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Vairous7x Coded By V7x Team # Vairous7x SupperSploit [ VSS v1.0 ] Subscribe to Vairous7x on Youtube For Linux: 1- run 'sudo bash vss-setup.sh' 2- run 'sudo bash

ch4rl3x RevealSwipe Compose RevealSwipe Swipable in both directions Add to your project Add actual RevealSwipe library: dependencies { implementation 'de.

Shadowsocks-NET Shadowsocks.NET A cross-platform Shadowsocks implementation in C#. Features Connect to Shadowsocks servers. Automatically set system proxy. SIP002 URL

PrasadG193 covaccine-notifier CoWIN Portal Vaccine availability notifier covaccine-notifier periodically checks and sends email notifications for available slots

Vaccine-Hunters-Canada 💉 🔍 VaxFinder - Backend The backend for the Vaccine Hunters Finder tool. Development Prerequisites Python 3.8 Poetry: A tool for dependency manageme

koenvervloesem reMarkable Calendar Creator This tool creates calendars to display on a reMarkable device. You can create: a PNG image to use instead of the default s

ElectronicZebra nicehashpi DIY Raspberry PI Display for Nicehash stats Prerequisites : RaspberryPi 3b+ or higher RaspberryPi 3.5 inch SPI TFT LCD Display SD Card 16GB

ianhan OpenGL(R) 1.1 Release Notes OpenGL Functionality Notes Compiler warnings and include files Redistributable components for Windows 95 Sample Applicatio

SamuelTulach Rainbow Rainbow is a bootkit like HWID spoofer for Windows. It abuses several hooks in EFI runtime services and uses clever DKOM to hide hardware seri

tom-anders telescope-vim-bookmarks.nvim Telescope picker for the vim-bookmarks plugin. Installation Install with your favorite plugin manager and add require('te

esastack Cabin Cabin是一款Java类隔离框架,用于隔离各个模块之间、模块和业务之间使用的第三方依赖库。使用Cabin后,模块SDK将只是用自己指定 版本的三方依赖,不会被业务引入的依赖所影响,保证业务正常运行,提高业务的开发效率,减少中间件同学此类重复的支持工作。 概述 ESA Cabin用于解决

sn0wy01 rip-nclient russian scam paid client with broken autodupe and zero protection whatsoever should be certified rat free™ client is fucking terrible rega

smtdeveloper JavaProject5GunOdev JAVA & REACT KAMPI 5. Gun ödevi - SystemOfECommerce SMTcoder Projeye yıldız Vermeyi Unutmayın 🚀 Teşekkürler! ❤️ Entites katmanınd

Cqdet j2be A Minecraft Java Edition to Bedrock Edition resource pack convertor in Rust How to use Note: This project is still in development Run cargo build

baranemreturkmen eTicaretSistemiSimulasyonu Engin Demiroğun düzenlemiş olduğu (Java & React) Yazılım Geliştirici Yetiştirme Kampında verilen ödev5'i içermektedir. Ödev

srid ema Ema is a next-gen Haskell library toolkit for building jamstack-style static sites, with fast hot reload. See ema.srid.ca for further information.

clj-clapps clj-clapps A Clojure library to write command line apps in a simple and elegant way. Inspired by Python Typer, and built on top of Clojure's tools.cli

okanaydin Storytel Android Assignment 📜 Description This assignment created for Storytel that gives you basically a post list and its detail with comments. 📱

wonwizard StyleGAN2 Webtoon / Anime Style Toonify Korea Webtoon or Japanese Anime Character Stylegan2 base high Quality 1024x1024 / 512x512 Generate and Transfe

nebrass Projects ideas for software engineering students This readme file lists some proposal for personal projects that can be made by students to deep dive

mossr Donut.jl Andy Sloane's donut written in Julia. Reference: https://www.a1k0n.net/2011/07/20/donut-math.html Copy this into the Julia REPL to watch the

drcode Lisperati 1000 DIY Build Instructions Author: Conrad Barski, CEO of Lisperati Inc. In this How To we're going to build a fully-working Lisperati1000 c

ventusff [Unofficial code-base] NeRF--: Neural Radiance Fields Without Known Camera Parameters [ Project | Paper | Official code base ] ⬅️ Thanks the original

TobseF 💉 🤖 Impf-Bot Searches the official "ImpfterminService - Der Patientenservice 116117" for free Corona vaccination slots. It can search multiple locat

strawberryhacker Summary Luxury is a statically programming langage which is targeting embedded programming. I will eventually stop using C and fully use this language

jeanlemotan esp32-cam-fpv esp32 cam digital, low latency FPV This project uses a modified esp-camera component running on an AI Thinker board to send low-latency

jware-solutions Gura Gura is a file format for configuration files. Gura is as flexible as YAML and simple and readable like TOML. Its syntax is clear and powerful, y

elliotherriman Calico Calico is a web engine developed for use with inkle's ink, a language for writing interactive fiction. This project has an itch page here. If y

CyberPunkMetalHead This Binance trading bot analyses the changes in price across all coins on Binance and place trades on the most volatile ones. In addition to that, t

Orange-Cyberdefense versionshaker Versionshaker is a tool to find a remote website version based on a git repository This tool will help you to find the website version o

tusharsadhwani zxpy Shell scripts made simple 🐚 Inspired by Google's zx, but made much simpler and more accessible using Python. Installation pip install zxpy Examp

colinoflynn NOTE 1: please fork this repo if using for your own use. I don't intend for this to be a central resource for airtag RE, more just some useful referen

irevenko 🎭 👄 weebsay - cowsay but it's random anime quote 🌸 aesthetics inspired by TorchedSammy follow him he is a good guy Installation 🔨 go get -u github

lucasepe Codename an RFC1178 implementation to generate pronounceable, sometimes even memorable, "superheroe like" codenames, consisting of a random combinatio

meynam Easy-YT Making the process of downloading youtube videos faster and more convinient. What can it do? This python script can be used to download youtub

Cysharp CsprojModifier CsprojModifier improves the developer experience in Visual Studio and Rider by performing additional processing when Unity Editor gener

jszczerbinsky About ptSh is a packet of shell scripts, that run standard shell commands and display them in a prettier way. Features Currently available scripts: Sc

rish-16 involution_pytorch Unofficial PyTorch implementation of "Involution: Inverting the Inherence of Convolution for Visual Recognition" by Li et al. prese

aaronjanse nix-eval-lsp Still use nix-community/rnix-lsp. This repo is a work in progress. nix-eval-lsp is an experimental language server for Nix. It provides c

trungdq88 Real-time Twitter Header This is a fun little experiment with Twitter API. See my tweet! How to setup for your Twitter Just fill in your information i

Abhijeet-Anand-01 summerhacks-projectName Template For Summer Hacks Project Submission Hosted website link - https://abhijeet-anand-01.github.io/summerhacks-WeOne/ Name

MunifTanjim Tmux Suspend Plugin that lets you suspend local tmux session, so that you can work with nested remote tmux session painlessly. Demo: Usage With the de

subhamagrawal7 Contributors ✨ Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key): Subham Agrawal 🖋 ✅ Pritesh Kumar Tripathi 🖋 ✅ Sakshi Jain 🖋 ✅ Krithikha Bala 🖋 ✅

apschauhan210 summerhacks-Technocrats Deployed at netlify, can be view here https://bugbusters-technocrats.netlify.app/ Name of the project: Technocrats Table of co

enesinan 🟡 facebook-messenger This is a facebook messenger clone.You can comminicate to other at realtime 💬 ⚡ LIVE To check out the live demo of this app ABO

bahmutov cypress-grep Filter tests using substring # run only tests with "hello" in their names npx cypress run --env grep=hello ✓ hello world - works -

sagittaros Emacs OSX Features Tested on Mac OSX Big Sur Works with yabai tiling window manager Comes with 4 variants (with/without native-compilation, and with/w

mashakos OmniScaler Zero Latency DirectX 11 scaling utility. OmniScaler takes a windowed game or application, displays its window contents to a fullscreen view

dotchen World on Rails Learning to drive from a world on rails Dian Chen, Vladlen Koltun, Philipp Krähenbühl, arXiv techical report (arXiv 2105.00636) This re

rwxrob Beginner Boost Every May the 4th I hold a free series of live-recorded Beginner Boost sessions on Twitch and YouTube that run through the end of July

natewong1313 Recaptcha Fullauto I've decided to open source my old Recaptcha v2 solver. My latest version will be opened sourced this summer. I am hoping this proj

Eliav2 How React hooks work - in depth Intro In simple cases, React Hooks will magically do exactly what you meant for, but in other cases, their behavior ca

lmigueel Bioinformática Pipelines e scripts para análises de Bioinformática Este repositório foi criado para auxiliar pesquisadores de todo o Brasil nas anális

hyochan react-native-masonry-list Pinterest like listview made in React Native. It just behaves like the FlatList so it is easy to use. Installation yarn add

damianfrizzi Frontend Toolkit This repository is used for issue tracking and feature requests for fetoolkit.io. Feature Prioritisation The prioritisation of featur

leeoocca Awesome 42 A list of useful resources, links and more for @42School students. Contents About 42 Cursus Resources Testers PDFs Licenses 42 Network Soci

xtaci 🔐 SafeBox An unified key management system to make life easier. The main goal of safebox is to make key backup easier with single main key to derive

lspcontainers lspcontainers.nvim Neovim plugin for lspcontainers - developed weekly live at The Alt-F4 Stream on Twitch. IMPORTANT: everything below is a work-in-pr

e111077 Vite Lit Element TS SASS This is an example Vite project using Lit 2, Typescript, and SASS imports. Changes from Vite's TS Lit template Changed Lit 1

Techdaan OpenNXT - RS3 918 A RS3 RSPS framework targeted at NXT, the goal is to stay up-to-date with RS3 Discord We have a Discord server you can join! https:/

siddharthkp Utility to show key presses in your application Demo on CodeSandbox   install yarn add show-keys   usage   in your js: // *.js import 'show-keys' or

scripting artDownloader A collection of great art in one big folder. Download and point your screen saver at the folder for a live art show. The story I had som

tahseenquraishi # food_delivery_app A new Flutter project. Getting Started This project is a starting point for a Flutter application. A few resources to get you star

regalstreak vacslot Download • Screenshots • Features • Building • Credits • Contributing • License Screenshots     Features Vaccine slot local notifications Stat

NickCH-K causaldata This repository will contain R, Stata, and Python packages, all called causaldata, which contain data sets that can be used to implement th

clovett VirtualCanvas This project contains a WPF control that provides a nice 2-dimensional virtual canvas using an efficient QuadTree index and a demo that

developeranaz URL-TO-MEGA-HEROKU-ARIA2 Still under development Aria2c download url & magnet (currently not available) upload remotely to mega account using rclone.

izzatalasadi Crypto_analysis Discription: simple streamlit(screener) app to make MMA and OSC analysis for cyrpto-currenices, and gives resaults for which coins are

snoyberg haskwrap That's a wrap! This package provides an executable that leverages the GHC toolchain installer logic present in Stack. When run, this executab

squadhead iub_student_companion A new Flutter project. Getting Started This project is a starting point for a Flutter application. A few resources to get you st

antmicro ARVSOM - Antmicro RISC-V System on Module Copyright (c) 2021 Antmicro Overview This repository contains open hardware design files for ARVSOM - Antmic

tractian Sobre Nós A TRACTIAN é a startup industrial de mais rápido crescimento no Brasil. Facilitamos a vida dos gestores de manutenção ao eliminar rotinas de

mitchtabian Food2Fork Recipe App This is the codebase for an upcoming course featuring Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. Architecture Shared Components Ktor (Network C

ckipp01 Schedule All talks will be streamed live at twitch.tv/ckipp. A talk with Ólafur Páll Geirsson - Sunday, May 30th - 7PM CEST / 10AM PDT A talk with TBA

0UR4N05 OPS OPS is a python tool designed to scan for open Redirect vulnerabilities, it can be used also to bypass filters. Screenshots Setup sudo chmod +x se

jbro129 Universal-Unity-NoClip This projects aim to show how a noclip mod can be created in any unity game, regardless if its using an il2cpp or mono backend.

KuoHaoZeng Pushing it out of the Way: Interactive Visual Navigation By Kuo-Hao Zeng, Luca Weihs, Ali Farhadi, and Roozbeh Mottaghi Paper | Video | BibTex In this

loop-lang Loop Loop is a multi-paradigm programming language. What will make loop special? Better loops Very fast performance Guaranteed memory safety Secure an

signalnerve supabase-workers-proxy This codebase is a proof-of-concept for making API requests to Supabase inside of a Cloudflare Workers serverless function. Sup

adithyan-ak Presentation Slides Ultimate Preparation Guide OSCP 2021 Offensive Security Certified Professional is a strenuous 24 hours practical Hacking examinati