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anderspitman The purpose of this list is to track and compare tunneling solutions. This is primarily targeting toward developers and self-hosters who want to do things like exposing a local webserver via a public address.

mongodb-js 📦 boxednode – Ship a JS file with Node.js in a box

chaofengc PyTorch codes for "Progressive Semantic-Aware Style Transformation for Blind Face Restoration"

elsaland Elsa is a minimal, fast and secure runtime for Javascript and Typescript written in Go

skeeto AtomKV is an in-memory, JSON, key-value service with compare-and-swap updates and event streams. It supports CORS and hosts its own JavaScript library, so any page on any domain can use it seamlessly.

philippnormann 🎯 Autonomously buy Nvidia Founders Edition GPUs as soon as they become available

AlteredSecurity 365-Stealer is the tool written in python3 which steals data from victims office365 by using access_token which we get by phishing. It steals outlook mails, attachments, OneDrive files, OneNote notes and injects macros.

rediscovery-io 🐰 Python lib for remo - the app for annotations and images management in Computer Vision

Vanessa219 ♏ 一款浏览器端的 Markdown 编辑器,支持所见即所得(富文本)、即时渲染(类似 Typora)和分屏预览模式。

compnerd Swift/Win32 aims to provide a MVC model for writing applications on Windows. It provides Swift friendly wrapping of the Win32 APIs much like MFC did for C++.

Yash-Handa Modern ls command with vscode like File Icon and Git Integrations. Written in Golang

opencv-ai SuperAnnotate Desktop is the fastest image and video annotation software. It was built based on SuperAnnotate's web platform which is designed based on feedback from thousands of annotators that have spent hundreds of thousands of

ZiyaoGeng 开源项目Recommender System with TF2.0主要是对阅读过的部分推荐系统、CTR预估论文进行复现,包括传统模型(MF、FM、FFM等)、神经网络模型(WDL、DCN等)以及序列模型(DIN)。

martinfleis Momepy is a library for quantitative analysis of urban form - urban morphometrics. It is built on top of GeoPandas, PySAL and networkX.

modestyachts ImageNet Testbed, associated with the paper "Measuring Robustness to Natural Distribution Shifts in Image Classification."

amzn ScrabbleGAN: Semi-Supervised Varying Length Handwritten Text Generation (CVPR20)

FrictionalGames Here is everything you need to build Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Included are project files for Visual Studio 2010 and CMake for Linux & macOS.

charliesome A WSL alternative for users who prefer an MS-DOS environment. DOS Subsystem for Linux integrates a real Linux environment into MS-DOS systems, allowing users to make use of both DOS and Linux applications from the DOS command prom

ymcui Revisiting Pre-trained Models for Chinese Natural Language Processing (Findings of EMNLP)

timoschick This repository contains the FewGLUE dataset, consisting of a random selection of 32 training examples from the SuperGLUE training sets and up to 20,000 unlabeled examples for each SuperGLUE task.

WIKI2020 The pytorch implement of the head pose estimation(yaw,roll,pitch) with SOTA performance in real time.Easy to deploy, easy to use, and high accuracy.

wh200720041 Fast LOAM (Lidar Odometry And Mapping) for solid state lidar indoor localization and mapping (Intel Realsense L515 as an example)

facebookresearch A modular high-level library to train embodied AI agents across a variety of tasks, environments, and simulators.

facebookresearch FrankMocap pursues an easy-to-use single view 3D motion capture system developed by Facebook AI Research (FAIR). FrankMocap provides state-of-the-art 3D pose estimation outputs for body, hand, and body+hands in a single system

lsj2408 GraphNorm: A Principled Approach to Accelerating Graph Neural Network Training

dydjw9 This repository contains the code for reproducing the experimental results of attacking mnist, cifar10, tiny-imagenet models, of our submission: Query-efficient Meta Aattack to Deep Neural Networks (openreview).

wei-mao-2019 History Repeats Itself: Human Motion Prediction via Motion Attention

facebookresearch You2Me: Inferring Body Pose in Egocentric Video via First and Second Person Interactions (CVPR 2020)

zhenngbolun Image Demoireing with Learnable Bandpass Filters. (CVPR, 2020)(Keras+TensorFlow)

hmprt Testing an implementation of Named-Entity Recognition integration for Roam Research

rougier An alternative splash screen for GNU Emacs

thenewboston-developers Payment processing scripts for thenewboston digital currency network.

mono-company The Mono icon font is a simple, consistent open-source icon set designed to be used in a wide variety of digital products.

Shougo vimproc is a great asynchronous execution library for Vim. It is a fork of proc.vim by Yukihiro Nakadaira. I added some features and fixed some bugs and I'm maintaining it now. Instead of an external shell (example: 'shell'), vimp

YeDaxia A magical api documentation generator without annotation for springboot.

xuyisheng A beautiful design and useful project for Building a flutter knowledge architecture

CLUEbenchmark 搜索所有中文NLP数据集,附常用英文NLP数据集

nuxt Nuxt Content lets you write in a content/ directory and fetch your Markdown, JSON, YAML, XML and CSV files through a MongoDB like API, acting as a Git-based Headless CMS

ashar-7 JetMessenger - Facebook Messenger clone built with Jetpack Compose

maxence-charriere Lofimusic.app is an installable Progressive web app (PWA) that lists and displays famous YouTube Lo-Fi radios.

TylerLeonhardt This is a SecretManagement extension for LastPass. It leverages the lastpass-cli to interact with LastPass.

phillbush XNotify displays a notification on the screen. XNotify receives a notification specification in stdin and shows a notification for the user on the screen.

AkihiroSuda sshocker: ssh + reverse sshfs + port forwarder, in Docker-like CLI

JL978 A front-end clone project of the Spotify web player. The project was created using the create-react-app CLI. The app is meant to work in conjunction with an authorization/authenication server found at this repo.

fastai Simplified installation of a WireGuard server for Ubuntu. WireGuard is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) system which is new, fast, and claims to be secure. Unfortunately, it's also rather complex to install, and the documentation i

giuseppeg xm is a tiny compiler for HTML

MaloufSleep The ultimate ESP8266 development board built by makers for makers.

vuejs 该站点基于 Vuepress 构建而成。网站内容在 src 文件夹内,格式为 Markdown

jorgejgnz This is a ready-to-go project using HPTK. Used only for educational purposes.

pmndrs ⃝ A react null renderer

duetds Duet Date Picker is an open source version of Duet Design System’s WCAG 2.1 compliant date picker.

GlazeDonuts Parameterized quantum circuits play an essential role in the performance of many variational hybrid quantum-classical (HQC) algorithms. One challenge in implementing such algorithms is to choose an effective circuit that well repr

IvLabs Quantum machine learning is a nascent but emerging field which couples not only the state of the art paradigms of information theory (i.e. Machine Learning) but also the unprecedented computational advantages of quantum algorithms

gaplo917 When we develop a frontend application, we undoubtedly offload all kinds of I/O, computational tasks from UI thread to prevent UI thread is too busy and become unresponsive.

hepsiburada GoFiber prometheus http middleware

Granitosaurus gen-compose - generates compose key keybindings for macos.

AlexStrook A unity cloud shader, using vertex colors and tesselation for a simple stylized look

vlang Upcoming browser written from scratch in V UI

alpine-collective A collection of magic properties and helper functions for use with Alpine.

rocketseat-content Next.js, declarative UI and design systems applied to ReactJS

new-york-civil-liberties-union This database is a record of NYPD misconduct complaints made by the public to the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB).

ClaudeMetz Alt-F4 is a weekly blog that's written and edited entirely by the Factorio community, and features various topics that are relevant to it, such as mod spotlights, community showcases or gameplay columns.

agrafix Rubyspeed is a basic proof of concept (horribly hacked together) that allows annotating method declarations to automatically be specialized and compiled to C

bansal filters.css - CSS only library to apply color filters.

yamalight Graffiti.js is a minimalistic GraphQL framework

PwCUK-CTO A tool is designed to make it easy to signature potentially unique parts of RTF files.

corkami A tool to generate binary polyglots.

microsoft Project OneFuzz enables continuous developer-driven fuzzing to proactively harden software prior to release. With a single command, which can be baked into CICD, developers can launch fuzz jobs from a few virtual machines to thous

mcpcpc "Do one thing and do it well" — Emphasis was placed on building simple, short, clear, modular, and extensible code that can be easily maintained and repurposed (per the Unix philosophy).

pmndrs Placing content in THREE.js is hard. react-three-flex brings the webs flexbox spec to react-three-fiber. It is based on Yoga, Facebook's open source layout engine for react-native.

pmndrs 👻 Primitive, flexible state management for React

ThomasMiz A rectangle packing library made in C# for .NET Standard.Loosely based on the well-known C++ rectpack-2D library. This started as a side-project for the TrippyGL graphics library but as it grew, I decided to give it it's own repos

NotionX TypeScript packages for Notion's unofficial API, data types, and related utilities.

nebulapackage Nebula is a minimalistic and easy to use administration tool for Laravel applications, made with Laravel, Alpine.js, and Tailwind CSS.

defagos Building a Collection For SwiftUI - Sample Code

Shubham0812 iOS application for Movie / Actor information with clean / intuitive UI and MVVM architecture.

Atrix256 Minimal header only C++ library that allows you to define data schemas which then can be read or written in JSON or binary. Nested structures, arrays, and struct inheritance are supported.

mariusmuntean A Xamarin.Forms library to display particles e.g. confetti. Should work on all platforms.

zalog Simple and flexible, css only, content placeholder loading animation