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SpEcHiDe Telegram Relay Bot This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERC

ymm-tech Easy-byte-coder is a non-invasive bytecode injection framework based on JVM. Java application developers can implement bytecode injection quickly, without caring about the underlying instrument principle and implementation details

dervan Goal This repository contains an implementation of TURTLEDOVE (https://github.com/WICG/turtledove). We aim to provide a solution that will be so simil

luyangzhu Reconstructing NBA Players [Project Page] [Paper] [Dataset] Overview This repository maintains the official implementation of our ECCV 2020 paper: Rec

timdeschryver docs-md Generate markdown docs for your project's public API. Usage Example npx docs-md --help Description Generates documentation in markdown

rinabuoy Khmer Word Segmentation Word segmentation on Khmer texts is a challenging task since in Khmer texts, there is no explicit word delimiters such as a sp

thesephist heyyyyyyyyyyyy.com 📬 Disrupt your unremarkable gmail.com's and harvard.edu's. heyyyyyyyyyyyy.com emails stand out, for when a simple "hey.com" just i

kripod css-shorthand-expanders Type-safe functions to expand CSS shorthands into their longhand sub-properties. Motivation CSS rules can be represented as pl

mattn Hey 👋 , I'm mattn I ❤ Open Source. I love Vim and Go. Long-time Golang user&contributor Google Dev Expert for Go Author of many Go tools Vim plugin a

refate frider Dump dex, trace/intercept Java/native function. Based on React, Django, Frida, adb. Features enumerate Android APPs show basic information unpa

huyanxin WaveSplit-pytorch-incomplete need more time and computing resource for construction Attention ! This is a incomplete pytorch version WaveSplit impleme

TheFlash2k So someone found an exploit in Netflix Germany which you could use to easily bypass verification when you used the payment method as "Direct Debit" an

ramsey ramsey/composer-repl A REPL for PHP built into Composer. About This Composer plugin provides the composer repl command. REPL stands for read-eval-prin

SpinnerZ Guia para desenvolvedores de software iniciantes autodidatas Antes de qualquer coisa: Você pode aprender programação. Você consegue aprender programaç

hoya012 automatic-mixed-precision-tutorials-pytorch Automatic Mixed Precision Tutorials using pytorch. Based on PyTorch 1.6 Official Features (Automatic Mixed

redjanym 🇦🇱 Awesome projects made by Albanians Curating the best projects that were made and mainly contributed by Albanian developers Android secure-storage

tychoish Tycho Emacs Config Kit Background I've been using Emacs for a long time, and I suspect I will be for a while yet. This repository contains all of that

beefsack script-httpd script-httpd is a simple tool to turn a command line script into a web service. script-httpd is essentially a very basic CGI server which

fiatjaf localchat Instant web chat rooms (anything under the /<room> path goes). Defaults to your local public IP, which means in most cases people from the s

gohugoio Hugo JS Libraries A small collection of JS libraries that works well with Hugo, packaged and ready for use as Hugo Modules. Hugo has great support for

tbotnz cisgo-ios simple concurrent ssh server posing as cisco ios installation install dependencies go get github.com/gliderlabs/ssh go get golang.org/x/cryp

wwh1004 ConfuserExTools ConfuserEx unpacking tools It has only basic support for ConfuserEx (AntiTamper, ReferenceProxy, Constants) because it is a tool for m

demist Репозиторий для агрегации обучающих и методических материалов для 1С-разработчиков. Просьба добавлять материалы в файл suggestions.txt через pull-requ

nyx-fuzz libxdc libxdc (eXtremely fast DeCoder) aims to be the best Intel-PT decoding library for fuzzing purposes. It was designed to power various of our bin

PixeyeHQ pixecs 🚀 A pragmatic entity-component-system (ECS) module for my gamedev needs. Introduction This project is a part of my future gamedev tech-stack o

cleardusk Towards Fast, Accurate and Stable 3D Dense Face Alignment By Jianzhu Guo, Xiangyu Zhu, Yang Yang, Fan Yang, Zhen Lei and Stan Z. Li. Introduction This

duyquang91 LeakDetector Memory Leak Detection in runtime for iOS Installation Usage License Installation Dependency Managers CocoaPods CocoaPods is a dependency

anvaka Neighborhood beautification This code implements Neighborhood beautification graph layout algorithm proposed by Severino F. Galán and Ole J. Mengshoel

hahwul MZAP ⚡️ Multiple target ZAP Scanning / mzap is a tool for scanning N*N in ZAP. Concept Installation go-get $ go get -u github.com/hahwul/mzap snapcra

JuanDuGit DH3D: Deep Hierarchical 3D Descriptors for Robust Large-Scale 6DOF Relocalization Created by Juan Du, Rui Wang, Daniel Cremers at the Technical Univer

TobitoFatitoRE Krypton .Net Reactor Devirtualizer Current Status: Resource Parsing OpCode Mapping Method Disassembling Method Recompiling Method Replacing Usage: Dra

harsh-bothra VPS-Install Quick script to install all the required tools over a VPS (tested on DEBIAN). It will install a Kali OS over the VPS and will install tool

haideralipunjabi Quirky little python library for generating badges for your cli apps. Inspired & Python Port of cli-badges - nombrekeff Getting Started Installing As

hackclub hacklang A programming language created for and by hackclubbers. Basically javascript but the keywords are replaced with hackclubbers' names. hacklang

salaboy Orchestrating Cloud Events Orchestrating Cloud Events with Knative and Zeebe. In this repository you will find all the resources for the talk named af

AnotherSamWilson miceForest: Fast Imputation with Random Forests in Python Fast, memory efficient Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations (MICE) with random forests.

FriendsOfREDAXO Simple_OAuth für REDAXO 5.11+ Features OAuth2 Server für die YCom. Diverse Grantmöglichkeiten implementiert. Basiert auf der OAuth2 Server Biliothek v

LukeMathWalker Zero To Production / Code This repository complements the Zero To Production book: it hosts snapshots of the codebase of our email newsletter project

jam1garner Colors A zero-allocation no_std-compatible zero-cost way to add color to your Rust terminal to make people go owo. Supports: Display Debug Octal Lower

EcomDev Simple Import / Export tool A tool that allows to quickly export data from Magento 1 and Magento 2 store and import it back into Magento 2. Table data

techsnitch teleconfmobilemvp Mobile App Repo for amenTechIT. A video conf app(uncompleted) A startup/company basd in the US that hires devs under the disguise of

sailay1996 Delete2SYSTEM Weaponizing for Arbitrary Files/Directories Delete bugs to Get NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM Short Description: I just combined @jonasLyk's techni

ricardotachinardi Um disclaimer à Poli/USP: o bot foi um teste de conceito da biblioteca selenium para o python, não me responsabilizo pelo mal uso desse software por t

jfmaes Ansible-Red-EC2 Deploy RedTeam Specific EC2 via ansible. Requirements To use this ansible role you'll need to have ansible installed (kinda obvious th

sentriz vim-print-debug automatic "printf" style debugging for vim. each new call returns a unique line with incrementing chars. eg "aaa", "bbb", "ccc". it al

cbeust Chipsk-8 A Chip-8 emulator written in Kotlin What is Chip-8? Chip-8 is a processor developed in the 70s. Because of its simplicity, it's a great start

dwisiswant0 slackcat A simple way of sending messages from the CLI output to your Slack with webhook. Installation Download a prebuilt binary from releases page,

nombrekeff Quirky little node-js library for generating badges for your cli apps. Getting Started Installing As usual, you need to install from npm/yarn: $ npm i

lucywang000 State Machine and StateCharts for Clojure(Script). Inspired by XState. Features Most features of statecharts are supported: Declarative statecharts de

xxczaki Light Date ⏰ Blazing fast & lightweight (157 bytes) date formatting for Node.js and the browser. This module aims to provide super fast and easy way t

ddialar TypeScript Service Boilerplate 🇪🇸 Version Index Description Repository overview Environment variables Architecture Adapters dataSources transportLay

jeswinsimon 🇮🇳 Awesome Made by Indians An Awesome list for curating the best projects that were made by Indian developers. Open Source Projects > 20k 🌟 Hoppsco

amirassov 🌾 11th Place Solution of Global Wheat Detection Our team: Miras Amir, Or Katz, Shlomo Kashani Kaggle post Submission kernel: pseudo ensemble: detecto

alfarias Kaggle Kernels Compilation Image Source: Wikimedia Disclaimer: This compilation is still a work in progress. [ ✔ ] Converting urls to text hyperlinks.

royalbhati CSSPLIT A CSS splitter that takes in your main.css file and splits into component specific css files Usage    Usage The script also allows following v

devongovett vue-hooks Experiment to shim the React Hooks API in Vue 3 using the composition API. Attempting to get React Aria working. Project setup yarn install

calganaygun YoutubeTranscriber A Python script to search strings in YouTube videos. Uses Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API to generate transcripts. You can use Goog

transitive-bullshit lqip-modern Modern approach to Low Quality Image Placeholders (LQIP) using webp and sharp. (demo) This approach is extremely fast and produces much sm

halfnelson Will it Scale? - Finding Svelte's Inflection Point from #2546 Theoretically, yes there is an inflection point. Where that inflection point is is the o

ItsAwSM Python-for-Data-Analytics This course will teach you only the relevant topics in Python for starting your career in Data Analytics. While the Jupyter

manikandanraji Remember Remember is an notetaking application that allows you to take notes by including text, images, videos, links, lists, checkboxes and support f

someone0815 Parallax Swipe Realized Design Source Heroku Live Demo Project setup npm install Compiles and hot-reloads for development npm run serve Compiles and

hhlxf Introduction Recently, we reported more than 50 EOP and info leak vulnerabilities to Microsoft. However, many cases closed without conversation, or di

rhysd hgrep: Human-friendly GREP hgrep is a grep tool to search files with given pattern and print the matched code snippets with human-friendly syntax high

JerryFans JFPopup JFPopup is a Swift Module help you popup your custom view easily. Support 3 way to popup, Drawer, Dialog and BottomSheet. Example To run the e

Anish-Agnihotri pool-sniper Allows sniping pool creation events for Uniswap V2-styled routers in under 250 LOC. Monitors UniswapV2Factory for PairCreated events, veri

ad9311 Elementos - React/Redux Microverse Capstone Project Elementos is a web-based application that allows you to explore periodic table elements. It featur

WhitsonAS Rachford-Rice Contest This is the 25 + 1 year anniversary version of the 1995 Rachford-Rice contest. Can you solve the Rachford-Rice problem for all t

Nezzquikk NWMM-New-World-MiniMap Features: Automatically grabs position from "New World" Instance Live visualisation of player position on MiniMap Circular & re

nicbou Bürgeramt appointment experiment Checks Berlin.de for free Anmeldung appointments every X minutes, then analyses the results. How to use Run get-page.

wborgeaud ECFFT algorithms on the BN254 base field This crate implements structs and traits for the ECFFT algorithms from the paper Elliptic Curve Fast Fourier

Erisa Domain Redirecting with Cloudflare Workers Easily redirect one entire domain to another with a serverless Cloudflare Worker. All paths and other data

davidADSP Chess Trap Scorer · Report Bug · Request Feature Table of Contents About The Project Getting Started License Contact Acknowledgements About The Projec

ElshiatyTube Mauve Flutter E-commerce Mauve E-commerce single vendor | Flutter BloC arch Tech Stack Client: Dart, Flutter Server: Firebase firestore Features, Tech

developer-student-club-thapar 30 Days of Cloud Leaderboard This is a leaderboard for the students of Thapar, Patiala who are participating in the 2021 30 days of Google Cloud Platf

fengziyue Advancing Self-supervised Monocular Depth Learning with Sparse LiDAR This paper has been accepted by CoRL (Conference on Robot Learning) 2021. By Ziyu

devangi2000 Data-Structures-Algorithms-Handbook Ace that coding interview! A series of important questions with solutions to crack the coding interview and ace it

santiq Diablo II Resurrect map seed revelear + Web UI for Maphack Instalation npm install This program requires node-gyp, see installation instructions here

thesephist Tiny humans 🌏 Tiny humans is a weekend hack inspired by this Instagram post. It's an interactive little sandbox world with tiny people and their tiny

stevejkang remote-mac-lock Installation This instruction is only available in macOS. Also, make sure that all devices are connected to the same wireless access p