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artivis kalmanif is a Kalman filter(s) on Lie groups library for state-estimation targeted at robotics applications. It is developed as a header-only C++17 library based on manif.

heartexlabs Label data using HuggingFace's transformers and automatically get a prediction service

emnh Pixel art search engine for opengameart

webcamoid akvcam is a fully compliant V4L2 virtual camera driver for Linux.

xizhengszhang The questions in the pdfs inside folder are sorted by frequency of appearance. For locked premium questions, please search the problems in lintcode website which are available for free.

amundsen-io Amundsen is a data discovery and metadata engine for improving the productivity of data analysts, data scientists and engineers when interacting with data. It does that today by indexing data resources (tables, dashboards, streams

declare-lab This repo contains implementation of different architectures for emotion recognition in conversations.

opensearch-project OpenSearch is an open source search and analytics engine derived from Elasticsearch 7.10.2, and is currently in an alpha state. While we're still in the process of getting set up, we are excited to build the best distributed searc

Yale-LILY QMSum is a new human-annotated benchmark for query-based multi-domain meeting summarization task, which consists of 1,808 query-summary pairs over 232 meetings in multiple domains.

kobiso This repository is for sharing pre-trained OpenAI DALLE model and generating images from given texts.

lh3 An experimental tool to estimate the similarity between all pairs of contigs

nv-legate Legate NumPy is a Legate library that aims to provide a distributed and accelerated drop-in replacement for the NumPy API on top of the Legion runtime. Using Legate NumPy you do things like run the final example of the Python CFD

nv-legate Legate Pandas is a distributed and accelerated drop-in replacement of Pandas. Legate Pandas enables high-performance, scalable execution of dataframe programs on multi-GPU systems by combining the Legion runtime with GPU accelerat

metarutaiga Convert between RGB and YUV

bgavran Many of papers are in multiple fields and some of these fields overlap. Let me know what's missing! (preferably by creating a pull request)

spaceml-org Curator can be used to train a classifier with fewer labeled examples needed using self-supervised learning. This repo is for you if you have a lot of unlabeled images and a small fraction (if any) of them labeled.

Albert-Ma A curated list of awesome papers related to pre-trained models for information retrieval.

alibaba Trescope is a comprehensive 3D machine learning development tool devoted to improve developing experience and speed in 3D field, which helps researchers and developers to label, debug, visualize various 3D data

DCGM This dataset provides various information for each face in the Flickr-Faces-HQ (FFHQ) image dataset of human faces.

binhnguyennus An updated and organized reading list for illustrating the patterns of scalable, reliable, and performant large-scale systems. Concepts are explained in the articles of prominent engineers and credible references. Case studies are

nvidia Megatron (1 and 2) is a large, powerful transformer developed by the Applied Deep Learning Research team at NVIDIA. This repository is for ongoing research on training large transformer language models at scale. We developed effic

AnTao97 SegGroup: Seg-Level Supervision for 3D Instance and Semantic Segmentation

alandefreitas GitHub Pages with snippets for Modern C++

vijishmadhavan SkinDeep - Allen Iverson's(American basketball player) tattoo removed using this model.

GistNoesis 3d-printer-weaver Empower your 3d-printer with string art. Happy New Year 2017 :) This project won't be developped further anytime soon, but If you'd

vlang vOS An effort to write a modern, fast, and interesting operating system in V. Join the Discord chat (#v-os channel). Goals Keep it simple and easy to

nnseva The Django Leaflet Admin List package provides an admin list view featured by the map and bounding box filter for the geo-based data of the GeoDjango. It requires a django-leaflet package.

keijiro FaceMeshBarracuda is a facial landmark detector that runs the MediaPipe Face Mesh model on the Unity Barracuda neural network inference library.

apple This package lets you collect and easily visualize performance data about data structure implementations and collection algorithms. It was created to help develop the Swift Collections package, but it's useful for so much more!

billziss-gh HUBFS is a read-only file system for GitHub and Git. Git repositories and their contents are represented as regular directories and files and are accessible by any application, without the application having any knowledge that it

IGJoshua farolero farolero masc. n. Historical Spanish, meaning "lamplighter", e.g. "A lamplighter claimed to have seen Jack the Ripper on this street last nig

adomokos VIM Katas Daily exercises from the book Practical Vim. It was about 5 years ago when I watched Jim Weirich solving the Roman Numeral kata at an SCNA c

gsquire Zig Playground This is a rudimentary online compiler for the Zig programming language. It is inspired by the Go playground. Setup The main server is a

jamespwilliams prolog-isolation-checker Should you be self-isolating right now? You could check using the government's website*, but that would be boring - check by

jhallen FutureNet Dash I had heard of FutureNet Dash, but had never used it. It is the first schematic capture program usable for designing Xilinx FPGAs and m

toplap All things live coding A curated list of live coding languages and tools This list was created with the intention of giving a quick-glance over the ma

iximiuz docker-to-linux - make bootable Linux disk image abusing Docker UPD: Two years after creating this project I clearly can see some interest in building

geerlingguy A Docker Stack which Monitors your home network This repository is a fork from maxandersen/internet-monitoring, tailored for use on a Raspberry Pi. It

svandragt Repoman Repoman is a script to export and import a list of git repositories. Use repoman to generate a list of - and clone - multiple repositories wit

idgenchev Namespace Node Affinity Namespace Node Affinity is a Kubernetes mutating webhook which provides the ability to define node affinity for pods on a name

conflux-dao-toc Conflux Plugin for Remix The Conflux plugin for Ethereum's Remix IDE. It support for deploy and interacting on a Conflux network. live site: https://c

sony Embedded Linux embedding for Flutter This project was created to develop non-official embedded Linux embeddings of Flutter. This embedder is focusing

MoralCode pihole-antitelemetry Research shows Google collects 20x more data from Android than Apple collects from iOS. Block both using these pihole lists. The

suryamodulus PM2 WebUI Opensource Alternative to PM2 Plus FEATURES Secure Login โœ… App Management โœ… Log Viewer โœ… Responsive UI โœ… USAGE git clone https://github.com/

umputun reproxy Reproxy is simple edge HTTP(s) sever / reverse proxy supporting various providers (docker, static, file). One or more providers supply informa

SaraSoueidan Rebuilding and redesigning sarasoueidan.com from scratch This repository is where I will be documenting & sharing the process behind the refactor and

CyborgSecurity PoisonApple Command-line tool to perform various persistence mechanism techniques on macOS. This tool was designed to be used by threat hunters for cy

lucidrains HaloNet - Pytorch Implementation of the Attention layer from the paper, Scaling Local Self-Attention For Parameter Efficient Visual Backbones. This re

maaslalani Typer Typing test in your terminal Installation go get github.com/maaslalani/typer/cmd/typer Usage To begin a typing test simply type typer. This wil

esseks Monicelli 2.0 "Cofandina" This all-new release mainly brings several improvements to the code that make it easier to hack and build new features. In a

mattogodoy OMNI A very lightweight monitoring system for Raspberry Pi clusters running Kubernetes. Why? When I finished my Kubernetes cluster using a few Raspber

emsifa TAILWIND POS Tailwind POS is a POS (Point of Sales) application built with Tailwind.css and Alpine.js. I create this application in order to exercise

mattpoggi Depthstillation Demo code for "Learning optical flow from still images", CVPR 2021. [Project page] - [Paper] - [Supplementary] This code is provided t

mekhontsev imgui_md Markdown renderer for Dear ImGui using MD4C parser. C++11 or above imgui_md currently supports the following markdown functionality: Wrapped

carlosdnba MongoDB4Noobs Report Bug ยท Request Feature Sobre o Projeto Este 4noobs รฉ para aqueles que jรก ouviram falar linguagens de banco de dados noSQL e ficara

samuela nixos-up nixos-up is a dead-simple install wizard for NixOS. It's the fastest way to get from ISO to working installation. From the NixOS installation

WebReflection builtin-elements Social Media Photo by zebbache djoubair on Unsplash A zero friction custom elements like primitive. zero polyfills needed nothing to

Michael-Liao Applied Numerical Methods with python This repository holds jupyter notebooks that explains the fundementals of numerical methods. All examples and ch

z0ph โœ… Access Analyzer - Batch Policy Validator This script will analyze using AWS Access Analyzer - Policy Validation all your account customer managed IA

leaanthony A library for parsing ANSI encoded strings Go ANSI Parser converts strings with ANSI escape codes into a slice of structs that represent styled text.

mre Rust for X Introductory material for new Rustaceans coming from different programming languages. This repository is still very rough around the edges.

adamlouis squirrelbyte ๐Ÿฟ๏ธ squirrelbyte is a "proof of concept" document / search server backed by sqlite. see it at https://squirrelbyte.com/ server server is

tavurth GME Terminal Overview I built this because I saw people posting their Bloomberg terminals. The data is sourced from the Edgar, and is free but require

anatolykopyl youtube-cdl Command line tool based on youtube-dl to easily download selected channels from your subscriptions. This tool is very handy if you want to

antfu @antfu/utils Opinionated collection of common JavaScript / TypeScript utils by @antfu. Tree-shakable ESM Fully typed - with TSDocs Type utilities - Th

arkivanov CompoSnake A simple Snake game implemented using Compose for Desktop. Run: ./gradlew run Author Twitter: @arkann1985 If you like this project you can

fossteams teams-cli A Command Line Interface (or TUI) to interact with Microsoft Teams Status The CLI only let you log-in and fetches your user and conversation

tmcw d3-axis-for-react Using d3 to build charts in React is mostly a wonderful experience. But it's hard to use d3-axis with React: it internally uses d3's

KathanP19 protoscan Prototype Pollution Scanner made in Golang, it was actually made by @tomnomnom in NahamCon2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv1nK6Wj8qM I

nalgeon Data Visualization Guide for Presentations, Reports, and Dashboards Based on International Business Communication Standards 1.1 by IBCS Association, l

mfkl VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

aws-samples The main purpose of this project is to provide a Terraform framework to help you get started on deploying EKS Clusters in multi-tenant environments using Hashicorp Terraform with AWS and Helm Providers.

dora2-iOS daibutsu 8.4.1 untether (for 32-bit iOS) exploit A dyld exploit that overrides the MISValidateSignature in libmis.dylib (CVE-2015-7079) OSUnserialize

Dansoftowner MarkdownEditorControlFX An advanced markdown-editor control for JavaFX.

gqlgo Awesome gqlgen A curated list of awesome GraphQL frameworks, libraries and software using gqlgen library.

gearDev-code Copper An Open source compiled programming language, In development. Goals Copper is an general-purpose OOP language. Coppers main goal is to allow ea

metalelf0 Jellybeans-nvim: a lua port of jellybeans for neovim Instructions Note: This colorscheme requires at least Neovim 0.5 (it works fine on current master

vega vega-bundler Utilities for pre-parsing Vega and Vega-Lite specifications and producing optimized module bundles. Both and Vega and Vega-Lite have thei

scale-tone az-func-as-a-graph Visualizes your Azure Functions project in form of a graph. Accepts links to GitHub public repos or local paths (in which case you'