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Shadow60539 Flutter UI Challenges - Zoo is a small, simple and beautiful app that lists 3d model of animals.

evgenii-nikishin JAX code for the paper "Control-Oriented Model-Based Reinforcement Learning with Implicit Differentiation"

lucidrains Implementation of NWT, audio-to-video generation, in Pytorch

ngscheurich Iris is a Neovim package that generates a normalized color palette based on your colorscheme. It is named for the goddess Iris of Greek mythology, personification of the rainbow.

timcwinkler This is a very simple Javascript notebook in one completely self-contained HTML file. It was inspired by the concept of Jupyter notebooks.

Jassi10000 This repo belongs to LGM-SOC'21 and contains important links to refer , in case participants want a one stop resource to learn a framework , language or anything

zaghaghi import json files directly in your python scripts

kwea123 Neural Scene Flow Fields using pytorch-lightning, with potential improvements

aporia-ai 🍫 Example code for a basic ML Platform based on Pulumi, FastAPI, DVC, MLFlow and more

hkchengrex Rethinking Space-Time Networks with Improved Memory Coverage for Efficient Video Object Segmentation

hashicorp This is the common codebase for the official providers for VMware desktop products: Fusion, Player, and Workstation. This therefore works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

aw1cks OpenConnect doesn't ship with any init scripts or systemd units. It's also not easy to non-interactively provide username, password and especially OTP. Additionally, running in a docker container gives some extra flexibility with

typicode Setting up and maintaining a test framework can sometimes be complex and time consuming. I've created xv to be a low maintainance, easy to setup and learn test lib/CLI. Great for small and medium projects.

dabit3 Full stack app built with Supabase and Next.js

eospi A graphical interface for Object Capture on macOS

hyprspace Hyprspace - A Lightweight VPN Built on top of Libp2p for Truly Distributed Networks.

BleepLogger FaceFinder - Use a powerful CNN to identify faces in images

shahules786 Extract phrase in the given text that is used to express the sentiment. Capturing sentiment in language is important in these times where decisions and reactions are created and updated in seconds. But, which words actually lead t

asidiali Automatically create and manage scripts from history

bangoc123 This library belongs to our project: Papers-Videos-Code where we will implement AI SOTA papers and publish all source code. Additionally, videos to explain these models will be uploaded to ProtonX Youtube channels.

hasherezade Transacted Hollowing - a PE injection technique. A hybrid between Process Hollowing and Process Doppelgänging.

google Brax is a differentiable physics engine that simulates environments made up of rigid bodies, joints, and actuators. It's also a suite of learning algorithms to train agents to operate in these environments (PPO, SAC, evolutionary

RRethy Location and syntax aware text objects which *do what you mean*

rmagatti A small Neovim plugin for previewing goto definition calls in floating windows.

unl1k3ly Anchor Protocol Script that can save you from being liquidated!

planetis-m Thin interface for libFuzzer, an in-process, coverage-guided, evolutionary fuzzing engine.

TuSimple A Vue 3 Component Library. Fairly Complete. Customizable Themes. Uses TypeScript. Not too Slow.

withfig Fig ◧ Community-driven apps, shortcuts, and autocomplete for your existing Terminal

flutter Google I/O 2021 Photo Booth built with Flutter and Firebase

airyhq 💬 Open source conversational platform to power conversations with an open source Live Chat, Messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more - 💎 UI from Inbox to dashboards - 🤖 Integrations to Conversational AI / NLP to

xing1357 Operating System Coded in Assembly and C. Has a Virtual Filesystem, Simple Shell, GDT and IDT, and more. Planning to add networking functionalities and a GUI.

YashIndane Rubik's cube assistant on Flask webapp. This webapp accepts the six faces of your cube and gives you the voice instructions as a response.

prusnak Tool for pretty printing and optimizing Lightning Network channels.

dmthomas Scripts for downloading higher resolution videos of Apple Events using ffmpeg from Apple's streams

sandersn A miniature model of the Typescript compiler, intended to teach the structure of the real Typescript compiler

steventroughtonsmith Demonstration of using UIWindowScene and SwiftUI to provide a native-looking Mac preferences window in Catalyst

TuanNguyen2504 This is a collection of JavaScript tips and tricks. you can refer to it and apply it to make your code more concise. But don't overdo it, it can make your code difficult to read and maintain. Hope everyone contributes, thanks.

antfu Transpile TypeScript to ESM with Node.js loader hooks.

graph4ai This repo is to present various code demos on how to use our Graph4NLP library.

Priler Simple, yet effective moderator bot for telegram. With reports, logs, profanity filter and more :3

nunomaduro PHP Interminal is a command-line tool that gives you access to PHP Internals discussions in your terminal.

prisma-ai CoreData based Swift ORM

Liupold music downloader written in python. (Uses jiosaavn API)

gnlca Servito🛎 is a customizable dashboard for your server made with Next.js

mattsse Besides their size, rust binaries have a significant disadvantage: rust binaries are not memes yet.

robiot Rustcat is a port listener that can be used for different purposes.

dart-lang Utilities for loading and running WASM modules from Dart code

yym6472 Code for our ACL 2021 paper - ConSERT: A Contrastive Framework for Self-Supervised Sentence Representation Transfer

rish-16 Unofficial PyTorch implementation of Attention Free Transformer (AFT) layers by Apple Inc.

charlesCXK [CVPR 2021] Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Cross Pseudo Supervision

eightyao a netty-like TCP/IP communication framework for .net core, support both IOCP and Epoll

megvii-research Official implementation for paper "SOLQ: Segmenting Objects by Learning Queries", SOLQ is an end-to-end instance segmentation framework with Transformer

ch8n Compose-Fruit-Ninja 🥝 on Jetpack Compose Desktop 🚀, using Canvas API 🎨

raoyongming DynamicViT: Efficient Vision Transformers with Dynamic Token Sparsification

ZPdesu Abstract Seamlessly blending features from multiple images is extremely challenging because of complex relationships in lighting, geometry, and partial occlusion which cause coupling between different parts of the image.

privatenumber ✅ タスク — The minimal task runner for Node.js

utkusen reqstress is a benchmarking&stressing tool that can send raw HTTP requests. It's written in Go and uses fasthttp library instead of Go's default http library, because of its lightning-fast performance.

steventroughtonsmith Advanced Catalyst Example with sidebar, list view, SwiftUI detail view, toolbar & AppKit bundle

sadanandpai Responsive visualizer built using React for popular algorithms

rowanz PIGLeT: Language Grounding Through Neuro-Symbolic Interaction in a 3D World [ACL 2021]

kutia-software-company Starter project for Vue 3. Developed by Gentrit Abazi.

lucidrains Implementation of Segformer, Attention + MLP neural network for segmentation, in Pytorch###{}

OATML Code for "Self-Attention Between Datapoints: Going Beyond Individual Input-Output Pairs in Deep Learning"

biraj21 Texterm Text Editor - A very minimal & simple text editor written in C with only Standard Library.

TheAlgorithms Algorithms implemented in the Julia programming language

Jenyus-Org This template should help get you started developing with Vue 3 and Typescript in Vite.

kakaobrain Official repository for HOTR: End-to-End Human-Object Interaction Detection with Transformers (CVPR'21, Oral Presentation)

linkedin Greykite: A flexible, intuitive and fast forecasting library

woj-ciech Create visualization from Shodan query

cristaloleg One liners or simple functions for your terminal

ngekoding Just a basic example how to integrating CodeIgniter 3 + Vue.js 3 + Vite with supported Hot Module Replacement (HMR).

R0X4R A bash script that automatically finds vulnerable paramters on the basis of their patterns and run some most common used tools to find various vulnerabilities and it also uses nuclei which helps to find vulnerabilities on the basi

binji A gameboy emulator that only plays Pokemon Blue, in ~70 lines of c++

rajasegar A Codemod to migrate from moment.js to day.js

jphong1111 List of awesome iOS & Swift stuff!!###{"Swift":26187}

akhilrex Hammond is a self hosted vehicle management system to track fuel and other expenses related to all of your vehicles. It supports multiple users sharing multiple vehicles. It is the logical successor to Clarkson which has not been

DataPlusProgram A plugin that allows you to import GldSrc .mdl model files into godot

Haruma-K Centralized management & batch change system of colors for Unity.

akinncar This is a library to mask Text and Input components in React Native and Expo (Android, iOS and Web).

Polydynamical "Main" branch contains source code and generated MIDI file. "MP3" branch contains the MP3 file converted from the MIDI file.