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intel Intel Low Precision Optimization Tool, targeting to provide a unified low precision inference interface cross different deep learning frameworks, and support auto-tune with specified accuracy criterion to find out best quantized m

zll17 PyTorch implementations of Neural Topic Model varieties proposed in recent years, including NVDM-GSM, WTM-MMD (W-LDA), WTM-GMM, ETM, BATM ,and GMNTM.

gridap Grid-based approximation of partial differential equations in Julia

korrawe Grasping Field: Learning Implicit Representations for Human Grasps - demo

YuanXinCherry GOM:New Metric for Re-identification. 👉GOM explicitly balances the effect of performing retrieval and verification into a single unified metric.

lxc86739795 A pytorch codebase for human parsing and vehicle parsing

fidler-lab Design multi-agent environments and simple reward functions such that social driving behavior emerges

bshall A PyTorch implementation of Location-Relative Attention Mechanisms For Robust Long-Form Speech Synthesis. Audio samples can be found here. Colab demo can be found here.

uzh-rpg Code for Learning Monocular Dense Depth from Events paper (3DV20)

JiaQiSJTU Multi-turn response selection using dialogue dependency relations

hyu-cvlab Changhee Won, Jongbin Ryu and Jongwoo Lim "End-to-End Learning for Omnidirectional Stereo Matching with Uncertainty Prior", in TPAMI 20

AutodeskAILab A benchmark dataset to facilitate augmentation-independent robustness analysis of point cloud classification models. RobustPointSet comes with 6 different transformations: Noise, Translation, Missing part, Sparse, Rotation, and Oc

bmolab A mask-guided method for control over localized regions in StyleGAN2 images.

yoshitomo-matsubara A Modular, Configuration-Driven Framework for Knowledge Distillation. Trained models, training logs and configurations are available for ensuring the reproducibiliy.

tommyMessi OCR Document image deformation correction.复现阿里OCR皱巴巴文档图像形变矫正

Albert-Z-Guo A light-weight deep reinforcement learning framework for portfolio management. This project explores the possibility of applying deep reinforcement learning algorithms to stock trading in a highly modular and scalable framework.

w4k2 The stream-learn module is a set of tools necessary for processing data streams using scikit-learn estimators. The batch processing approach is used here, where the dataset is passed to the classifier in smaller, consecutive subse

fangwei123456 SpikingJelly is an open-source deep learning framework for Spiking Neural Network (SNN) based on PyTorch.

xianzhez This post is summarizing the data structure and algorithm fundamentals you might need in a coding interview and the corresponding implementations in different languages (Currently Python, Java, and C++).

subeeshvasu A list of resources about deep learning solutions on 3D shape processing

yenchenlin A curated list of awesome neural radiance fields papers

yoobool Flask-State is a lightweight chart plugin to show machine state.

aws-samples Example projects using the AWS CDK

openkruise Kruise is the core of the OpenKruise project. It consists of several controllers which extend and complement the Kubernetes core controllers for workload management.

hashicorp This provides the lru package which implements a fixed-size thread safe LRU cache. It is based on the cache in Groupcache.

mattermost It's written in Golang and React and runs as a single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL.

zalando The Postgres Operator delivers an easy to run highly-available PostgreSQL clusters on Kubernetes (K8s) powered by Patroni. It is configured only through Postgres manifests (CRDs) to ease integration into automated CI/CD pipelines

confluentinc kafka-connect-jdbc is a Kafka Connector for loading data to and from any JDBC-compatible database.

CesiumGS CesiumJS is a JavaScript library for creating 3D globes and 2D maps in a web browser without a plugin. It uses WebGL for hardware-accelerated graphics, and is cross-platform, cross-browser, and tuned for dynamic-data visualization

biubiubiu01 vue3-bigData是一个可视化系统,基于vue3.0 和 echarts实现,使用vue的最新的技术栈,包括各种可视化图表。

fuatbeser Answers to commonly asked questions on AI (in Turkish)

NLPWM-WHU Zhuang Chen, Tieyun Qian: Relation-Aware Collaborative Learning for Unified Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis. Accepted by ACL 2020.

neurogym A curated collection of neuroscience tasks with a common interface.

microsoft This is the implementation of CVPR2020 paper “Semantics-Guided Neural Networks for Efficient Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition”.

jiangyao-scu Code of JL-DCF: Joint Learning and Densely-Cooperative Fusion Framework for RGB-D Salient Object Detection(CVPR2020)

mdiephuis Pytorch implementation of "A Simple Framework for Contrastive Learning of Visual Representations"

mrnabati CenterFusion: Center-based Radar and Camera Fusion for 3D Object Detection

minyuanye Scale-Iterative Upscaling Network for Image Deblurring

marco-rudolph This is the official repository to the WACV 2021 paper "Same Same But DifferNet: Semi-Supervised Defect Detection with Normalizing Flows" by Marco Rudolph, Bastian Wandt and Bodo Rosenhahn.

xxlong0 Occlusion-Aware Depth Estimation with Adaptive Normal Constraints

Raymond-sci Official Pytorch Implementation for CVPR'20 paper: Deep Semantic Clustering by Partition Confidence Maximisation

varkor quiver: A modern commutative diagram editor for the web.

chris-lovejoy The purpose of this project is to enable users to find valuable YouTube videos of their interest independent of YouTube's recommendation system

vosen ZLUDA is a drop-in replacament for CUDA on Intel GPU. ZLUDA allows to run unmodified CUDA applications using Intel GPUs with near-native performance (more below). It works with current integrated Intel UHD GPUs and will work with

touqir14 A high performance python hash table library that is generally faster and consumes significantly less memory than Python Dictionaries. It currently supports Python 3.5+.

V33RU IoT Pentesting 101 && IoT Security 101

nicolas-chaulet Pytorch CPU and CUDA kernels for spatial search and interpolation for 3D point clouds.

theislab architecture surgery and transfer learning for single-cell

huawei-noah xingtian is a componentized library for the development and verification of reinforcement learning algorithms

thrasher-corp A cryptocurrency trading bot and framework supporting multiple exchanges written in Golang.

jeromerony Library containing PyTorch implementations of various adversarial attacks and resources

facebookresearch Egocentric Communications (EgoCom) is a first-of-its-kind natural conversations dataset containing multi-modal human communication data captured simultaneously from the participants' egocentric perspectives.

QingyongHu a conceptually simple neural architecture to extract local features which are rotationally invariant whilst sufficiently informative to enable accurate registration.

kataras Like Apache mod_rewrite but for Golang's net/http. Initially created for the Iris Web Framework a long time ago.

orsinium-labs Algbraic effects are all side-effects of a piece of code, like reading a user input, writing a text on the screen, doing network requests, reading a file etc. Eff allows to easily handle such effects making the code cleaner and te

ripperhe Bob 是一款 Mac 端翻译软件,支持划词翻译、截图翻译以及手动输入翻译。

mikemaccana A small script for Windows 10 Home users to compact their WSL2 disks

builat create zero dep util to make printscreen of DOM elements.

Haokai-Zhang Matrix product state (MPS) method is a series of powerful algorithms developed to solve a class of Hamiltonians with local interactions, based on the ansatz of “low entanglement”, or “area-law entanglement” precisely.

prologic A very simple SSh server that "boxes" you into a sandbox environment using uLinux box utility for creating lightweight sandboxes.

oluan Easy inter-process communication for Windows and GNU/Linux!

thesephist Klisp is a very minimal LISP written in about 200 lines of InK. It's primarily a pedagogical project -- I made it to understand Lisp better. (That's another way of saying: don't use it for serious things.) Ink's semantics are alre

mitchtabian Kotlin, MVVM, Navigation Components, Hilt, Jetpack Compose, Retrofit2

DomDom3333 WinForms based, Programmatically generated Wallpaper maker which makes Minimalist/Modern Art style wallpapers.

zig-community A community effort to create a small multiplayer 3D shooter game in pure zig

lonePatient NEZHA: Neural Contextualized Representation for Chinese Language Understanding

vedicscriptures Bhagavad-Gita-API is A lightweight Node.js based Bhagavad Gita API server

jam1garner A library for creating and using anonymous sum types as errors in Rust

ahmdaeyz Experimenting with Android Animations and MotionLayout.

app-generator Playground starter to manage a data table in Django

mchancan Official PyTorch implementation of the paper "DeepSeqSLAM: A Trainable CNN+RNN for Joint Global Description and Sequence-based Place Recognition" by M. Chancán et al. (NeurIPS 2020, ML4AD Workshop)

adnaan GOMODEST is a toy Multi Page App(MPA) using Go's html/template, SvelteJS and StimulusJS

lp-db Login Pages Database forms a knowledge base on login pages related to malicious activities (C2 panels, phishing kits...).

treeform Pixie is a 2D graphics library similar to Cairo and Skia written entirely in Nim.

cpanato Prometheus exporter exposing GitHub Actions metrics.

captain-woof TunnelPy simply exposes any service, running internally in a network/host, to the outside, by creating a tunnel between a client on the outside, and any internal host in a network, by pivoting from/to a 'middle-man' host that is a

boussadjra This template is built using Vue.js 3 + TypeScript + Tailwind CSS 2.

prologic 📦 A command-line utility (non-daemon) for creating Linux containers, sandboxing a processes written in Go.

Ezaldeen99 A pre-built Flutter circular animator can suit your new profile view or your any other widgets

aloisdeniel Flutter icons from SVG path data.