template designed to simplify the KMM development. It uses a simplified approach that can be shared both in android and iOS easily.

svt SVT Encore is a scalable video transcoding tool, built on Open Source giants like FFmpeg and Redisson.

songhwanjun This is a repository to help all readers who are interested in handling noisy labels. We are planning to include all popularly used data (with data loader) and necessary implementations for evaluation.

queensferryme A minimal, latex-style hugo theme for personal blogging

dcetin These are a portion of the notes I kept for the lectures in my Master's in ETH Zurich. They are mostly based on the primary sources (i.e. lecture slides, tutorials, recordings, exercises), but there are occasional parts borrowed f

Cantoria 动态图表示学习、动态图分析论文汇总项目

rabbityl DeformingThings4D is an synthetic dataset containing 1,972 animation sequences spanning 31 categories of humanoids and animals.

Interactml This is an interactive machine learning framework for Unity3D. It allows developers the ability to use interactive machine learning in running games.

prakhar21 The projects lets you extract glossary words and their definitions from a given piece of text automatically using NLP techniques

dkappe Is this lc0? Definitely not. Lc0 is a clone of alpha zero chess, based on the paper by Deep Mind. Also, lc0 is a somewhat complicated, brittle bit of C++ code that runs into the thousand of lines. A0lite, by contrast, is a very si

letianzj Quantitative analysis, strategies and backtests

giulianop Personal notes to prepare for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) exam

grayfallstown Tool to Monitor and Analyse Chia Plotting log files, show health and progress of running plots and estimated time to completion

omaralbeik A µFramework for showing alerts like the one used when copying from pasteboard or connecting Apple pencil.

hyajam JABS is a blockchain network simulator aimed at researching consensus algorithms for performance and security. it is designed to easily handel simulation of networks as large as normal public blockchain networks (~10000 nodes) in

kyubuns An editor extension that allows you to register and display commonly use assets (scenes, SerializedObjects for settings, etc.).

lyricat A list of awesome things related to Mixin Network

vlad17 Like parallel --pipe --roundrobin but load balancing is performed based on input line hashing. When performing keyed aggregations in child processes this is crucial since then only one shard contains a given key.

abuanwar072 Responsive Admin Panel or Dashboard using Flutter

pixeldevsio A minimal boilerplate theme for WordPress using TailwindCSS, with PostCSS and Laravel Mix.

Atharva-Phatak TorchFlare is a simple, beginner-friendly and an easy-to-use PyTorch Framework train your models without much effort. It provides an almost Keras-like experience for training your models with all the callbacks, metrics, etc

virtualvivek A RN library provides Image blur shadows, highly customizable and mutable component. Supports Android, iOS and Web.

jiangtaoxie The Vision Transformer (ViT) heavily depends on pretraining using ultra large-scale datasets (e.g. ImageNet-21K or JFT-300M) to achieve high performance, while significantly underperforming on ImageNet-1K if trained from scratch.

fhill2 floating.nvim is a floating window manager. It is centered around storing/restoring/managing custom window layouts along with their associated 'actions' It aims to be easy to use & easy to customize.

1Password A Rust library and command line tool to harden Electron binaries against runtime behavior modifications.

techchipnet Hiddenwave is a python based program for simple audio steganography. You can hide your secret text messages in wave audio file. you can play this audio in any media player and secretly share your private message with any one.

anonyindian Account Generator Bot, written in GoLang via gotgbot library.

backtrackbaba Python API wrapper for CoWin, India's digital platform launched by the government to help citizens register themselves for the vaccination drive by booking an appointment at the nearby vaccination centres

vadiole Beautiful color picker for Android

2color GraphQL Server with Fastify, Mercurius, Prisma, and Nexus Example

kyoheiu A fast markdown parser, based on CommonMark, written in Nim.

superXdev a free, open-source dashboard panel starter kit for Laravel. Just intall and everything is ready

CS-GangXu This is the official PyTorch implementation of TMNet in the CVPR 2021 paper "Temporal Modulation Network for Controllable Space-Time Video Super-Resolution". Our TMNet can flexibly interpolate intermediate frames for space-time vi

audulus vger is a vector graphics renderer which renders a limited set of primitives, but does so almost entirely on the GPU. Works on iOS and macOS.

corona-warn-app Utility to generate QR codes for Event Registration (incl. from the CLI).

zyxxmu Pytorch implementation of our paper under review — Lottery Jackpots Exist in Pre-trained Models

auroral-ui Purple, pink and blue are the main colors of this theme. These colors combine give us a futuristic feel. The color scheme is inspired by Adam Argyle's theme.

cpinitiative A realtime collaborative IDE with code execution and input/output. Designed primarily for Competitive Programming and USACO, with basic mobile support for coding on the go.

mhmd-22 Easily add gestures functionality with simple native DOM events

statsig-io This is a zero-dependency, super small, IP address to 2-letter country code lookup library. There are already several libraries available, but none met our requirements for binary size and speed.

zerotier ZeroNS provides names that are a part of ZeroTier Central's configured networks; once provided a network it

Python3WebSpider Deep LearningImage Captcha 2

Stefanye Collection of common CSS mistakes, and how to fix them

gvergnaud 🎨 An exhaustive Pattern Matching library for TypeScript, with smart type inference.

garypang13 Automatic unattended weekly builds of the current OpenWrt development master branch for X86_64, Redmi-AC2100 (红米AC2100), Phicomm-K2P (斐讯K2P), K2P-32M-USB (K2P 32M USB版), NanoPi-R2S, Newifi-D2 (新路由3), Xiaomi-R3P (小米路由PRO) and XY-C

akshathjain A draggable Flutter widget that makes implementing a SlidingUpPanel much easier! Based on the Material Design bottom sheet component, this widget works on both Android & iOS.

pyupio Safety checks your installed dependencies for known security vulnerabilities

yeojz One Time Password (OTP) / 2FA for Node.js and Browser - Supports HOTP, TOTP and Google Authenticator

github GitHub's Web Component collection.

burningtree A curated list of awesome JSON libraries and resources.

withfig Fig adds autocomplete to the terminal. As you type, Fig pops up subcommands, options, and contextually relevant arguments in your existing terminal on macOS.

iTwin The iTwinUI package is a CSS (Sass/SCSS) library for building beautiful and well working web UI components with support for multiple color themes within Bentley Systems & iTwin.js applications.

shrutikapoor08 Use this checklist as a guidebook to learn web development

nvim-telescope fzf-native is a c port of fzf. It only covers the algorithm and implements few functions to support calculating the score.