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baiseiit Baiseiit is a PHP framework based on mvc. Baiseiit contains many useful features and helps web developers create applications faster. Unlike other frameworks, you can directly change the framework code without losing it. Source co

sahilkhose Solutions to DeepLearning.AI Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Specialization

Mazhichaoruya Perception of Autonomous mobile robot,Using ROS,rs-lidar-16,By SLAM,Object Detection with Yolov5 Based DNN

enisgetmez Video labeling tool for YOLO

vipulgupta2048 A curated list of awesome real-life documentation examples ✍️💯

onmyway133 Easy to use FontAwesome 5 in SwiftUI

enesusta github-trending-crawler is a basic rest API that crawls github.com/trending.

ideugu 게임 수학을 위한 소프트렌더러 프레임웍

micahflee OnionShare is an open source tool that lets you securely and anonymously share files, host websites, and chat with friends using the Tor network.

swarn A lua implementation of the fzy fuzzy matching algorithm

MorvanZhou This repo is a collection of the implementations of GANs. In order to make the codes easy to read and follow, I minimize the code and run on a same MNIST dataset.

leocavalcante 💬 Swoole based IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Client.

amirk3321 Flutter Netflix Clone (with Backed Apis Integration + Clean Architecture) this app follow clean architecture proposed by our friendly Uncle Bob.

scaleway The Scaleway Operator is a Kubernetes controller that lets you create Scaleway Resources directly from Kubernetes via Kubernetes Custom Resources Definitions.

nebhead This smart sprinkler controller allows you to setup your own custom sprinkler system using a Raspbery Pi, a 4+ channel relay, and 24V AC Power Supply. If you have an existing sprinkler controller, it's likely you can swap in this

ToughNutToCrack This library allows you to use Unity to build AR Web applications, working as a bridge between Unity and the best AR libraries available for the Web.

outadoc Home Slide is an Android app for Home Assistant users that allows them to control their devices as easily as possible, à la HomeKit controls on iOS.

matt8707 Hides the header and sidebar drawer in Home Assistant🙈

TheSalon The results were obtained on a Titan V GPU on Ubuntu 18.04, CUDA 11.0, and Python 3.8.5. The code will run on CUDA 10.2+ and Python 3.6+. We advise creating a fresh pip environment then installing the requirements, as follows:

Harry-027 A CLI that generates PDFs in bulk very quickly. Thanks to Golang concurrency ❤️

Jericho1060 A simple HUD for monitoring and managing industry in Dual Universe

nunomaduro ⚡️ This package provides a wonderful C skeleton to start building your next package idea.

p-state It is an IDA plugin for extending UEFI reverse engineering capabilities. Based on ida-efitools with a bunch of fixes and new features.

rootless-containers bypass4netns: Accelerator for slirp4netns using SECCOMP_IOCTL_NOTIF_ADDFD (Kernel 5.9)

cedowens Python3 script to generate a macro to launch a Mythic payload

gunnargrosch circuitbreaker-lambda is a basic Node module for using the circuit breaker pattern in AWS Lambda and general async functions. It relies on a pass/fail assumption. Thresholds and timeout values are configurable and there is support

topepo tidymodels code for Applied Predictive Modeling

yuanqing Crop, trim, resize, reverse, rotate, strip audio, change the speed, change the frame rate, change the volume, convert to a different file format Run multiple operations on multiple files concurrently

electech6 Detailed comments for ORB-SLAM2 with trouble-shooting, key formula derivation, and diagrammatic drawing

autogoal AutoGOAL is a Python library for automatically finding the best way to solve a given task. It has been designed mainly for Automated Machine Learning (aka AutoML) but it can be used in any scenario where you have several possible

SimmerChan 自然语言处理,知识图谱相关语料。按照Task细分,欢迎PR。

sz128 Datasets of natural language understanding and dialogue state tracking for task-oriented dialogue, which can be used in research. There are some other survey of datasets in respective of diaogue system, like AtmaHou's Task-Oriente

trashhalo a tool to output images as RGB ANSI graphics on the terminal

yangji9181 Heterogeneous Network Embedding: Survey, Benchmark, Evaluation, and Beyond

AkariAsai XOR-TyDi QA brings together for the first time information-seeking questions, open-retrieval QA, and multilingual QA to create a multilingual open-retrieval QA dataset that enables cross-lingual answer retrieval. It consists of qu

e-commerce-search Code for paper "BERT2DNN: BERT Distillation with MassiveUnlabeled Data for Online E-Commerce Search"

RjDuan Code for "Adversarial Camouflage: Hiding Physical-World Attacks with Natural Styles"

BruceW91 The official source code for the paper Consensus-Aware Visual-Semantic Embedding for Image-Text Matching (ECCV 2020)

pavdmyt Yaspin provides a full-featured terminal spinner to show the progress during long-hanging operations.

a-wing filegogo - a file transfer tool that can be used in the browser webrtc p2p

vladmandic 3D Face Detection, Body Pose, Hand & Finger Tracking, Iris Tracking, Age & Gender Prediction & Emotion Prediction

pairlab Official PyTorch code for D2RL: Deep Dense Architectures in Reinforcement Learning

HKUST-Aerial-Robotics FUEL is a hierarchical framework for Fast UAV ExpLoration. It contains a Frontier Information Structure (FIS), which can be incrementally updated with the online built map and facilitate exploration planning in high frequency. Bas

Sandro-Meireles (Python Markup language) Streamline the production of your HTML page using this python framework.

mrusme Zeit, erfassen. A command line tool for tracking time spent on tasks & projects.

leocavalcante 🎸 Just some fun with Kafka, PHP and Swoole

jiequanz This is a quick demonstration for using Mobius transformations to manipulate images

datafusedev FuseQuery is a Distributed SQL Query Engine at scale.

micheleriva Gauguin (pronounced /ˈɡoʊɡæ̃/) is an high performances Golang server that generates dynamic opengraph images at runtime.

fukigenmedia Laravel Jetstream is excellent, equipped with livewire or inertiaJS. But not all developers know how to use it, that's why we wanted to revive the old way.

jjenkov This repository contains a growing collection of JavaFX examples. I am converting existing examples from my own hard drive, but I need to clean each example up before I am able to share it. I have somewhere between 50 and 100 exam

TuyaInc Tuya Device OS 是涂鸦独创 IoT OS 操作系统级别的端云 SDK,提供了按照业务需求选择组件,定制 SDK 的能力,是涂鸦开发者的利剑,具备轻量级、互联互通、安全传输、组件丰富、快速开发等关键能力,有效降低开发门槛

tidbyt Pixlet is an app runtime and UX toolkit for highly-constrained displays. We use Pixlet to develop applets for Tidbyt, which has a 64x32 RGB LED matrix display

GameofSource-GFG Game of Source is a Open-Source Contribution event being organized by GeeksForGeeks and its student chapters across PAN India. The event is going to witness the participation from students of over 100+ colleges in various cities a

romgrk Very basic alternative to context.vim implemented with nvim-treesitter.

mkery Lots of developer tools require access to programatic reading and writing of user code, as well as variable state. This is an example JupyterLab Extension that provides simple code demonstrating how to programatically reading and

yogeshbalaji This is the official codebase of our NeurIPS 2020 paper "Robust Optimal Transport with Applications in Generative Modeling and Domain Adaptation".

gdbinit Hex-Rays MicrocodeExplorer

Wadi-Sarvesh google meet automatic attendance bot joins a google meet link at a specific time in schedule and attends lecture on your behalf. Even marks Present through microphone when the Teacher takes your name.

hhhrrrttt222111 This repository aims to bring everyone into the competitive coding world. It contains the solutions of all coding problems in CodeChef in multiple languages

vue-a11y Componente Vue.js que ajuda você a implementar o VLibras no seu site

dantecatalfamo SSH config export for org-mode

emad-elsaid Retro - a ruby HTTP server that allows users to create retrospective boards, and add cards to it.

aureliancnx Norminette EPITECH développé avec les fonctionnalités de la dernière mise à jour de la norme d'EPITECH pour la promotion 2025. Disponible pour tous les étudiants. La norminette cherche les erreurs de norme d'Epitech dans le code s

google-research-datasets Room-across-Room (RxR) is a large-scale, multilingual dataset for Vision-and-Language Navigation (VLN) in Matterport3D environments. It contains 126k navigation instructions in English, Hindi and Telugu, and 126k navigation follow

Yul3n Combo is a simple parser combinator library for Ocaml providing common parsers and combinators. It is highly inspired by this paper with a few changes to integrate better with Ocaml and ideas taken from other libraries. It is name

vgel A symbolic natural language parsing library for Rust, inspired by HDPSG.

kkent030315 A PoC for vulnerable driver "mhyprot" that allows us to read/write memory in kernel/user from usermode.

inamiy Yet another UIImage / NSImage placeholder written in Swift.

john-light This project attempts to create a comprehensive list of resources related to sidechain design and development.

nidhaloff Igel UI is the official app that allows you to easily interacte with igel from a simple UI instead of using the terminal.

Naturalclar iOS14 UIColorPicker Module for react-native

Team-Tototototoro A solution for converting CSV's to Scriptable Objects in editor.

barhatsor Did you know that you can create animation using just CSS? Filmstrip is an online editor that helps you with that task. Combining the power of both positioning and keyframes CSS properties, you will get CSS code ready to use i

substack modulate and demodulate an ntsc video signal in a shader

keep3r-network Keep3r Network is a decentralized keeper network for projects that need external devops and for external teams to find keeper jobs

its-a-feature This is a collection of macOS specific tooling, blogs, and other related information for offensive macOS assessments.

mikepenz release-changelog-builder-action ... a GitHub action that builds your release notes / changelog fast, easy and exactly the way you want.

arryanggaputra This Shop Directory project was built for the purpose of testing the modern monolith architecture that is quite popular today, the stacks used for this project are Laravel, InertiaJS, ReactJS, TypeScript, and TailwindCSS.

pcbarts Stylized render setup for use with the cycles render engine in Blender